Dash cameras or car cams whatever you say are an excellent way to ensure that your teen driver is driving safely and doing the right thing behind the wheel. It is also useful for gathering evidence in the event of an accident.

You can see security cameras installed in public or private places like houses, parking lots, garages, and sometimes on the road. But sometimes these are not enough for the claim of car insurance dispute. Usually, car cameras are designed to monitor what is happening around or inside the car. These cams work more than just recording videos like random security cameras.

Whether your car security camera can see through the car glasses or not depends on several factors. The elements are the range of the camera, amount of light in the surrounding of the camera, angle of the camera, car glass type, and light reflection.

The Important elements that need to see inside your Cars

Range of a camera

Every camera has its range to see through the car. Most cars parked near the camera come within the range of its watching capability. So if you have parked your car in that range, the camera will see inside your vehicle. Otherwise, it will not be able to see those out of that distance. Or it may see but not clearly tell you what is happening inside.


Light is an important fact when it comes to the ability of a security camera. During the daytime, when there is enough light and if the light can pass through the glass will let the camera see through the glass. But if you park your car in a dark place where the daylight cannot reach enough, the camera will not be able to see inside the car. Also, if the vehicle is parked under a tree shade, there will be a little light to see.

Camera angle

Along with sufficient light, the camera angle also a role. The change in camera angle makes a huge difference in the picture quality and affects the reflection of light from the car windows.

Reflection of light

The amount of reflection of light can cause the seeing vision of the camera to be clear or blurry. The reflection of the light usually depends on the camera’s angle, the area’s lighting condition, the distance, and the type of glasses on the car window.

Type of glass of car window

The visual quality of a camera also varies with the type of glass on the car window. Suppose the car window is clear. Then there is no difference between the glass and the air. It can see through the clear glass as it is outside of the car. But nowadays, different types of tinted glasses are available for the car window; they are not see-through for cameras, as most cameras are for general views.

Type of camera

There are two types of cameras. One can only see in the daylight, and the other has night vision. The cameras with night vision use infrared LEDs to see in the dark. They can see even at night without any visible light.

How do the security cameras work?

Three components allow the camera to see around it. Those are the lens, sensor, and recorder.

The lens is responsible for catching the reflection of light coming from an object in the range of the camera. The amount of reflected light determines the quality of the footage. The camera’s sensor absorbs the reflected light from the object, converts it into an electric signal, and allows the recorder to record the incident happening in front of the camera. And you can see the recorded view later.

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