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Being overweight is not a sin. We must be careful before judging others on their outward appearance. 

Obesity is judged by excess body fat and a BMI, body mass index, of 30 or higher. According to the recent information collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 35.7% of men and women in the U.S. are obese.

Do some research before purchasing the best cars for Fat People. Not all car manufacturers consider fat drivers while making cars. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the vehicles that are perfect for fat or overweight people, regarding comfortability and style. 

Top 10 Best Cars for Fat People

1. Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe is a mid-size SUV well-known for its roomy driving area and seats. It offers up to 57.5 inches of front hip room. In the recent designs of 2021, Santa Fe offers a high position console design that makes the interior look premium and elegant. The vehicle is available with a quartet of powertrains, including hybrid and plug-in options. 

The most crucial thing is that this car is suitable for overweight drivers. Santa Fe delivers a maximum output of 277 horsepower at 5800 RPM. Drivers get enough space to drive appropriately. The Santa Fe front row dimensions are: 

  • Front hip room – 55.1 inches
  • Front shoulder room – 57.9 inches
  • Front headroom – 40.1 inches
  • Front legroom – 41.3 inches

2. Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is a four-door sedan variant, a reliable family favorite, allowing anyone to ride in style. This car provides three powertrain options, including a hybrid, and has recently been fully redesigned. Moreover, the Accord is rated as one of the most trustworthy mid-size cars, with consistent high-reliability ratings. 

The Accord offers excellent fuel economy and a quiet cabin, making it a good investment; it’s reliable and safe. This vehicle runs on two petrol engines of 1993 and 3471 CCs, respectively. The car is spacious enough for any fat person to ride in it comfortably. Front row dimensions for the Honda Accord are: 

  • Front headroom – 39.5 inches
  • Front shoulder room – 58.3 inches
  • Front legroom – 42.3 inches
  • Front hip room – 55.3 inches

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3. Subaru Ascent

Ascent is Subaru’s biggest car ever. It provides enough space for both the driver and passenger areas. So, if you are overweight or fat, you do not have to worry about comfort. You can also bend and fold the second and third-row seats if more space is needed. This vehicle has a standard all-wheel drive and 8.7 inches of ground clearance, making it the champion in its class. 

The Subaru Ascent provides a fuel economy of 20 mpg within the city and 26 mpg on the highway, with a fuel tank capacity of 19.3 liters. When we say the Ascent is a big car, eight passengers can fit inside the vehicle. Front row dimensions are:

  • Front headroom – 41.3 inches
  • Front hip room – 57.7 inches
  • Front legroom – 42.2 inches
  • Front shoulder room – 61.1 inches

4. Audi A8

If you want a spacious interior and a luxury sedan, the Audi A8 is perfect. The unmatched engineering does not conclude with the driving mechanics; it continues within the cabin. Both road-handling and fitting inside are made easy and swift for the car. This car is loaded with standard tech baubles and a near-silent cabin. 

The Audi A8 offers one petrol engine of 2995 CC and runs on an automatic transmission system. Maximum horsepower of 335.2 bhp at 5000 to 6400 RPM and a fuel tank capacity of 72 liters at most. The A8 is a good choice for overweight or fat drivers due to its fantastic front row dimensions, such as:

  • Front legroom – 41.5 inches
  • Front headroom – 38.3 inches
  • Front shoulder room – 57.6 inches
  • Front hip room – 62.8 inches

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5. Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf is an excellent compact car for big or fat people, offers good gas mileage, and is effortless to park. This automatic compact hatchback can accommodate five people without the hassle and is a battery-electric vehicle. The Leaf offers a roomy interior along with an optional semi-autonomous driving mode. The best part is that this car has a low starting price. 

