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The Clutch is a key part of a manual transmission that helps maintain easy-shifting gears. It transfers the power from the engine to the wheel straightly. The flywheel, the clutch plate, the pressure plate, and the throw-out bearing are the most important components of this system.

If you get a bad product that is not working correctly or any part of the clutch system is quick damaged, it could lead to significant transmission issues and you will experience problems. Selecting the Best Clutch for 7.3 Powerstroke will improve your engines performance and make your car last longer.

Here we will share all imperative information about top-listed clutches to discover the appropriate one for your car. Let’s go over our list and see what can win your heart. 

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The Best Clutch For 7.3 Powerstroke Reviews

Have you seen our recommended top picks? Now let’s jump into the deep for the Quick specs, Features with benefits, the goods, the bad, and the most important “users review” of the products.

You should check our best list of clutch models for the 7.3 Powerstroke engine that will help you to find out the best one that saves your valuable time and energy. It helps you to invest your worth of penny for the perfect device.

S0, without further ado, lets dive in…..

1. Editor’s choice: Schaeffler 07-226 Clutch Kit by Luk

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Smart and conscious people about their car part well-known with LuK since 1985. And they choose this model to replace their older Clutch with a high-quality, durable, and impressive one. 

Their first choice is LuK 07-226 model for high satisfaction and great performance. Last few decades, the LuK Company has been leading their brand image in the market with proudly and reliability. That’s why many buyers go for their products with satisfaction.

Quick Specs

  • OEM Clutch Kit
  • Solid mass flywheel
  • 19.2 LBS
  • 19.25 x 17.5 x 6.75 inches

Features with Benefits

Materials: This model uses the best elements like aluminum-graded steel that make sure the model is long-lasting. What’s more? The construction quality ingredients of this Clutch experienced a precise testing method to meet the higher societal necessity of steadiness with more comfort.  

Engine: LuK 07-226 clutch supports Ford F-350, F-250 7.3 Powerstroke. It offers the highest performance with additional inflexibility. 

Flywheel: It includes the solid mass flywheel but not dual mass. It presents a soft, easy, and long-lasting act.

Clutch Disc: It features a single and full-face unique disc with a suitable size.  

Clutch Fork: The fork gives pressure on a plate to the disk for connecting with the flywheel. 


  • Suitable for various models of vehicles
  • 100% functionally tested by the manufacturer
  • Safety, stable, & durable
  • Noiseless and shifts extremely well


  • Takes slightly more time to install

Extra Benefits

The bonus point of this model is a well-thought and construction plan that makes sure a complete safety to install it. Luk understands the life and death during driving depend on the Clutch. So, this company added duel safety features to assure that the clutch kit won’t damage easily.  

User’s review

Most of amazon user’s reviews love installing it for its high-quality performance, inflexibility, durability, and better torque power. Some of them love it most for its safety features. 

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2. Best for professional : LuK 07-202 Schaeffler replacement kit

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Forth ranking clutch kit on our list is another model 07-202 replacement clutch by LuK. For LuK manufacturers, customer contentment is a key fact. They always focus on creating organic clutches.

The 07-202 clutch LuK was planned for 6.0L Ford to a high aftermarket inventory shortage. But why should you choose it? Let’s see its features that help you to get your answer. 

Quick Specs

  • OEM Clutch Kit
  • Single mass solid flywheel
  • 20 LBS
  • ‎20.88 x 13.63 x 4.88 inches

Features and Benefits

Engine: This best clutch for 7.3 Powerstroke by LuK fits the 2005-2010 V6 4.0L Ford Mustang engine.

Flywheel: This unit added HD and quality flywheel bolts which are your money saver. It provides the engine with durable functionality.

Clutch Disc: This 7.3 clutch for 6.0 is 13-inches in diameter, ensuring the highest torque transfer. 

Pressure Plate: The pressure plate effectively forces the major clutch disk added to the flywheel.        


  • Great performance
  • Easy to maintain instruction
  • Ideal for smooth swifter


  • Sometimes it will be the cause of disturbing but not a big matter

Extra Benefits

What additional benefits can you get from this Clutch? Well, every LuK RepSet is designed with all top-quality features. But all of them are unlike each other in their aspects. Similarly, this Clutch is special for its flawless performance.  

User’s review

Most of amazon Users are always happy to enjoy this new Clutch which helps them to handle their car smoothly.  

