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Insurance premiums depend on the age of the excellent driving credit, lousy driving credit, DUI, speeding tickets, accident history, etc. 

According to these factors, getting the best deal at a low cost is important for you.

Having a good driving record is one of the best ways to keep your auto insurance costs down.

Most companies that offer discounts may still have a lower overall price.

To learn more about the cheapest car insurance company, let’s find the article together.

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What is the Cheapest Car Insurance Company in the USA

1. Small Companies With The Cheapest Premium Rate

Small companies have the lowest premium rate. But the problem with the small companies is they are not available all over the USA; if your state has one of these insurance with the cheapest premium, you can choose them.


Secura provides the lowest premium rate for their customers among the small companies. A driver with a clean driving history. 

Good driver: They offer the lowest annual total coverage premium, which is $ 897 for good drivers. 

Speeding ticket conviction: You also have to pay $1256, lower than the other largest company price, while having a speeding ticket conviction. 

Teenager driver: We know a teenage driver has to pay a higher premium than the adult driver, but with this company, a teenager has to pay a rate of $1716 yearly. This is not that much for a young driver who bought insurance from Secura does not have to pay a high premium if you have an at-fault accident.

But you can only get this low premium facility if you live in these 13 states: Arizona, Missouri, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.

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Some of them offer lower prices than the large companies. Among the smaller companies, MMG is another one. This company’s premium rate is slightly higher than the Secura, but they provide you with a discount on good driving skills. A high saving if you are a teenage or adult driver. 

Good driver: They provide a full coverage yearly premium rate of $979 and a minimum liability premium rate of $326 per year for good drivers. That is less than any other company in the insurance industry and lower than the national average. 

At-fault accident: With MMG, you have to pay a premium of $1328 if you have any accidents. 

Drivers who have one speeding ticket have to pay a $1222 annual premium.

Poor credit: Poor credit drivers also have to pay a higher premium than good credit drivers. But with MMG, a poor credited driver only has to pay $1925 per year. In all these conditions, the premium rate of this small insurance company is very affordable and reliable.

Hastings Mutual 

Hastings mutual company has a history of more than 100 years. They provide superior customer service. Also, the insurer forms a personal relationship with their customers. It makes this one of the best and cheap insurance companies in the USA. 

Good driver: They offer more affordable rates than the national average, which is about $910 for drivers with good driving skills, a low number of speeding tickets, accident history, and good credit.

At-fault accident: Also, they offer a low premium rate for those who have an accident at fault at the rate of $1,481.

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2. Cheap Premium Rate With Large Companies

If you are looking for affordable full coverage insurance available all over the USA, you can go with large insurance companies. Some large insurance companies have a cheap annual premium rate in different conditions. 

USAA Insurance 

When searching for the cheapest car, USAA made our list. They provide the overall most affordable car insurance compared to the other companies in the insurance industry. They provide the most reasonable annual rates for drivers with a clean record and those shopping for full or minimum coverage. 

Good driver: The average annual total coverage rate of USAA is $1111; for minimum yearly coverage, the rate is $384. 

Speeding ticket: They also offer a lower premium for those drivers who have a speeding ticket during the insurance. The drivers with a speeding ticket have to pay an annual dividend of about $1190. 

Fault accident: This is also a good deal for those who have a history of the accident. Drovers who have accidents and injuries have to pay a little more than a driver with a good record. But it is not that much; he has to pay $1676 per year. That is much lower than the national average premium rates for insurance.

So we can say that the USAA provides the cheapest insurance, but the quality people who can get this insurance are the military community members.

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Geico Insurance

Geico offers the cheapest premium rate after the USAA that is available all over the USA for non-militant people. 

Good driver: The reasonable annual rate for drivers with good driving skills and good credit is about $1148, and the minimum liability rate is$766, far less than the national average. 

Teenage drivers: Also, they have a lower insurance rate for teenage drivers. Most insurance companies have a more significant premium rate for teen drivers, whereas Geico has an annual rate for a female teen at $3166 and teen males at $3555. The national average premium for teen females and males is $4860 and $5503.

Senior drivers: It is also suitable for old drivers. They have to pay $1245 to $1282 per year for auto insurance

Poor credit: From Geico, the drivers with poor credit get a massive benefit of the lowest premium. They have to pay $1810, where the national average is $2524. So if you are a driver with poor credit, you can save a considerable amount by getting insurance

State farm

State Farm is one of the best car insurances in The USA. They provide the cheapest premium rate depending on different factors after USAA and Geico. You will get a lower Premium at a minimum liability, good driving, poor driving credit, the driver who has a speeding ticket or fault accident, or DUI record. 

Good driver: They provide the cheapest premium for minimum liability coverage is $1267, which is $175 less than the average national premium. 

Speeding ticket: State farm provides affordable insurance for those with a speeding ticket. The customer from the state farm has to pay $1409 when the national average premium rate for drivers with speeding tickets is $1767. 

Fault accident: They also provide a cheaper premium rate for those worried about the increased premium after an accident. The driver only has to pay $ 1516 yearly, which is also lower than the national average of $2041.

One DUI: You will get more down-price insurance after DUI. DUI leads you to an increased premium price of about $1711, which is $609 less than the average national premium.

After considering all these factors’ lower premium rate, you can say that the state farm will give you the overall cheap insurance premium even if you are not a good driver.

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