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The Ford C-Max is a multi-purpose compact vehicle introduced in 2003 and discontinued in 2019 due to a sharp drop in demand. 

Ford C-Max is a decent hybrid vehicle. It offers plenty of interior room and good gas mileage

Despite a few negative reviews, many Ford owners believe there are several advantages of buying a C-Max. 

Let’s take a closer look at Ford C Max Reliability and learn more about the facts of buying a Ford C-Max.

Ford C-Max Specifications 

The C-Max comes with a gas engine that provides a maximum horsepower of 188 hp at 6000 RPM and offers front-wheel drive. 

C-Max is reasonably fuel-efficient as the fuel economy figures for this vehicle can go as low as 3.8 liters per 100km. Fuel tank capacity is between 53 to 60 liters depending on the modification. 

This vehicle can accommodate up to 5 passengers at once and has 471 liters of boot space. It also offers good storage space. 

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How Many Miles Can You Expect from a Ford C-Max?

The Ford C-Max has an average lifespan of about 150,000 to 200,000 miles. If the car is driven for 15,000 miles per year, your C-Max should be suitable for 10 to 13 years.

Maintenance is essential to get a maximum number of miles from your vehicle. Changing filters, engine oil, and transmission fluids should be a priority.

Lack of proper driving habits will cut your vehicle’s lifespan short. 

Ford C Max Reliability: Is the Ford C-Max Reliable?

If you look at the Ford C-Max’s past, you will notice that reliability was not impressive for the vehicle. The car had many problems ranging from improper seat welds to dead batteries when parked. 

It has 3 out of 5 reliability ratings, which is just above average, and RepairPal placed it 10th out of 26 midsize cars for reliability.

Even though the Ford C-Max had issues, the rate of severe problems is lower than the average compact car.

Reliability Ratings of the Ford C-Max and Other Vehicles

Car Models

Reliability Ratings
Kia Forte


Nissan Sentra

Honda Civic


Toyota Corolla

Hyundai Elantra


Honda Civic

Chevrolet Volt


Ford C-Max

Nissan Leaf


Toyota Prius


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How Long Does the Ford C-Max Last Compared to Other Cars?

In this part, we will compare the longevity of the Ford C-Max with vehicles of the same category.

Ford C-Max vs. Chevrolet Volt

The Chevrolet Volt is a hybrid compact car produced by General Motors, introduced in 2011. It is one of the rivals of the Ford C-max.

The Volt will give you the same number as the C-max for a service life of 200,000 miles.

Ownership costs for the Volt are slightly lower than the C-Max, $551 for the Volt, and $557 for C-Max

According to Kelley Blue Book, Chevrolet Volt scores a fantastic 4.5 out of 5 for Consumer Rating and 88% recommendation. At the same time, the Ford C-Max also gets 4.5 out of 5 and 85% recommendations. 

According to J.D. Power, in a battle of reliability ratings, C-Max receives 79 out of 100, and Volt gets 80 out of 100

Even though both vehicles are similar in some terms, the Ford C-Max is less fuel-efficient than the Chevrolet Volt. 

Ford C-Max vs. Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is an affordable and fuel-efficient hatchback car that offers cargo space. 

While the Ford C-Max will only provide 200,000 miles of service life, the Prius can go up to 250,000 miles without any significant issues. 

Toyota Prius’s maintenance cost is much lesser than the Ford C-Max. You only have to spend $408 per year on a Prius and $557 annually on a C-Max.

Kelley Blue Book rated the Toyota Prius 4.6 out of 5 for Consumer Rating, and it also received 88% recommendation. The Ford C-Max gets 4.5 out of 5 stars for Consumer Rating and 85% recommendation.

According to J.D. Power, the Prius and C-Max secure 76 and 79 out of 100, respectively, in quality and reliability. 

The Toyota Prius is a good purchase as the maintenance cost is lower, and it is pretty reliable. 

Ford C-Max vs. Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is a compact 5-door battery electric vehicle introduced in 2017. 

The Leaf can mostly run for 150,000 miles, while the C-Max can last 200,000 miles. 

Nissan Leaf’s $748 annual maintenance bill is almost $200 greater than the Ford C-Max’s maintenance cost. 

