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Finding the Best Banshee Pistons for your vehicle is quite challenging. But we are here to make the job easier. Choosing the right piston for your Yamaha banshee engine will change the volume enclosed by the cylinder. Without a well-featured piston, it’s quite difficult to transfer force from expanding gas in the cylinder.

Based on our in-depth research and expert recommendations, we have made a top list of the Best Banshee Pistons list. Hope you would love our recommended products and can make your mind to select the right one.

So, What are you waiting for, lets dive in?

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Top 5 Best Banshee Pistons Reviews & Buying Guide

There is no settlement when it comes to a vehicle’s piston. We choose the piston according to their crankshaft, piston rod, and connecting rod because the piston will transfer the indicated power to mechanical power. 

1. Best Overall – Wiseco 64.5 MM Racers Choice Banshee Piston

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The 64.5 mm Yamaha banshee top-end kitracer piston is suitable for a packed performance enhancer. It increases the maximum power possible out of each application. With 1-less ring, weight, and friction, it helps to increase the motor power. The user who wants something daring and furious like a cheetah, then wiseco is great for them. Wiseco banshee top-end kits offer your best performance and services rather than other products. 

Features with Benefits

The professional engineers and pro riders love this one very much. But keep in mind that it’s a replacement for a single-piston. The racer choice is a dedicated forging. You’ll get superior strength and weight ratio utilizing the aerospace alloy. The kit has the minimum horsepower, which provides you with enough torque and strength. Again, this high-performing kit involved pistons, rings, pins, and circlips to ensure better results and actions. 


  • It offers cylinder sleeving
  • Forged from high silicon aluminium 
  • Ensure maximum strength and dependability.
  • It’s accurate and durable.
  • Having premium top-end handle bearing.


  • Not mentioned 

Extra Benefits

The kit has the highest quality materials for strength and reduces friction. It extended the life and sustained the power of the engine. The equipment had a circlip and 64.5 mm bore for smoother achievements. The race-proven design is suitable for those who are milestone performers during racing. Along with these, the kit had pride for having liquid-cooled and Electra coated mechanisms.

User’s Reviews

There’s no customer review on the Amazon page Amazon. But it got 5.0 out of 5.0 ratings from its users. 

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2. Best Budget – NICHE 347cc Standard Bore Cylinder Piston

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With a NICHE 347cc, it is a new gasket kit for the Yamaha Banshee 350. You’ll get this kit with a massive number of products, including cylinders, pistons, piston ring sets, cylinder gaskets, and head gaskets. This works to give power to the Banshee when it’s new.


Features with Benefits

It comes with a firm fit and finishes. You can measure the cylinder bore. With extreme gears of YAMAHA specs, the matting finish surfaces are perfect for an engine machine. The piston outlooks are excellent. If your only concern is cylinder sleeve hardness, it’s good to keep the air filter clean. If you clean it and change the oil regularly, it will last a long time.  


  1. Easy to install.
  2. Great price 
  3. Everything is excellent
  4. It works as said.
  5. Big time cash saver


  • Sometimes you may get a damaged product from them.
  • Head gasket & bottom gasket, some, often arrived damaged. 

Extra Benefits

It comes with a large cylinder bore, and strokes include 64.00× 54.00 mm.

User’s Reviews

An Amazon user claims that he never got the piston kits in a box and can’t seem to get a hold of them. He is so happy about that. While another reviewer says it’s a nice kit for a reasonable price.

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3. Runner-up – SCITOO Cylinder Piston Ring Set for Banshee 

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Scott is a top brand, established in 2012. It has grown broadly to become one of the leading platforms. Scitoo is a Yamaha banshee piston kit.

You’ll get superior quality materials for high durability and long life. It can withstand the engine’s high pressure and temperature to ensure excellent reliability. 

