About Us

So what’s your plan to buy the next product online?

You carry out a little research, check on a number of reviews, click a few links, and before you know it all, you’ve already made your decision!

Believe me, if you are one of those junkies, there’s an 85% chance that you’re doing it wrong and will end up with the wrong product in hand in the end.

But, why?

Firstly, being a random customer, we struggle a lot finding out the product type we need for a purpose. As an example, in the case of a summer camp, it’s hard to choose between a Camping Tent and All-in-one Sleeping Bag. That’s how coming up with an idea about what do we need exactly is tough.

Secondly, if we somehow manage to figure out the product, we get stressed out at the sight of hundreds of models in the market. Among all those shiny features, it’s tough to determine what you exactly need and what you don’t.

Combinedly most of the people out there are likely to regret what they have wanted and what they have in their hands. Therefore, agree or not, You Need An Expert Hand to make things easier for you. On this website, we have done something to give you a hand in solving this problem.

What We Have Done Here

TheAutoly strives to be the most trusted product recommendation service online. Our reviews take indepth research and years of experience.

Here is the summary of our efforts behind the website-

  • Firstly, our research teams spent weeks or months of research to understand the mechanisms behinds the products as well as the manufacturer’s background.
  • Later on, we have gone through thousands of real user’s reviews, expert analysis reports and manufacturer’s background data.
  • Finally, based on the research and analysis, we have sorted out the top product lists and created honest and unbiased reviews of them.

In a nutshell, we have tried to give you the most comprehensive and understandable versions of our research.

Are We Trustworthy

We are a team of 7 people, crazy about exploring stuff around and blogging on them. Apart from our years-long experiences, we have a very surgical process of selecting and reviewing products that literally leave stones unturned as long as their features and benefits are concerned.

So, throughout the website,  you will get to know what exactly a product can do for you, including both positives and negatives. Adding to that, with our step-by-step filtration process, there’s the least chance of deviation from what we say and what a product actually is.

How Do We Decide The Order of Recommendations

We do follow a scientific process of elimination to decide what to recommend. Mostly depending on the user’s review, expert analysis data, and manufacturer profile, we assign scores to each of the products.

We set the entire list of products into chronological order. Finally, we do a verification based on the price-quality ratio of them. Finally, we run another elimination process to extract our top 1o list.

How Do I Get Into A Product

This website, it’s not only about What We Think, but it’s also about What You Think.

For the end-user like you, we have represented things in such a way that you can go straight to the product and put yourself in the shoes of the user.