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3. Best Value for the money : Rhino 07-113 Clutch KIT By AMS

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Our last one is from Rhino Pac, which offers all the essential features. It includes clutch kits, clutch slave, and master cylinders with automotive lift supports. All features exceed OE standards for developed wear and are sturdy. Why did we select it for you?  

Move and know more!  

Quick Specs

  • OEM Clutch Kit
  • Single mass solid flywheel
  • ‎42.4 LBS
  • 15.5 x 16 x 3.75 inches
  • 12-month 12, 000 mile limited warranty

Features and Benefits

Materials: For fit, good performance, and perfect balance, this unit is constructed with super-quality materials. Every part must pass rigorous quality guarantee tests. For flawless driving, it is an ideal model. 

Engine: This kit is made for a different model, and Ford’s 1999-2003 units with 7.3 Powerstroke engines are one of them. It fits and increases the performance of the engine’s ability. 

Flywheel: Top-quality flywheel improves energy and sturdiness. 

Pressure Plate: All functionality like lift-off, ideal balance, clamp load, and even finger height are experienced for pressure plate assemblies. 


  • Suitable for long term use
  • Every component tested for good performance
  • 12-months warranty


  • The Clutch is slipping that can be worn in other parts.

Extra Benefits

The greatest advance this clutch kit from Rhino Pac offers you. You can upgrade your car to get the level clutching accurate shifting what you expect from your car. 

User’s review

Most car owner loves to get this type of advance level clutch for their beloved vehicle. They love all features which are most significant to upgrade their vehicles.

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4. Best Premium: Fortissimo Clutch Kit With HD Flywheel

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EFT brand only uses superior quality components and is designed. They focus on some facts so that the kit ideally matches the vehicle’s organic performance features. If you are ready to invest a few extra bucks for quality, this clutch kit pack is ideal for you.

Quick Specs :

  • HD flywheel
  • Single mass
  • 90 LBS

Features and Benefits

Materials: About materials, it is designed with carbonized friction. It is the highest burst sturdy plus heat acceptance.

Flywheel: You can enjoy this kit for its solid flywheel that comes with unique features. It develops airflow for the best clutch cooling

Ductile pressure plates: This Clutch includes super duty ductile pressure plates, which ensure durability. It is a unique manufactured. It enhances clamp load by maximizing clutch life. 


  • Longest life than stock
  • Guaranteed for most vehicle’s models
  • Warranty for 12-thousand miles and 1-year


  • Great for racing car but not allowed to use every day

Extra Benefits

It claims high-quality and longevity with a manufacture warranty. But you will get a bonus point that this kit set is suitable for different vehicles engines like Ford F-350, F-250, F Super Duty, and even F5.  

User’s review

Some features make this model different from others, and amazon customers like to install it more and more. It comes with better torque capability, ingredients hardness, hub spline tolerance wear aptitude, clamp load, and force plate lift. Their functionality reduces the weight and develops the response of the Powerstroke engine.  

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5. Best budget: Southeast 07-113R Clutch kit set

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In seeking the best Clutch for stock 7.3 Powerstroke, the 07-113R series is an ideal choice for your car. You would like to pick because it includes the highest torque and additional modification that can tow more than 550lbs. Other most significant characteristics make it different than others.

Quick Specs :

  • OEM Clutch Replacement kit
  • HD Premium Pressure Plate 13″
  • HD Ceramic Button Style Clutch Disc 13″
  • Release Bearing, Pilot Bushing, Alignment Tools are included

Features and Benefits

Engine: The modified engine supports Ford 1999-2003 7.3 Powerstroke.

Flywheel: The dual mess solid flywheel offers higher performance and tolerates an enhanced heat level very simply.

Clutch Disc: The dual-clutch disc can handle heavy-duty torque easily from the engine.

Pressure Plate: Light pedal and Diaphragm pressure place develop the performance of Clutch smoothly.

Transmission: This racing clutch can manage more than 350 horsepower engines.    


  • Complete technical support
  • Reliable component
  • Warranty 1-year/12000miles
  • Assembled by the USA


  • Durability pretty low

Extra Benefits

You can get the extra benefit from this unit which you can’t get into other models. What’s it? Yes, the HD proved Woven organic sprung Clutch is different features that increase the performance of this tool. 

User’s review

Users finally have got their miracle tool in the shape of this Southeast clutch. It offers better rotating power and lets for much-balanced travel. Amazon Consumers also have praised the moderately low price of the product and installation. They love it because they can save their time and invest while selecting this unit.  

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Buying Guide: Best Clutch For 7.3 Powerstroke   

We think you have already gone through our top listed products. It is another most significant part of this article which will show you some vital facts. For getting the best Clutch for 7.3 Powerstroke, you should pay attention to those aspects. Below you can introduce them. 

