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The average cost of car insurance in the United States depends on several factors. Some of these factors can be changed or improved with hard work, while others are out of your control.

For example, while men are considered to be at a higher risk when it comes to accidents, women tend to have fewer crash-related incidents than men. Also, women are more likely to get into an accident. However, in these situations, the average cost of car insurance is still very high.

While the average cost of car insurance is about the same across the country, a number of factors can affect the price. Young people are generally more reckless than older drivers. For this reason, the cost of car insurance for young people is usually higher than for adults.

Furthermore, teenagers are more likely to have an accident than adults. Therefore, teenage boys are likely to pay more for car insurance. This article will discuss some of the factors that may impact the cost of your policy.

Depending on where you live and your driving history, your car insurance rate will differ greatly. While certain car models may be more expensive, the overall cost of a full-coverage policy is about $1,300 in the United States. This is more than double the average price for insurance in Michigan.

Sports and electric cars are also more expensive than other car models. The most expensive is the Nissan GT-R, while the least expensive is the Honda CR-V.

For full coverage insurance, the average car insurance cost in the USA is $1,674 per year. The average car insurance cost for minimum coverage costs an average of $565 per year, according to 2021 data from Quadrant Information Services.

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The cost or rate of car insurance varies from State to State and many other factors. The factors that affect the rate of your car insurance are-

  • The Insurance Company

There are many auto insurance companies available in the USA. They have their insurance rating system. So the cost of auto insurance varies from company to company. To find a reliable insurance company, you should compare rates and the policies the company offers.

  • The State You are Living

Among the factors that affect the insurance cost, the state you live in is one of them. The local aspects like traffic volume, the frequency of accidents and claims, and your area’s theft and vandalism rates can also vary from your ZIP code.

  • The Policy of Coverage

The insurance policy you choose can also affect the cost of your car policy. In the USA, most states require at least minimum insurance that covers the liability coverage and personal injury protection or uninsured motorist coverage. It comes with a cheaper monthly premium, but it also covers a little when any accident happens. 

When you are choosing a full coverage auto insurance policy, it includes liability insurance with comprehensive and collision coverage. It will cover all medical and other costs if you and your car have damage due to an accident.

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  • The AGE And Gender 

Along with the location, type of policy, and insurance company, your age and gender are some of the most factors that can cause variation in car insurance rates.

You have to pay more for younger and less experienced drivers as they have more possibilities of having an accident and filing an insurance claim. In the case of professional and old drivers, it decreases as they are at less risk of accident and file a claim. 

It can vary from the gender of a driver in some states, while some states do not allow this.

  • The Type Of Your Vehicle

The vehicles with higher MSRPs need higher costs to insure than the cheaper ones. But it also can vary with the safety features that a costly car model can have. These features lower the chance of a total loss due to an accident. So it can have the cheapest annual insurance premium despite having a higher MSRP.

  • History of Accident

Depending on having a history of accidents also affects the insurance cost. The drivers with a history of DUI have to pay a higher premium rate than the drivers having a clean record. Drivers with a DUI history have many risks of having accidents due to their behavior. They may have to pay up to 88% more than a driver with a clean record.

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  • History of Credit 

The drivers with excellent credit history have to pay less than the drivers who have an average credit history. As drivers with a good credit history have less risk of having accidents, they can get up to 20% discount on their annual car insurance cost.

There is a list of fifty states of the USA with their average Annual cost for full coverage insurance and minimum coverage insurance.

The average cost of car insurance

States of USA

The annual cost for full coverage insuranceThe annual cost for minimum coverage insurance













































New Hampshire



New Jersey$1,757


New Mexico

New York$2,321


North Carolina

North Dakota$1,264










Rhode Island$2,018


South Carolina

South Dakota$1,642












Washington D.C.$1,855


West Virginia






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