Top 10 Best 80 Gallon Air Compressors With Ultimate Buying Guide

In most cases, Those who want to work fast and heavy without waiting for air choose an 80-gallon air compressor. Picking the biggest monster like an 80-gallon is a big investment. That’s why it is mandatory to know and research this product before purchasing.

Keeping these things in mind, we brought the best 80-gallon air compressors together and divided them into deep analyses of their CFM, Voltage, cylinder cases, maximum air pressure, and more. Now you can make up your mind about which should go into your purchase list.

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Top 5 Best 80 Gallon Air Compressors 

Here we have done our research and made a list of the Best 80-gallon air compressors. We hope this review helps you find the best air compressor for heavy professional work.

Best 80 Gallon Air Compressors (Comparison)

Product NameMAX PSICFMHPNoise dBDimensionsWeightWarranty
DeWalt DXCMLA470806515514 @ 90 psi4.7 8330 x 32 x 75 inches345 lbs2 Year
Ingersoll-Rand 2475N7.5-P17524 @90 psi7.57838 x 26 x 70 inches500 lbs2 Year
Campbell Hausfeld CE705217517.2 at 90 PSI58525 x 68 x 50 inches560 lbs3 Year
Quincy QT-7.517522.6 @ 175 psi7.579.737 x 24 x 74 inches720 lbs2 Year
Powermate Vx PLA470806515514 at 90 PSI4.78031.5 x 34.75 x 77 inches354 lbs2 Year

1. DeWalt Stationary Air Compressor – Best for Professionals

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The Dewalt is one of the best brands for its tremendous capacity and ease of handling larger loads. However, your eyes are stuck on its yellowish beast compressor body for an integrated body package. We call it a package because under $1000-1500 dollars; you’ll get a pressure gauge, airflow regulator, quick connectors, and pressure-managing valves.

It can pump fast even if you keep the drain wide open. It can raise to 80lbs of pressure at a time. You may purchase this unit with the idea that it would be sandblasting, but it can’t do much of that in reality. So it’s a very disappointing point of this air compressor. This compact beast is incredible for its heavy and loud V8 engine with a glass pack.

With its 80-gallon bigger capacity and 155 psi air pressure, you’ll get excellent performance when using any air tools like impacts, ratchets, sanders, etc. It will be great for merchants and industrial uses because this ultimate compressor is a robust, compatible, long-lasting air solution that produces faster results. 

Swedish stainless steelmade leaf valves have a slight restart noise that lets you do louder and rowdy work. Of course, at over 500lbs, this is not for the faint of heart, and you’ll need some space. But you’ll also be rewarded with an excellent compressor. 

Highlighted Features

  • High capacity 80-gallon air receivers provides more air for more prolonged use.
  • Includes corded electric power source with 12″ iron-made flywheel for fulfilling any complicated task. 
  • The compressor is very light to use.
  • It has easily accessible oil fill.
  • Suitable to use for both trade-workers and professionals.


  • Sometimes the stator will burn out on the motor, which will cost more to repair than replace.
  • The electrical hookup isn’t good as it needs an electrical box to wire correctly. 

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2. Ingersoll Rand Stage Compressor- Best Premium Pick

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We call this one of the finest air compressors because it features that beat most other choices. The high-durable iron body is designed for use for over 15,000 hours without any trouble. In addition, it ensures you 100% continuous duty, which is very impressive and very high. 

This helps you manage all the work properly with its 2-stage functions, especially for a commercial shop. Even it will offer you 5-7.5 h.p power which is comparatively bigger than other products. With an extended maximum air pressure, for instance, 175 psi, it is good to use for the most demanding applications. But there’s a little difference between the psi and the psig. Here, psig indicates the gauge pressure, which isn’t relative to the ambient pressure. 

As we know, a busy auto shop always has to maintain a very tight schedule, and they need high pneumatic tools to work constantly. In that case, this twin air compressor is your best call. 

 In the background air compressors, it will make a big difference because you’ll get excellent services from these Chinese brands. This tiny beast can support all-season select synthetic lubricant, which increases its efficiency. But, again, it can perform higher and longer when filled with any petrochemical-based lubricants.

Highlighted Features

  • 15000 hours of hassle-free use ensures longevity and durability
  • You’ll get a 2 year’s manufacturer warranty.
  • Included with V-twin motor for improved cooling
  • Great tool for running all air tools, paint guns at modern forge restoration, and custom.
  • Manufactured with 230 volts bulb voltage for heavy shop or industrial use.


  • It often produces extreme heat.
  • You’ll get air leaks with this one quickly.

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3. Campbell Hausfeld two stage air compressorBest for All-rounder

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This air compressor from Campbell is an upgraded version that works to give you some of the most delicate features you want for competitive work. 

Coming with a Viton (r) high temperature of rings, you know straight up that this compressor is a good one for superior pressure. This slight pressure compressor involves many details on its manufacturer, such as a fabricated crankshaft for low and low-vibration operations. Thanks to the 17.2CFM at max 90 psi-175psi here, you get to experience high airflow to power multiple air tools.