Horsepower: The HP of the Clutch has to be similar to the vehicle’s engine HP. It needs to manage the torque power of an engine. Otherwise, any disaster can go off at any time.

Clutch disc: You have to use a bulk clutch disc clutch which SFI already approves. It needs to give proper support for lifting any heavy load. It is also essential for noiseless movement. 

Materials: Must confirm highly qualified and long-lasting clutch material that is also resistant to high temperature. 

OE specification: If you want to invest long, you should select the best Clutch. And it needs to be enclosing OE parts. The means of it is that the Clutch was tested million times before putting out. So, you can stay worry-free about the lifespan of the Clutch. 

Flywheel: The flywheel needs to be vigorous, long-lasting, and also comfortable with higher heat settings. 

Dimension: You must pay attention to size, weight with the fitment of a clutch that can be fit easily to replace. 

Bearing: The last portion is bearing. Good performance increases the performance of the Clutch.

Symptoms of a Faulty Clutch

Replacement for 7.3 Powerstroke clutch is needed when the existing Clutch is faulty. Below we discuss some common symptoms of a faulty clutch. It must be essential to know before installing a new one. 

Warning sign-1: Slipping

It will be the first indication of several faults of the Clutch. For instance, over the clutch adjustments, pressure plate spoils, overheating the Clutch, or driving the plate’s oil pollution.  

Warning sign-2: Jerking

The next sign is the very jerking and shuddering result of the clutch engagement. This issue can be ruining the driven plat’s hub or damaging the flywheel. This part must be checked properly before replacing the Clutch.  

Warning sign-3: Difficulty in shifting

Uneven adjustment of clutch discharge mechanism and pressure plate spoil may make it tricky in shifting.   

Warning sign-4: Hard Clutch

Broken components block the movement of the diaphragm. It decreases the clamping force and creates the pedal harder. The harder Clutch requires extreme force to work.  

Warning sign-5: Enter air into the line

Sometimes air enters into the line where fluid has to be. As a result, the whole operating system becomes useless and need to install a new clutch. 

Warning sign-6: Grinding while depressing the clutch pedal

A damaged bearing is at the back of this defective symptom. Grinding sound can be harder if the clutch pedal is pushed down.

How to remove the Clutch from a 7.3 Powerstroke

The Clutch is embedded in the engine, and removing it needs enough time and energy. So, we suggest hiring a professional to do this task. If you are in a hurry, the following instruction will help you. If you think it is doable, make an effort it just once.

  • At first, put your car in a safe position. Then raise the front site using a jack.
  • Eliminate the transaxle so you can find the Clutch safely. Assure you have unhooked your clutch cable. 
  • Open the engine mount, then remove the bolts which are gripping the engine mount. 
  • Now take out the bolts adjacent to the flywheel bell housing.
  • Take away the Clutch and mend the flywheel. Open the pressure plate so that the Clutch can get out easily.
  • Now clean the space and ensure the flywheel bolts are also torqued into the right position.
  • It is time to replace the damaged Clutch using wrenches.
  • Slide the latest clutch disc in place and position it with particular alignment tools supplied. 
  • Then replace the transaxle by bringing into line it with the disc splined gap. 
  • At last, get previous positions of your car removing the jack.   

Frequently Asking Questions

1.What is the best upgrade for 7.3 Powerstroke?

First, apply cold intakes to lift in and out the airflow of the engine. Now add some more fuel to the engine to enhance the performance.

2. What is the better year of a 7.3 Powerstroke?

Well, 2000 is a good year of 7.3 Powerstroke that is more strength, long-lasting, and flexible. 

3. What MPG does a 7.3 Powerstroke need? 

The 7.3 Powerstroke presents, on average, 13 MPG for the city and 18 MPG for the highway. 

4. How often have you changed the oil in 7.3 Powerstroke?

You have to change the oil in 7.3 Powerstroke around every 5000 to 7000 miles.

5. How long can a 7.3 Powerstroke last?

If you don’t modify the 7.3L and maintain it through its life, it can be assured for 400000 to 500000 miles.  

Wrapping Up!

Finding out the best Clutch for 7.3 Powerstroke is not a difficult task. But getting the best one for the right engine is most significant. So, you should make sure that the Clutch you have selected to pick will fit properly. 

We hope you can choose the right Clutch for your car engine from our listed models. For this, you only have to understand the size and shape that your car engine needs.

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