Consumer Ratings for the Leaf is 4.4 out of 5, and it is recommended by 85% of owners, as per Kelley Blue Book. The C-max also gets a rating of 4.5 out of 5 and 85% recommendation. 

J.D. Power rated both the cars, C-Max and Leaf, 79 out of 100 for quality and reliability. 

The Nissan Leaf gets a similar reliability rating as the C-Max but has a high maintenance cost and lower expected miles.

Comparison Chart

Car Models

Ford C-MaxChevrolet VoltToyota PriusNissan Leaf
Expected Miles150,000 to 200,000 miles150,000 to 200,000 miles200,000 to 250,000 miles

150,000 miles

Annual Maintenance Cost

Kelley Blue Book Ratings4.5/54.5/54.6/5


J.D. Power Scores

Price RangeStarts from $25,000Starts from $34,400Starts from $24,525

Starts from $28,000

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Best and Worst Years of Performance for the Ford C-Max

The Ford C-Max has been around for some time, and by now, it has had its fair share of good and bad years.

Best Years

The Ford C-Max 2018 model had 0 matters reported per Car Complaints. So, it can be considered one of the good years for the C-Max. 

According to Consumer Reports, the Ford C-Max, 2017 and 2018, the last two model years received a perfect reliability score. 

For the 2017 C-Max model, owner satisfaction is reasonably high, with almost 77% of owners expressing their thoughts about repurchasing the same model.

Worst Years

According to research, the 2013 model of C-Max is the model’s worst year. Around 75 owners complained about the electrical faults, mainly with the Ford Sync, radio, indicator lights, and GPS.

The NHTSA received around 15 complaints regarding the power steering failure for the Ford C-Max.

The 2013 model also had engine issues. Car Complaints received 11 complaints about the engine often seized and stalled while transiting.

Ford C-Max Model Years and Reliability Ratings

Ford C-Max Model Years

Reliability Ratings

2013 Ford C-Max Reliability


2014 Ford C-Max Reliability

2015 Ford C-Max Reliability


2016 Ford C-Max Reliability

2017 Ford C-Max Reliability


2018 Ford C-Max Reliability

2019 Ford C-Max Reliability


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Is the Ford C-Max Expensive to Maintain?

The annual maintenance cost for the Ford C-Max is about $557, so it cannot be considered as high-cost maintenance. 

Here are some of the joint replacement and repair costs for the Ford C-Max. 

Ford C-Max Repair/Replacement


AC Evaporator Replacement


Coolant Reservoir Replacement

Camshaft Replacement


Air Conditioning Refrigerant Recover

Oxygen Sensor Replacement


Strut Bearing Replacement

Brake Booster Replacement


Thermostat Replacement

Blower Motor Replacement


Fuel Level Sending Unit Replacement


How Long Does the Ford C-Max Brakes Last?

Brakes on the Ford C-Max will last a long time, but the brake pads and rotors need to be changed more often. 

The brake pads are expected to last an average of about 30,000 to 70,000 miles, and brake rotors will last about 70,000 miles. However, this varies depending on driving style and conditions.

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How Long Does the Ford C-Max Tires Last?

Nowadays, the tires are more durable and can last for up to 10 years without any issues, and can go even beyond that. 

Ford and most car manufacturers advise owners to change their stock tires every six years of use. 

Check the condition of your tires from time to time and replace them immediately as they wear out. 

How Long Does the Ford C-Max Transmissions Last?

Ford C-Max transmissions will last between 150,000 to 200,000 miles, which is nearly the vehicle’s entire lifespan. 

Check the transmission fluid levels regularly and replace the fluid with new fluid now and then.

Tips to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Ford C-max

  • Adopt smooth driving habits and avoid off-roading
  • Rotate the tires every 5,000 miles to prevent uneven wear and tears.
  • Avoid adding any modifications or enhancements to the vehicle.
  • Wash your vehicle regularly to get rid of dirt and grime. 
  • Store your car under a garage most times to protect it from unknown elements.
  • Limit short trips which do not let the car cool down completely
  • Service the car often and follow the maintenance schedules

We are glad to have provided you with any information regarding a Ford C-Max.

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