Whenever you look at any good air compressor, always ensure that they will have a metal belt guard for your safety. You may think that it won’t be possible to work as a pro or give your work a finishing task as an expert. But this isn’t true all the time. With this air compressor, you can prevent that and finish your work like a pro. 

This durable air pump handles various applications like paint spraying, grinding, nailing, cutting, etc. In addition, this innovative pump efficiently dissipates with numerous gadgets to expand your project life, including an air hose, 17-piece accessory kit, 3 in 1 inflation gun, chunk, etc.  

It’s an ideal tool for auto repair facilities and tire repair outlets to give you new adventures.

Highlighted Features

  • Supports Dual stage pump for giving you extended outputs when needed
  • It’s safe to operate metal bolt guards. 
  • Malfunctioned with Nema motor operates the enthusiastic power supply 
  • Support either AC/DC power source.
  • It helps to finish your project faster and easier. 


  • It takes more time to fill the air in the tank.
  • The small units of such brands aren’t very static.

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4. Quincy Lubricated Air Compressor– Best Air Pump For Quality 

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The fourth air compressor on our list is one from Quincy QT. This is more of a multipurpose compressor because it would be a waste not to use it for other work with its range of features.

Being a magnetic starter, you can now eliminate all annoying load and power failure protection. Whether for heavy-duty working, cast iron made flywheel, or 1,725 rpm motor, 1025 rpm pump, nothing requires any external tool anymore.

A finned tube intercooler is one of the top features since you get a high cooling and external valve life.

 This will let you experience vigorous working like never before because you will get an aluminum head with this. In addition, aluminum heads will help to reduce the extra heat from this. So, there s nothing to worry about for your pump. Comparatively, the sounds will be louder, more vivid, and most importantly, you need to pause your conversation when it kicks in. To make it even better, this compressor requires 230V to run exclusively off. 

It has a finned tube shape intercooler to ensure maximum heat-reducing supports and expand the valve life.

With so many features, this is an air compressor you would not want to let go of, which is why it comes packed with 50,000 hours of pump life. It will be years before your pump will need changing, so you can use this without stress for long times to come.

Highlighted Features

  • Features with a 5PPM lower oil carry-over. 
  • Can be reserved for low-temperature oil with its extra capacity 
  • Supports U.L. & CSA on all electrical pieces of equipment 
  •  Manufactured with the magnetic starter to provide a safe way when starting the motor with a large load
  • Made with a 2-cylinder pump diagram to create more pressure. 


  • Something it doesn’t fit to work smoothly.
  • The customer services aren’t in your favor all the time. 

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5. Powermate Electric Air Compressor – Best Budget


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PowerMate VxPLA4708065 air compressor is our last pick. It comes in a large capacity and 15 amp motor with a 4.7 H.P. power supplier, ideal for big tasks. 

If you want an optimum tool for performing air compressors, this is the best choice. Because these 250 volts powerful tanks give you 155 psi maximum pressure, this modern equipment is perfect for long-life use, and you’ll get synthetic oil with this, which ensures you the optimal performance all time. 

The wired belt guard on this is also very impressive, which helps to provide you with better cooling when working. Alongside that, the 3-cylinder pump with an aluminum head and valve is the unique part of this device, meaning you get here faster heat wastage or evaporation.

Besides working, if you ever want something solid and a reasonable noise level, by all means, you will get everything with that. But the compressor needs to be bolted to the ground. Otherwise, you can’t handle it on your own. Because, most of the time, it travels by itself.

Most air compressors get crashed or damaged for unnecessary movement. In that case, you can buy this product as it is made with an enclosed metal belt guard. Covering and protecting the moving part from damage or crash is the primary purpose of this metal belt.  

Highlighted Features

  • It is durable and long-lasting with 155 maximum power pressure.
  •  Easy to use and operate as it comes with on/ off switches
  • You’ll get a 2-year limited warranty with this one
  • Excellent power and cast iron cylinder body for smooth performance 
  • It will last longer and also be manufactured with a double voltage induction motor
  • 4.7 HP provides you with reliable power and rituals.


  • Sometimes you may fall into some trouble with shipment delays.
  • You can’t move it around quickly. 

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Best 80 Gallon Air Compressors Ultimate Buying Guide

Get an idea about CFM & PSI

CFM refers to the number of air volumes in cubic feet which can be withdrawn to the air compressor in one minute. 

When you have more CFM (cubic feet per minute) in one tool, it means you have a higher value, resulting in heavy air tools and other precise projections.

High CFM is vital to running multiple compressors because many breaths of air products and fast movements are involved here. Without it, you won’t run your industrial workshop evenly. So this requirement is also genuine for a technical guy or a novice.

When you see the CFM 22.6, it means that you have 22.6 cubic feet per minute to run any heavy-duty work and vice versa.