Features With Benefits

Other than solid piston kits, the Scooter Yamaha banshee big bore kit is used in automobile industries. This type is more valuable than others. Also, it is the best alternative to welded piston kits

This kit allows you to get high strength, no deformation, and stronger sealing with thermal stability. It has high-temperature resistance and good compatibility to extend cylinder life. Other than that, the smooth outlook applies to stainless and duplex steels, plain carbon, and hard-facing or surfacing alloys.  

Overall, the brands value the accuracy and quality of the product so that you can buy this fundamentally. 


  • Outstanding design
  • Perfect for 1995 YAMAHA Banshee
  • All the piston Assembly comes in a mint condition 
  • There are no modified requirements 
  • It gives you guaranteed quality & performance.


  • It has cheap sharp edges
  • Some parts have poor castings. 

Extra Benefits

You’ll get here piston set advantages. Again, the available part number is 2GU2GU-11311-00-00, 2GU-11321-00-00, 2GU-11181-00-00, 2GU-11631-00-94,2GU-11610-01-00, 4L0-11633-00-00. A user gets a 12-months warranty with this package instantly. 

It’s pretty much good to install. You’ll need to align the piston belt ring with the cylinder block. Next, hold the piston gently and ring it by hand. Shake the cylinder to make the piston and the ring under the partnership. 

Here you may be astonished by the fact that this package needs less oil than others. Again, the attached piston ring or lower part of the cylinder block makes the installation easier. 

Customer Reviews

On Amazon, there are 5-10 reviews about this product. One says it works perfectly. Another guy says the product was everything as it’s supposed to be. 

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4. Premium Pick – TNP Carburator Cylinder Piston 

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TNP carburetor is a well-known piston kit that has reigned over the car industry since 1987-2006. This brand is a new aftermarket kit and has been inspected for the highest quality. Here, you’ll get a 2x cylinder block, 2x carburetor, 2x ring set, piston pin, and many more. 

Features With Benefits

It has a fantastic product replacement guarantee. Here, you get not only the highest quality products but also 13-parts in one package. We assure you that under a few amounts of pay, you’ll get such a great product. But one thing we dislike about this product is the need to clean up early and cast very rough. 


  • It fits perfectly 
  • Affordable 
  • Having solid parts
  • Feature with the highest grade materials 
  • It’s worth your money.


  • It doesn’t fit with a Mikuni jet.
  • I had to drill out the jets to fortune the applications.

Extra Benefits

You will get too many replacement parts with this one. It allows replacement parts of OEM includes 2GU-14101-01-00, 2GU-14102-01-00, 2GU-11631-00-94, 2GU-11610-01-00, 2GU-11321-00-00. 

Customer Reviews

It fits perfectly, and the cylinder was ok. It had to refuse stock studs; these are all stripped out when you’re torquing the head, says one of the customers. “All the parts needed good compression, and it worked perfectly. The product is overall good and solid,”-says one of its users on Amazon.

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5. Best Customer Choice –  Vito’s Performance Banshee Pistons

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Vito’s performance is a genuinely forged actual performance gear. If your bike currently has 40 overstock cylinders with no porting, then V.force super stock is a great fit. With reed spacers, timing plate +4, stock carbs main jet at 290 is a demanded piston to all of its users. 

Features With Benefits  

It is perfect for giving your best performance if you open riders or in a trial. The gasket kit will switch between pods and box, CPI pipes, cool head with 19cc domes. It’s lining up against each other, which is pretty even and attributes most to you. But you need to learn how to launch on the pavement with brand new knobby tires. 

You will get four important sizes of parts with this kit. As though, 

  • 64.00 mm- P.S
  • 64.50 mm / 0.20 – P2
  • 65.00 mm/0.040 – P4 
  • 65.50 mm/ 0.60 – P6

The pistons for banshees work to add power by stimulating the exhaust ports in the stock cylinder. These are timed differently, which means the same as hand ported without the hassle.


    • it’s the best Yamaha banshee piston kit
    • having the best banshee cylinders
    • Lightweight 
    • Features with super stock top-notch
    • It develops more mid to top-end power.


  • Low efficiency.
  • It has only a 5-global rating.

