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Last updated on October 5th, 2023 at 04:36 pm

Every day, the automobile industry improves the car security system and invents new ways to prevent car theft. But still, vehicle stealing is rising. Statistics show that at least one motor vehicle, like a car or motorbike, is stolen in the USA every 45 seconds.

Read this article to know how they break into a car and the reasons. Reading this will help you be aware and overcome those errors that can cause you a massive loss. Let’s not waste more time and start reading. 

How Do Thieves Break into Cars?

A thief can break into and steal your car from parking in different ways. If you have your car left unlocked in the parking area, they will not need to break in to access your vehicle. Though you have locked your vehicle correctly, a skilled thief can also get into your car.

They can break into the car by breaking the driver-side window. The other way they can steal your car is to tow your car. A highly skilled high-tech thief can access your car dashboard and steal your car without a key or break-in.

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What Are The Reasons Your Vehicle Got Stolen?

  • Leaving Car Unlocked
  • Leaving Valuable Things In Plain Sight
  • Having Insufficient or No Security Alarm
  • High tech Hackers
  • Parking on A Public Parking Lot or Garage
  • Park In An Insecure Place
  • Cars Get Old
  • Customized High-performance Wheel and Other Parts
  • To Access The Owner Information

Some reasons came out from different investigations of stolen vehicles. Those are the leading causes behind attempting a theft. A few of the reasons are listed below:

Leaving Car Unlocked 

Sometimes people report their cars getting stolen in front of them. Every time you leave your car running is like handing the car keys to a thief. People leave the running engines when they are in a hurry or going for a quick cup of coffee or some other reason. The auto thieves always wait for these kinds of chances. 

This can also happen if the owner leaves the car keys far from the window or any other place inside the vehicle that anyone can easily reach. 

Leaving Valuable Things In Plain Sight

Another reason behind a car theft is leaving any valuable things inside the car that quickly come into sight. The valuable thing can be laptops, mobile phones, purses, wallets, GPS trackers, or any bag that looks like it contains any worthy item. 

Having Insufficient or No Security Alarm

Most of them have standard alarm and security systems in modern car models. But sometimes, those factory-build alarms are not enough to protect your car from the thief. If you do not care for the security alarm system much and did not install any advanced security systems, your vehicle can be at risk of getting stolen.

High tech Hackers 

Day by day, the technology to prevent car robbery gets improved. There are many tools and gadgets available in the market. But nowadays, the thieves also become tech-savvy increasingly. They find a way to break into your car though you have all the high-tech security devices stalled. 

Modern cars are mainly controlled with computerized devices. The carjackers are also skilled in laptops and electronic gizmos to access our automobiles. So they do not have to work much to steal cars from parking. They only need to catch a signal from a parked car.

Parking on A Public Parking Lot or Garage

Parking your vehicle in a public place like an airport, shopping mall, public parking lots, and garages can be a reason your vehicle gets stolen. In a public place like these, anyone can access your vehicle without adequate security. Do not leave your car on the outer side of the parking area. Always try to park your vehicle where a surveillance system is available.

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Park In An Insecure Place

Parking in Unlit side alleys is a place where there is no security system available or anyone to help can be a cause. A shady parking garage or a position inside a city area with little light and no monitoring system is unsuitable for parking. These are the ideal places for car thieves.

Avoiding these types of places is a way to keep your auto safe. For parking, always try to find a well-lit area where surveillance cameras can monitor your car.

Cars Get Old 

The older cars are easy to get access by one to steal. The old model cars do not have electronic door locks, engine immobilizers, or advanced tracking devices as the new vehicles have. Without all these modern security systems, it’s easy for them to break into the car, and also, they do not have any chance to get caught later.

Another reason the thieves are interested in old cars is their parts. The older the model, the more its parts become rare and valuable. 

Customized High-performance Wheel and Other Parts

When your car has customized parts like aftermarket wheels and high-performance tires, it can cause someone to attempt to steal your car. Some criminals only steal cars for their wheels and tires. They can sell them in the market and get a handsome amount. 

Removing the wheels is not very hard; it can easily do it. To avoid this, you should go for an advanced security alarm system or a wheel nut lock can be a good idea.

To Access The Owner Information

Sometimes a thief does have no value to the car parts or other things inside the car but the owner’s information. The dashboard is once connected to your phone and synched. So, if they can access the dashboard, they can get all the contacts, bank information, credit card information, address, or much other personal information. That can be a reason that your vehicle gets stolen.

Final Verdict

Most of the reasons for car theft are caused by the owners’ errors. If they get a little careful about the car locking, choose a safe parking way, and securely park the car, they can prevent vehicle stealing effectively.

Also, installing an advanced security system with a tracking device and alarm can help you keep your favorite car safe from the thief.

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