The Leaf’s cabin is roomy and comfortable and hosts some high-tech driver assistance features. Standard Nissan Leaf models arrive with a 147-horsepower electric motor that powers the front wheels; a 40 kWh battery pack provides the energy. The Nissan Leaf has an adequate amount of interior space, with front row dimensions of:

  • Front shoulder room – 54.3 inches
  • Front hip room – 51.5 inches
  • Front headroom – 41.2 inches
  • Front legroom – 42.1 inches

6. Kia Optima

Kia Optima is an athletic mid-size sedan with AWD options and a powerful turbo engine. It offers 120 cubic feet for passengers, a space even some SUVs do not offer. The Optima quickly becomes the perfect everyday car for fat customers to ride comfortably with some additional features. It comes with a large trunk to store any items you want to transport. 

The Optima features a modern interior and heated seats which can make anyone feel luxurious while driving the vehicle. This car provides a maximum horsepower output of 192 bhp at 6000 RPM and runs on gasoline. The Kia Optima sedan has plenty of space for big guys, and its front row dimensions are: 

  • Front legroom – 45.5 inches
  • Front hip room – 56 inches
  • Front headroom – 39.8 inches
  • Front shoulder room – 58.1 inches 

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7. Honda CR-V 

The new Honda CR-V is a Japanese warrior and a compact crossover SUV. This car is a perfect choice for a fat person as it offers enough space in the front and lowers to the ground, so there are no difficulties while climbing in and out. 2021 version of the Honda CR-V comes at an affordable and reasonable price, so you will not have to spend too much money for comfortability. 

The CR-V has two diesel engines and two petrol engine variants. The petrol engine is 1997, and 2354 CC and diesel engine are 1597 and 2000 CC each. It can be found in both manual and automatic transmission systems. Any overweight or obese person would find this car suitable due to its comfortable and safe front row dimensions, which are: 

  • Front hip room – 55.1 inches
  • Front headroom – 40.1 inches
  • Front legroom – 41.3 inches
  • Front shoulder room – 57.9 inches

8. Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper, also known as Mini Hatch, is a three-door or five-door hatchback first released in early 2000. Surprisingly, this compact vehicle provides a comfortable everyday ride, especially for fat people, due to its ample room. Even though the name starts with “Mini,” the car is 12.5 feet long and 67 inches wide, offering up to five passengers a seat; not so mini. 

The Mini Cooper has several key features: automatic climate control, an anti-lock braking system, and front fog lights. The steering type on this vehicle is power, and the steering column is tilted. When we say that oversized people find this vehicle suitable, the front row dimensions are spacious. As in:

  • Front legroom – 41.4 inches
  • Front hip room – NA
  • Front shoulder room – 50.6 inches
  • Front headroom – 39.9 inches

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9. Chevrolet Blazer

The Chevrolet Blazer is a fantastic choice for fat or obese drivers as it offers a roomy driving space. It is a two-row mid-size luxurious SUV for people who wants to drive something that stands out. The back seat of the car is also pretty spacious. This car supports an overweight or fat person with a better and more comfortable view from the driver’s seat. Moreover, it gets more suitable as the vehicle offers a generous cargo space. 

The blazer comes standard with a front-wheel drive, a 308-hp V-6, or a 228-hp turbo-four engine. Both engines are available with all-wheel drive, but the V-6’s quicker acceleration and the ability to tow up to 4500 pounds are preferred. Standard front-row dimensions for the Chevrolet Blazer are: 

  • Front headroom – 39.8 inches
  • Front legroom – 41 inches
  • Front shoulder room – 59.1 inches
  • Front hip room – 55.6 inches

10. Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester is a compact 5-door SUV that has been in production since 1997 by Subaru. This vehicle features a comfortable two-row layout, cargo space, and a smooth ride. The seats are suitable for people who need more space to sit comfortably, like overweight people, as the seats feature upright seating positions. 

Like any other vehicle, this car comes with a basic 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty, starting right after purchase. A total of 5 passengers can be seated in the Forester at once. 6-way manual driver seat adjustments are also available for the Forester. Fat people will find this car suitable due to its fantastic front row dimensions:

  • Front headroom – 41.2 inches
  • Front shoulder room – 58.1 inches
  • Front legroom – 43.3 inches
  • Front hip room – 54.1 inches

We hope this article has helped you or anyone searching for a vehicle for fat people with enough information.

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