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Buying a used transmission will save you money, and if you are fortunate, you will get one that was maintained regularly. But if you get one owned by someone who did not understand that transmissions need to be routinely serviced or have been abused, you will be a sufferer. So it should be checked well before buying one.

Before you purchase a transmission, you should seek expert advice and reputable auto parts dealers. Here we will share some great tricks that will help you find the best one.

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How to buy a used transmission?

  • Know about your car
  • Research about the company around you
  • Inspect the car from where the transmission came
  • Ask for history
  • Go for an expert inspection
  • Warranty

Know about your car

To buy you have to know some information about your car. Usually, a transmission must choose from a specific model; you must know about the model year. After that, you must know about the engine, like the engine type, how many cylinders the engine has, what kind of fuel your engine needs, etc. You have to know the body trims. The number of the door car has and also drivetrain information.

Do not panic; you can get all this information if you have only a piece of information. That is the vehicle identification number. With this number, you will be able to get all the specifications. You can find this number on a sticker or metal plaque on the driver’s side windshield or driver-side door pillars.

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Research about the company around you

It’s essential to have explicit knowledge of the credentials of the seller or the company. So take your time and research a reputable company that sells used vehicle parts. The reputed companies ensure the functional ability of every used part they sell.

Inspect the car from where the transmission came

Inspection of a car will lead you to information about whether the car faces any massive accident or not. If you see any dent, damage, or bodywork sign indicates the accident history. There is a possibility that during that accident, the transmission might get damaged.

Ask for history

If it’s impossible to inspect the body of the car, you can ask for vehicle information or a VIN. With the VIN of that car, you will be able to get the history of that car online. Most reputable sellers have all the information about the vehicles and parts they sell.

Check for leaks

For buying a used transmission, you should check whether the transmission has any leaks or not. You can have a professional check it yourself. To inspect this, pour some more transmission fluid and look for a drip afterward. If there are no drips out of transmission fluid, then you can go for it.

Go for an expert inspection

When buying a car or any other mechanical parts, it’s obvious to have a professional check to avoid any unwanted situations later. If you have the necessary machines and knowledge about transmission, you can inspect it yourself. But if not, you can call a professional who knows vehicle parts to check the transmission. 


If you choose a used transmission from a reputable company, there is little possibility that the parts will fail. Most auto parts sellers offer a 30-90 day exchange warranty for their products. So transmission comes with a warranty, too. Before making the deal ask the dealer for the warranty. A transmission can get damaged during installation, so you should also ask for added labor protection.

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