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No one wants to lose his favorite car. But life is so unfortunate that you can never know if your car gets lost or not. If that somehow happens, one extraordinary device can save you from theft. Here we talk about the Car GPS tracker. You will be surprised how the small device can track your car from wherever it is. You can take it outside without any fear now.

The mini device is perfect for people who want extra security. The tracker is a handy device. We have prepared the writing so the readers will understand without any difficulty. 

What Are GPS trackers?

People utilize GPS trackers in safety applications. If your pets spend a lot of time outside, you can link these trackers to their collars. Also, a GPS tracker works excellently as an anti-theft device for tracking cars. You can place it inside the backlights of your car as well.

Car GPS trackers are built into automobiles and are powered directly by the primary battery of your car. For example-BikeTrax has a three weeks standby battery life. 

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Who needs a GPS tracking device?

Most folks use GPS trackers in their daily life. One out of every five Americans now carries a personal tracker. Furthermore, GPS tracking gadgets have proven to be a blessing in disguise for several families. 

In the case of parents, the tracking device provides tremendous relaxation because it allows them to know where their child is at all times. It will let you know where your child is, from extracurricular activities to late-night parties. 

Additionally, these trackers are also used to monitor the location of elderly parents and family members who are suffering from Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or Diabetes. Thus, It gives you peace of mind during juggling business and personal obligations. Pick a GPS tracking device that meets your requirements on the market.

Car owners frequently employ GPS trackers to track their cars. Thus, they can watch their drivers’ positions. Also, it helps to improve security. 

Furthermore, GPS tracking enhances the accuracy and efficiency of routing.

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How does a GPS tracker work?

GPS tracker system works by sending specialized satellite signals received by a transmitter. It keeps track of the correct destination of your GPS device.

There are three parts to a GPS such as –

  • Space

GPS is a constellation of 27 satellites orbiting the Earth. Only 24 of the 27 satellites are active, with three serving as backups. These satellites wirelessly transmit to the Gps module per 12 hours.

  • Control

These stations receive microwave carrier signals from satellites. Then, GPS receivers convert them into data.

  • User

Satellite signals help to establish the current location of the user in space-time. The most core objective of a GPS tracker is to get GPS satellite signals and transmit their positions back. Furthermore, it consists of a small satellite transmitter and a radio that listens for geolocation. Then the tracker sends this information back through the wireless network. The whole process takes only a few seconds.

However, the energy efficiency is affected by several factors as the time between device reports, how much time it spends on-call when using the audio feature, and how often it moves. You can put some gadgets into sleep mode to save battery life. That means they will not report on their location in sleeping mode. The Protect Plus can last up to 18 months on a single battery charge.

Signal strength is the best part of a car GPS tracker. The tracker must be able to interact with the network’s GPS satellites. Being surrounded by metal, mountainous terrain, dense vegetation, buildings, or underground are just a few examples. A GPS calculates coordinates by sending various signals to multiple satellites. And then, software and apps translate those values into addresses.

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Where to Install a Car GPS Tracker

Before you begin to install this device, you should select the place. It determines the entire installation process.

1.Inside the Car

You can install your tracking device under the seats. You won’t have to worry about it getting thrown off or getting lost during the long drive.

2. Under the Car

Mount the tracker under the car if you want to observe its activity. It includes a powerful magnet to connect the GPS tracker to your vehicle. As it is weatherproof, you need not worry about getting destroyed.

How to Install a Car GPS Tracker

Above, we know the benefits of the car GPS tracker. Let’s take a closer look at how to use a car GPS tracker:

Step 1:

First, locate the power supply of your car. You can utilize the car battery to make it stable. Contact an expert to do this installation. 

Step 2: 

Now, uninstall the dashboard cover. Additionally, you may find several cables in the dashboard. Unplug all these cables of the casing. Keep the screws aside.

Step 3:

Make some space between the exposed copper wires. Place the red wire on the GPS tracker into this space. Secure the link with electrical tape and tie these copper wires tightly.

Step 4:

Next, link white wire on the tracker. Lastly, join a ring connector to the accessible side of the black wire. Apply electrical tape to fasten the ring connector with the metal.

Step 5:

You can use double-sided tape below the car dashboard to secure the GPS tracker. Reinsert the plastic dash cover after cleaning all the broken cables.


Car GPS tracker is one of the helpful devices of the present time. When you go far from your home, there roams an uncertain threat over your car. But, after having the GPS tracker, your worries are no more. Also, you have already known about the advantages of the mini GPS device after reading the writing. You have the perfect device!

We will like to have your opinions on the article. You can write us anytime. The mini GPS tracker is undoubtedly the best product of 2021!

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