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Staying at home during lockdown is the safest way to prevent COVID, but it’s essential to look after your car too. Long periods of inactivity can damage your car’s tires, engine, and important parts.

Don’t panic if you get stuck in a lockdown again. If you find yourself in another lockdown, don’t worry. There are simple car maintenance tips from experts to keep your vehicle in good shape. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, getting help from a mechanic can be challenging during a lockdown.

Here are some easy tips to make sure your car stays in good condition during this time.

Secret Car Care Tips During Lockdown

  • Adjust the Steering Wheel
  • Power up your Battery
  • Clear out the Exhaust Pipe
  • Fill the Tank
  • Check the Car Windows
  • Inspect Tire Pressure
  • Take Care of Your Car Exterior
  • Place in Handbrake

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Adjust the Steering Wheel

During the lockdown, your car steering system may become stuck. Rotate the steering wheel in both directions to confirm that the steering gear moves naturally.

Power up your Battery

Keep in mind to power up your car battery if it lies idle in lockdown. The car batteries can not get enough charge from the generator and drain over time. You can use a battery tender to avoid drainage.

If you notice corrosion, eliminate it using a toothbrush soaked in a water-baking soda mixture.

Clear out the Exhaust Pipe

To bring small insects out of the exhaust pipe, utilize steel wool. Before starting the car engine afterward, make sure you unplug it.

Inspect the Fluid Level and monitor all the essential fluids of your car to heat the car engine. If you see insufficient fluids, use new fluids to restore them.

Fill the Tank

If you are bound to keep your car inactive during a lockdown, ensure it is enriched with fuel. Thus, you can prevent the deterioration of fuel efficiency in the tank. The air tank may become freeze and convert to vapor at this time. It would accumulate in the fuel tank and be harmful to your car.

It can cause corrosion to your engine if the gas tank is empty. Also, keep your gas tank topped up to prevent gasoline fumes from accumulating.

Check the Car Windows

The car window may become blocked over time. They may get corroded. As a result, inspect the windows to preserve all the parts in good operating condition.

Inspect Tire Pressure

Regularly check tire air pressure, especially if the car is parked for an extended period, to prevent flat marks and maintain standard pressure (experts recommend 30 to 35 psi).

Take Care of Your Car Exterior

Direct sunlight may affect the paintwork of your car. During a lockdown, Use a car cover to shield your car from direct sunlight, reducing wear on the exterior. Rinse the car exterior with a wet microfiber towel.

Place in Handbrake

Apply the handbrake while parking your car in lockdown. Nevertheless, if you keep it in that position for too extended, it may become trapped. If your car has a manual gearbox, it’s better to leave it in gear during the lockdown.

Bottom Line

If your car is stuck for a prolonged, it may face problems getting back into the swing of things once the lockdown is released. Try to maintain our guidelines and get rid of these unnecessary problems.

Regular maintenance and occasional drives will prevent problems and ensure your vehicle remains reliable. Taking these precautions will pay off, ensuring your car is in excellent shape for your next journey after the lockdown ends.

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