Car Wheel Tyre Lock ClampCar Wheel Tyre Lock Clamp

Last updated on April 14th, 2022 at 03:15 am

A Car wheel tyre lock clamp become essential when you are going to park your car outside the house.  Wheel tire clamp is an anti-theft device that can prevent your vehicle from moving, protecting your car from being stolen.

Today we will tell you what a car tire clamp is, how it works, and how effective this device is against the thief. We will also notify you of the installation and removal processes. Let’s go for the details below.

What Is Car Tire Clamp? 

A tire clamp or wheel clamp is a security device. It is a device that produces a physical impediment to prevent the wheel from rotating and making the vehicle immobilized. A car can’t be driven, pushed, or towed away with a car tire clamp. 

There are different types of wheel clamps. Triangle wheel clamps and claw-style clamps are commonly used for cars. In these two types, you will find the device of other designs available of car wheel tire clamps for your vehicle security. 

How Does Car Tire Clamp Work? 

Tire or wheel clamps are auto immobilizers. When they put on the wheels of your vehicle wheel, it prevents the car wheel from 360-degree rotational movement without causing any severe damage to the vehicle.

There are varieties in wheel clip design and configurations available in the market. But all of the tire clamps work in the same way. Most of the clamp design has a center plate that protects the wheel nuts from being removed and give a protective locking mechanism.

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Are Wheel Clamps Effective? 

Clamps are an excellent way to keep your vehicle safe from a thief. Not all clamps provide the same protection level. For that, you have to choose one as your requirement. 

The clamps with a plate and cover at least one wheel nuts will be better to choose. You have to make sure that the clamp is properly fit in your vehicle wheel with minimal movement. Only then can it give you the adequate protection you want from it.

How To Install Car Wheel Tyre Lock Clamp & Remove It?

The method of installing a car tire clamp depends on its design. We explained different types of tire clamp installation processes here. They are straightforward to install.

Method 1: Installation of Triangle Car Wheel Clamp

Installing a triangle car wheel clamp is pretty simple. You need to follow the leads given below.

  1. First, choose a triangle car wheel clamp of good quality and proper size.
  2. It has a triangle plate. Place it on the wheel facing the plate right side upward. 
  3. Keep the chain in front of the clamp.
  4. Now lose the chain and wrap the right-hand side of the chain around the wheel.
  5. Then place the top chain on the top of the wheel
  6. Pull the left chain around the wheel.
  7. Pass the left chain after that through the locking hole.
  8. Pull and tighten the end of the chain enough and secure it with a padlock.

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How To Remove The Clamp 

Removing this clamp is also very simple.

Unlock the padlock used to lock the chain. Remove the left side of the chain from the lock hole. Then pull the chain out of the wheel carefully.

Method 2: Installation of Armed Car Wheel Clamp

There is another type of triangle wheel clamp used. It has three arms instead of a chain.

The process is described below.

  1. This clamp-type has three parts; the first one is a central disk. The disk has two brackets on it to lock the arms. Place and hold the disk on the wheel center.
  2. The second part is the extender arms. That allows for standing to go around the wheel to fit together comfortably. Extend the arms around the wheel. Place the holding plate with the arms on the circular disk as the rivets match the two holes on the central disk.
  3. Now it’s time for the third part, a sliding arm. The arm has holes on it where the barrel of the key root pops. Simply slide the arm through the bracket of the disk.
  4. After the slid, the arm goes enough through the bracket and fits the wheel, pop the key.

How To Remove The Clamp?

There is a key that comes with the clamp. Look for the keyhole.

Place the key in the keyhole and turn it. The lock will open up. Then remove the slid arm carefully first. Finally, remove the extended arm and the central disk. It is simple to remove then install.

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Method 3: Installation of Claw Style Clamp

Claw-style clamps are the most straightforward wheel clamps to install. It has two parallel metal arms which fit on the wheel nut or simply fit inside the wheel rim. A lock on one arm helps to attach the two arms.

The installation process is below.

  1. First, Take a claw-style clamp.
  2. Unlock the wheel clamp with the key.
  3. Pull out the extension bar foreword from the channel
  4. Clamp around outside of the tire.
  5. Put the extension bar back into the groove.
  6. Choose the position the arms fit on the tire by moving backward and forward.
  7. Set the two arms in that position
  8. Insert the hole and turn it or press the lock; the clamp will be locked.

How To Remove The Clamp?

This clamp is most simple to install. Removal of this clamp is also straightforward. When removing the clamp, take the keys that come with the clamp. Now put your key into the keyhole on the lock and turn it. The lock gets opened. Then pull the extension bar out of the channel. Get both arms out of the wheel rim.

Final Verdict

Among the many anti-theft devices car tire clamp is one of the most used devices.  They are an inexpensive device to protect your expensive vehicle. 

To protect your vehicle, you need to choose the proper design and size wheel clip based on the wheel size and design. We hope this article gave you an overall knowledge about wheel clamps.


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