Extra Benefits

The Vito’s is well-known as a Yamaha banshee top-end kit. The timing port which adds to this tool is good enough to pop your motor. It had well-made pistons and rings. 

User Reviews

Amazon had only one review, which included steady and a movable piston to increase the engine’s power. 

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Best Banshee Pistons Ultimate Buying Guide 

You may call the piston the heart of the engine. Of course, you need to look at some specific things while buying any pistons. What to look at among them, we’re attaching below which things to consider before planning to buy. 

Types of pistons 

There are three types of pistons- cast pistons, forged, and hypereutectic pistons. Cast pistons are made with a molten alloy, while forged are manufactured with an aluminum rod. Cast piston allows you minimal machining before installing the engine into the block. Again, forged pistons need more machining, and the installation process is quite tricky.

Cast pistons provide low versatility and thermal expansion, which allow your engine to tight the pistons. It lets your machines bore clear to minimize blowy, emissions, and wear. 

On the other hand, forgo provides high temperature and pressure for billet shaping. Comparatively, forged and cast pistons are dissimilar from each other in the account of expansion and strength. 

The third most piston hyper eutectic piston offers you tight engine clearances than the two. So, you’ve to compromise this quality before grabbing anyone. 

Piston Alloy (Forged) 

A forged piston is the second thing you should have an inquiry about. Forged pistons have two alloys, but the main difference between the two is their silicon content. For example, suppose 4032 forged pistons have 11% silicon while 2618 allows 1-2% or 0.2%. That means 2618 alloy is best for extreme racing whether 4032 pistons offer the advantages of flexibility. But, 2618 alloy has a high ability to reduce thermal expansion. 

Conditions Of The Bore 

When the question arises to buy any piston, you should look at its cylinder bore because its condition will let you know about the piston’s standard size or oversize. The oversized piston has larger diameter pistons than a cylinder. Around 0.5-2.00 mm is a standard bore size to block the engine’s conditions and make them workable once again. 

Piston ring thickness 

Once you’re done about the piston’s bore, then it’s time to inquire about the ring thickness. These features allow you to upgrade the engine performance and longevity. It is also responsible for enhancing the chances of buying pistons for the car or bike. 

OEM piston Specifications 

It is the top feature you should think about. Engines OEM allows a user to determine whether to stick on the OEM specs or upgrade it. If you’ve decided to repair or rebuild the engine, then it’s the best option to retain the specs. But the good thing is to remain it unchanged unless you’re modifying or turning the machines. 

Other Things To Consider (While buying) 

  • Gudgeon pin diameter 
  • Gudgeon pin offset
  • Is it reasonable to buy a 2/4-stroke engine? That means allowing the 3rd set of rings known as the oil control, a 4-stroke piston.
  • Dome height 
  • Is it a 2-stroke engine? Does it belong to any 1 or 2- compression rings? 
  • Compression height. (Measured it from the center of the gudgeon bore to the top of the piston).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between forged and hypereutectic pistons

Of course, hypereutectic pistons are better than forged ones. It’s just because they’re not durable and stronger than forged, but less costly in the fact of castings. In most cases, these are good enough for high applications. 

2. How Much can Horsepower, A Hypereutectic pistons handle?

Hyperelastic pistons can handle up to 600-650 h.p. It has a higher range performance than any other beast. With this ultimate horsepower, it can aspirate the engine’s power. 

3. What Type Of Piston Is Best For Nitrous

The experts have suggested grabbing a ceramic coating piston crown for nitrous. This will reduce the heat of the crown and timid its life. Again, it is well-enough than any of the aluminum cast. 

Final words 

To choose the Best Banshee Pistons, you should consider coating them with ceramic on top and putting a dry film lube on the skirts. Most of the technicians now recommended buying high-performance forged and steel pistons for better application. 

But if you’ve money to burn, then you should go for steel pistons. Again, you will indeed be doing a bore on the cylinders when you have got the engine too torn down. That would require the oversized piston. So, we suggest you do more research and hit upon a timid plan to buy the right piston for a while. 

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