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You can keep your car in good shape by following essential car maintenance tips. A standard car maintenance checklist will help ensure the safety of your vehicle and keep it last longer.

Routine maintenance improves your vehicle-owning experience. It can be challenging to know what exactly needs to be done to your vehicles and when to do it. Here we will guide you on making your car last a long time with regular maintenance.

Car Maintenance Tips

1. Inspect around your vehicle at least once a week

It is crucial to take proper care of your car. You can take a walk around the vehicle at least once a week, and it will help you take immediate action if required. When walking around the car, look around, check the body for dent or corrosion, check the doors and windows, check every lock if they are ok, and the sunroof. Also, take a look at the tire to see if there is any sign of damage on them.

2. Check tire pressure regularly

Every tire of a car should be inflated properly. The pressure of the tire impacts the driving comfort and also fuel economy. Low or high tire pressure can cause damage to the tires too. So it is necessary to know the recommended tire pressure and check the tire pressure once a week or before every long tour. This will keep your tire in good condition for a long time, and you do not have to change them very frequently.

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3. Check spare tire pressure too

You should also be careful about the spare tire. Check the backup tire pressure and its condition while checking the car tires and keep it inflated so that you do not have to face any unwanted situation when you need to use it. An Inflated spare tire will save you money from towing your car in an emergency.

4. Check and change the brake fluid

Brake fluid or oil is another essential fluid for a car. It needs to be checked and changed for better performance of your vehicle. Check the brake fluid whenever you intend to change the engine oil. If you see the brake fluid become darker in color, you may need to change the brake system.

4. Change the oil frequently

When an engine runs, it causes a lot of friction and produces heat. The heat and friction can damage the engine parts and affect the performance. The engine oil is important in reducing conflict and ensuring a smooth operation. To keep your engine in good condition, you need to check the oil level and color regularly. If the color of the fluid becomes haze, then it needs to be changed. You can change the oil every 5000 miles. Or the contaminant containing oil can damage your engine and lower the performance.

5. Check and keep the battery clean

The battery is the power source of car electronics. Inspect your car battery for corrosion regularly and taste the battery performance every six months. The clean battery resists corrosion and ensures battery performance. This will keep your battery condition better, and you need not change it very frequently.

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6. Keep your engine exterior clean

The engine’s exterior needs to be kept clean with the engine oil. The dirt, debris, and oil on the machine’s surface can cause corrosion and damage. Clean the body when checking and changing the engine oil and brake oil; some grease may fall.

7. Change the air filter once a year.

Air filters keep the air free from dust, pollen, and other contaminants to keep your engine healthy. When the dirt gets clogged in the air filter, it reduces the airflow to the engine and reduces engine performance and power. It also affects the fuel economy. The recommended duration is to change the air filter every 12 months or 12000 miles. 

8. Rotate your car tire

Tires get to wear over time and need replacement. But you can extend the tire life with simple tricks. Every tire does not wear at the same time. Rotating can save your tire from wearing so fast. The front tire may wear faster in some cars than the back tire. Extend the car tire, rotate it every 3000 to 5000 miles, and get rid of replacing tires frequently.

9. Clean your windshield and replace the wipers

Windshield allows the driver to see through from the inside of the car. It needs to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, it can result in accidents at times. Keeping the windshield wipers is very important. Periodically check the wipers if they are working correctly or not. If the wipers get damaged, they can cause scratches on the windshield, so you need to replace them. 

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10. Check engine coolant level

Engine coolant is vital to keep cool while it’s running. When the coolant in the reservoir is running low, then the beat from the engine can damage the engine itself. Before starting any tour, you should check engine coolant level as a part of your car maintenance. It will prevent your engine from being damaged and running smoothly.

11. Check your spark plugs

A damaged or faulty spark plug can be why your engine is not working correctly. To avoid any damage and unwanted situation, you should check spark plugs every 30,000 miles and change if needed. 

12. Inspect belts and hoses

Checking the belts and hoses can save your car from going to the service center for major servicing. A leaking hose can cause the engine to get heated and damaged. Also, a worn-down belt can cause damage to other components of the car. So you should inspect the belts and hoses regularly and replace them every 40000 to 60000 miles.

13. Keep your car covered when parking

Always try to keep your car covered while parking for a longer time. This will keep your car exterior paint safe from sunlight, extreme weather, harmful radiation, and the interior in good condition.

14. Wash your car regularly and wax it

To keep the car in good condition, washing it every 15 days is also very important. It keeps your car body, windshield window, and door glasses clean and protected from scratch of dirt. You can also use wax on the paint to keep it shiny and prevent rust.

15. Take your car to inspection by an expert at least once a year

There are some things that you can’t fix by yourself. Then you should go for professional service at least once a year. This will protect your car from having any severe damage. It also extends your car life.

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