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The car insurance industry is one of the biggest industries in the USA. Auto insurance is essential for the safety and financial support for physical and economic damage.

There are nearly 6000 insurance companies across the USA. The important thing to look at is their service, price, and customer satisfaction to find the best insurer.

Depending on coverage options, the average premium per year, service, customer satisfaction, easy insurance claiming process, and discount offers, these companies can also be rated.

Best Car Insurance Companies

Here we have ranked the top seven insurance companies based on customer satisfaction that mainly depends on service, claiming process, and discounts.

USAA Auto Insurance

This company is one of the best auto insurance companies in the USA. They come with a reasonable premium rate of about $1,013 per year for full coverage car insurance for drivers with good driving history. USAA also provides an easy claiming process with a quick response. This feature makes the company popular among the customers. 

Veterans, a current or former military person, a family member of military personnel are eligible to get the insurance service from USAA; otherwise not.

Besides the full coverage service, they provide roadside assistance and rental reimbursement. They also offer accident forgiveness insurance for those who have an accident and are concerned about the increased premium rate. You have to remain accident-free for five years to get that, and they will forgive the extra premium you ought to pay.

Moreover, they provide different discount offers for a good driver, good student, multi-vehicle, the family of a regular customer, and discounts depending on the length of membership.

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Another insurance company offers reliable service in the USA with a wide range of coverage choices and cheap car insurance rates. They have a good reputation for the easy claiming process. You only have to pay an average of $1,350 annually for full coverage car insurance.

Geico offers insurance for cars, motorcycles, and classic cars. They also have insurance policies for RV, ATVs, and boats.

You can get reliable full insurance coverage from Geico. They also offer roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, rideshare insurance, and mechanical breakdown insurance. Also, have forgiveness insurance for those who have an accident for the first time. You can get it by maintaining a good driving record, or you have to pay for it.

Moreover, they offer a wide range of discounts. They provide discounts if your car has advanced safety features, good driving, federal employee, membership, Military discount, multi-vehicle or multi-policy discount.

State farm

This is the most popular insurance company for overall premium rate, service, and customer satisfaction. A good driver pays about $1,339 annually for full coverage insurance. 

It is one of the best options for insurance if you are a militant or non-militant person. There is no specification for having insurance for your vehicle.

State Farm provides auto insurance for every type of car, motorcycle, RV, off-road vehicle, and boat. They also offer vintage vehicles coverage for antique and classic cars.

With standard types of coverage, the state farm also offers adds-on like emergency road service coverage, car rental, travel expenses coverage, and rideshare driver coverage.

They offer a wide range of car insurance premiums depending on various factors. The discounts may offer multiple vehicle insurance, driver’s credit, student’s academic credit, anti-theft device installation, and more.

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Progressive insurance is known among people for its ease of claim filing and customer service. Their average premium rate for good drivers is $1,397per year for a full coverage insurance policy.

It is not cheap insurance for high-quality drivers, but this is the best insurance for high-risk drivers. They provide the most affordable premium rate for those who have a history of accidents.

They provide a wide range of insurance coverage choices for auto and motorcycles. They also offer roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, Loan/lease payoff, rideshare coverage. The particular coverage they offer is the custom parts and equipment value and pet injury coverage.

They have a different discount offer for starting Quote Online, online document signing, good driving, homeowner, multi-vehicle policy, and paying the full premium at once.

Nationwide Auto Insurance

This is one of the great options for providing an affordable insurance rate, customer satisfaction, and claim handling. One has to pay a premium rate of $1,533per year for someone who has a good record of driving, which is a little higher than the average. 

Nationwide provides insurance policies for every brand and model of cars, including classic cars, RVs, motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, golf carts, and boats.

Along with a regular full coverage insurance policy, they offer pay-per-mile and use-based insurance. There are different add-on coverages available, including roadside assistance, gap coverage, rental car expenses. They also offer a vanishing deductible and accident forgiveness.

Moreover, they provide a wide range of discount offers that can lower your total expenses of the yearly premium. The discount offers you can get on good driving and student academic credit, multi-policy, anti-theft installation, auto pay sign-up, and paperless discounts.

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Auto-owners Car Insurance

They are making this list because of their excellent auto coverage, claims satisfaction, and discount options. The average premium a driver with a good driving credit has to pay is $1,229 per year. 

The Auto-owner insurance company offers about every brand and model of the vehicle and provides an average premium rate for every type of driver. 

They offer full coverage insurance with an add-on like roadside assistance coverage, additional expense coverage, lease or loan gap coverage. You can also pay the auto owner’s premium annually and based on use.

They have a wide range of discount offers. They offer multi-policy, multi-vehicle, safety features, Advance quote, on-time payment, paying the total amount, paperless or online fee, discount for good driving, academic credit, and teen driver monitoring discount. 


Travelers’ moderate complaint rates and substantial discount offers make an excellent choice for auto insurance coverage. Depending on the driver’s behavior and how he drives, the average premium rate is about $1,617 per year.

The Travelers auto insurance company provides insurance policies for cars. They also offer coverage for those who own boats and yachts. 

You can get full insurance coverage with gap insurance if you have leased or financed the car. Also, they provide add-on policies like roadside assistance, rental, and forgiveness coverage, if you have any minor accidents while driving.

The discounts they provide are multi-policy, multi-vehicle, safe driving, new car with advanced features, student academic record and student away from home, early quote. You also get a discount on automatic payment, full payment, and payment on time.

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