On the other hand, psi is a corridor or peaceful relations between air and area. It refers to measuring the total amount of pressure acting in a particular area. In brief, it’s a powerhouse of the air compressor that accorded minimum power to the tool. We recommend you try to go for a minimum psi air pressure, which is the lowest. It will give you the clearest working capabilities and clarity like never before. But, again, excessive psi can pay harm to the compressor or damage it.

Inquiry About Single Or Two Stages

Like all air compressors, two stages and one stage also have a lifespan. Here, the lifespan is counted if the stages reside inside. Check to see the stages before you buy a compressor.

You will find them with the specifications. This is important to check because you may not want to work with a single-stage while you need more pressure at a time, only to find out that your pressure has burned out.

A second stage air pressure ensures this won’t happen any time soon. And knowing about it helps you keep producing more air pressure when it might burn out, giving you plenty of time to get a better working experience.

The single or double-stage air compressor is measured in its compressed ability. Here, a single-stage means you can compress the air one time, while you’ll get double pressure in two stages compared to the first one. Compressor air in two stages will save up to 10-12% more energy than the single one.- said Paolo.

So you must have grabbed the double stage air compressor because of its majestic time and energy-saving tranquility.

Check The Horse Power 

Horse powers aren’t similar to their appearance, but allegorically they’re the same. The high amount of h.p means your compressor can do or run more work than a standard horsepower. 

For example, if your tool includes 7.5 h.p or above, it can give you 5516.241 watts at once.

Which Purpose You’re Bringing It?

Measured in all air compressors, this tells you about the working abilities and specifications of the compressor. Pretty straightforward, they won’t say why you have bought this. I mean to say, why do you need a pretty big compressor

If your call is for something simpler, then the simpler model with a cheaper budget will be great for you. But if you’re looking for something pretty serious for industrial purposes, we suggest buying the double stage compressor with more updated features. 

Voltage Power Ability 

Of course, the high voltage will produce more working abilities for your task. But, again, if you want to finish it in time, do not compromise by buying the high voltage one. Switch in mind, do not make mistakes in choosing the particular voltage for a particular one. That means you can not run a 200-250 volt air compressor for the home. As they only require 15-amp (120V circuits).  

Power Sources 

In the field of air compressors, you’ll find two options for power sources. Both gasoline and electric power have benefits and cons too. However, they should differ in their applications and types of jobs. 

Perhaps, gas compressors are good enough to use for outdoor activities because of their noisy chappies & nasty exhausts. Also, it’s a vital or remarkable power source where there are no electrical power supplies available. 

Comparatively, electrical ones are well-enough for peaceful people as they are less sounding. So you can finish any indoor work without any hazardous exhaust. 

Noise Level

Measured in noise level, you will find this easy with various product descriptions when looking at them. Go for a minimum of a lower level. If you go for anything lower, you might experience comfort and advantages during working. 

The most delicate air compressor comes with synthetic oil, which adds icing to the cake. This oil is used to smoothen the workflow among two different parts of the compressor, reducing the noise.  

Warranty & Budgets 

We know you may get a central heart attack to see to overprice of these air compressors. Because most of the compressors start up to 1300+ dollars. In that case, you won’t need to worry, as it’s been the norm that a greater power compressor comes at a higher price. 

Again, these gigantic compressors give you a 2-3 years warranty to back up their customer satisfaction as a bonus. So, why should you take an extra panic for this? 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Best Air Compressors To Manage A Gigantic Industry?

Any 80-gallon air compressor with 5.7 Hp and 155 psi max air pressure, dual voltage power, easy to use and operate that are compliant with the compressor consoles of your choice are ideal for working.

The PowerMate VxPLA4708065 Air Compressor is one such premium model that is great for all your working purposes. 

2. Is Higher H.P. Power Better For A Compressor?

When it comes to the service of a compressor, we are all going to prefer the H.P. ratings. But it’s not as important as “the higher, the better.”

The H.P. capacity for you is dependent on the environment. You won’t be informed whether this air compressor is workable for you or not. For relatively higher horsepower specifications, give you hints about what amount of work an engine can produce for you. So the horsepower here works as a driver or rotator source to enable the tool to compress adequate air. In those affairs, choosing the model with higher horsepower doesn’t mean giving you straightforward work all the time.  

3. What Is The Difference Between Psi & Psig?

Psi stands for pressure force per square inch. At the same time, Psig means gauge pressure force per square inch. So that means psi is the measurement of air pressure, and psig is the metering of gauge atmospheric pressure. 

Final Verdict

Finding the best 80-gallon air compressor can be a daunting task in itself, and the tons of models on the market do not make it any easier. We know your struggle, which is why we created this blog.  

The models you see here are some of the finest you will find recently. They all come with their best specifications and descriptions, not to mention even a comparison after that.

All of this will help you see what your options are to consider, again, what the market is offering, so you can find the best-suited one for yourself. We hope this guide makes this task handier, so you can make an educated purchase on your gigantic industrial works and sweet home. 

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