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Regular car service will not only help save you money but will also keep you safe on the road.

So, How often do you really need to get your car serviced?

It depends on your car mileage. Cars with lower mileage should be serviced every six months.

Work your way through our car service checklist to get your car in the best possible shape.

Car Service Checklist

Monthly Checklist

  • Oil Level 

The oil level should be checked every month or after every few gas fill-ups. It’s mainly important to check before a long trip. You can check it on your own without going to a service center. To check the oil level, you have to use a dipstick, or for some newer model vehicles, you can use an electronic gauge

  • The Coolant Level

The coolant helps to keep your car engine cool when driving. You also need to check the coolant level. If your tank runs out of coolant, it becomes overheated and causes damage to the engine. You must check the coolant reserve under the hood to check the coolant level.

  • Other Car Fluid level

Other fluids are needed to run a car other than engine oil and coolant. They are transmission fluid, brake fluids, and washer fluids. The other fluids also need to be checked frequently for better performance

  • Clean Wiper Blades

You need to check and clean the wiper blades every month to keep them in good condition. You can use a washcloth to clean the wiper blades. You may need to clean the blades more often if you see any leftover water streaking to the windshield after swipe. 

  • Lights of Car

You should check whether your car’s lights like the headlights, brake lights, turn signal lights, and parking lights are properly working or not. You should check once every month. 

  • Check Tires 

A tire check is most important to ensure safety. You can have a visual inspection of the tire to check its condition. Tire pressure needs to be checked every month or before going on a long road trip.

  • Wash car 

Driving the car regularly on roads can expose it to dirt, dust, rocks, and much more. They can cause dirt and rust on the surface of the car. It needs to be washed every two weeks to maintain the clean, beautiful look of the car. 

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The Quadrant Service Checklist

  • Change The Oil

Dip a dipstick in the oil and look if the oil looks clean or not. If the oil looks dark or muddy, then it’s time to change it. It may need to change after every 3000 to 5000 miles. You can check the user manual for the recommendation.

  • Change The Oil Filter

You need to change the oil filter every three months or 3000 to 5000, and some may recommend changing the filter every 10000 miles. It depends on the car and the type of oil you use. See your vehicle owner’s manual for the recommended duration your vehicle needs to change the filter. You should go for a professional service to change the oil filter.

  • Check Brakes and Wheels

It is crucial to keep you safe while driving. You should check the brake and wheel at least once every six months for safety. 

  • Check the Hoses

Different fluids or oil hoses are usually made of plastic or rubber. When the chemicals pass through the pipes, they can cause corrosion and holes in the hoses. The heat of the engine can damage the hoses. So they should be checked every three months. 

  • The Engine Fan Belt

The fan belt should be checked every 10,000 miles for wear. Check the top, edges, and belt ribs for crack or slippage. It can happen as an increase in the age of the belt material or the belt’s alignment or a problem with the drive pulleys.

  • Check Clutches

Experts recommend checking the clutches every four months for any wear or other problem. If you see any problem with the clutch, consult with the mechanic to maintain change.

  • Check the Battery and Cables.

Car batteries are integral to a running vehicle. So the battery needs routine inspection every few months. The assessment should perform on the battery, cables, and also terminals. First, check the wires and terminals to see any corrosion. Then inspect the battery terminals to see if they are correctly attached. Then check for the battery age.

  • Wax the Vehicle

Washing a car can’t give your car that shiny, beautiful factory looks as it comes. To maintain the polished look and keep the paint in good condition. It also reduces the risk of rust and corrosion of the car. 

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Annual Checklist

  • Change Engine and Cabin Airfilter

The air filters are essential to keep the air clean that flows to the engine. It filters the dirt and dust that comes with the air. It is recommended to change the engine’s air filter every year or 12,000 to 15,000 miles. It will improve fuel efficiency, decrease engine emissions, and ensure a long life.

The cabin air filter helps prevent any pollutants from going through the HVAC and the air inside the car. So it is also important to change every year.

  • Change the Coolant 

You need to flush the coolant from the tank every one or two years and fill it again with new coolant. Regular replacement of the coolant helps to keep it contaminant-free. It helps to keep the engine cool and work properly.

  • Check Spark plug

The spark plug helps ignite the gas and air mixture to accelerate the engine. For any problem with the spark plug, the engine may not work correctly. You may need to replace the plug if you see a decrease in your engine’s power.

  • Change Battery 

A battery supplies an electrical current to operate the starter, engine, and other electronic accessories. Debris and dust on the battery can cause corrosion and cables corrosion and need to be changed. Depending on climate and driving habits, it needs to be changed every year.

  • Check Steering system

The steering system should be checked entirely every year. The system can leak or get loose. After long-term uses, the steering box can wear out too and may need replacement after 100,000 miles or more. 

  • Check The Exhaust

Exhaust is an essential part of a car. Every year, it needs to be inspected for rust, corrosion, and wear with the dust and debris from the road. 

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  • Change The Tires

The tires can be worn and torn with a long time of use. They need to be checked at least once a year to avoid unexpected situations. And may need to change after five years. In different weather conditions, the tires may need to be replaced earlier.

  • Change Transmission Oil 

The recommended duration for changing the transmission fluid is around 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

If you want to maintain your car in good condition and increase its life span, Get it serviced after regular time intervals. It will help you to avoid sudden breakdowns problems.

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