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What does high mileage actually mean? High mileage cars drive a long distance with proper maintenance. Generally, When a car puts up to 1000 miles a month or 12,000 to 15,000 per year is considered a high-mileage car. A car with a life expectancy of about 300,000 miles is also considered high mileage.

Knowing the reliability and mileage is the most concerning fact when you buy a car. Obviously, you do not want to spend money on any poor longevity and less durable car. The high mileage cars assure you of getting the high end performance that everyone wants.

People think cars with higher mileage have high maintenance costs and more breakdowns. But in the true sense, it all depends on vehicles’ durability. High mileage models are assured and guaranteed the most extended mileage you can expect, giving you a better approach. Here are the top mileage cars with the best advantages for your better understanding. 

15 High Mileage Cars That Will Last Longer

  • Volvo P1800 Supreme Car
  • Porsche 356
  • Lexus LS 400
  • Honda Accord
  • GMC Yukon XL
  • Toyota Camry
  • Chevrolet Silverado, 1500
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Ford F-150
  • Mercedes-Benz 300SDL
  • Lexus RX350
  • Toyota Sequoia
  • Subaru Legacy
  • Ford Escape Hybrid

The cars we choose here to review are the best, reliable sports cars you’ve ever used. From the recent updates from the vehicle community of 2022, most of the car’s manufacturing systems upgraded to the highest security and reliability.

They have challenged that those car models are associated with betterment and are incredibly durable. Another exciting news is most of these cars are capable of exceeding the 300,000-mile mark that is available on the market currently. However, looking for a vehicle with extravagant mileage of around 200,000-300,000 miles is a safe buy for anyone. It’s because the better mileage your vehicle has, the more comfortably your driver can perform on the spot. So let us jump on the deep analysis.

1. Volvo P1800 Supreme Car

Our first pick is the most well-known brand, Volvo P1800. The car came to its spot between 1961-1973. This car is a prominent illustration of safety, solidity, and reliability. Volvo P1800 also released the sports car, another symbol of trustworthiness. The car almost looks like an ordinary sports car with rear wheels, 2+2, and a front engine

In 1966 Volvo had made a prestigious record for being one of the best and longest-driven cars in the world. It also comes to the mouth of everyone for gaining the Guinness Book of world records in 2014. 

Key Features – 

  • Front Mounted engine 
  • Rear-wheel drive 
  • Manual for speed of M40/ M41 transmission 
  • Rear rigid axle
  • Four-disc brakes

2. Porsche 356 

Porsche 356 is one of the highest mileage cars that has come into the market since 1948. The car looks like an old model car, or you may think it’s backdated. But don’t judge things by their cover. Porsche 356 provides you with the highest mileage and is constructed with solid commodities. 

The car engine is 1.6 L Type 616/15 B4 (1600 C). Again they supplied their customer with four series models for roar on the way. We get amused by its well-crafted functions, including cylindrical heads, the most robust crank and camshaft, manifold intake, and exhaust systems. Again, the twin-fitted carbs engaged with the vehicle give double h.p (horsepower) more than the Beatles.  

Key Features – 

  • Rear-engined sports car
  • The engine manifestation with cooled push rod flat floor engine  
  • Reliability can increase if regularly maintained. 

3. Lexus LS 400

Lexus LS 400 comes with a stunning silvery look with a list of surprising features. If you know about the royal car brand of Japanese Toyota, then you may already know about Lexus. After all, Lexus LS 400 is the offspring of this brand. Obviously, unlike the other plausible and vested models of Toyota, this model can cover everything anyone expected. It’s tough to finish admiring this brand. 

However, Lexus LS 400 has a sedan-type body, tested out over more than 900 prototypes, and has a high mileage of around 130 mph. 

Key Features – 

  • Mileage above 20,000-25,000 or above
  • Automated transmission 
  • 85.0 fuel tank capacity 
  • Sedan body

4. Honda Accord 

Honda Accord is another constructive vehicle that serves you huge mileage satisfactorily. The quality of this car isn’t compatible with its price range. The car is embedded with a powerful steering engine, comfortability, and accelerated speed. The highest praise about this brand had achieved 1.8% marks by iSeecars.com for getting 200,000 miles. 

Key Features –

  • Fog lights fronts
  • Both passenger & airbags
  • Anti-lock braking systems 
  • Automatic climate control

5. GMC Yukon XL

GMC Yukon XL can be exchanged for the XL trim model as both share all similar features. GMC has achieved 300,000 miles on its odometer, as reported by iSeeCars.com. In comparison, such models produce almost twice as much power as a seven-person SUV. 

Key Features – 

  • 6.2L V8 Engine 
  • It comes with an exclusive interior design 
  • Power sliding center console
  • Four corner air ride adapted suspension 

6. Toyota Camry 

One of the users’ heart-stricken comments about this Toyota Camry is the king of sedans. It gives a mileage of around 24 km/liter. The Toyota Camry’s average speed is 50-110 km/h. The vehicle has top-rated high mileages, which anyone can expect around 200,000-300,000 miles. But anyone must have covered up all the basics of well-maintained and taken good care of this car. 

Key Features – 

  • Great mileage about 300,000 or more
  • It runs on a petrol engine
  • Good and well-engineered stuff.
  • Looks lively and aerodynamic 

7. Chevrolet Silverado, 1500

If you want to give your foe or competitors a good tuck about the mileage, nothing is upright like the Chevrolet Silverado. Chevrolet is an ideal illustration of raising performance above 400,000 miles or more. All in all, this year, Chevrolet had come with another unique sampling, closely attached with trailing features with supercruise driver assistance. 

Again, Chevrolet is highly appreciated, competing with any luxurious model like Ford’s F-150 series. Indeed, both of them are inextricably related to each other. But Chevrolet is ineffable as it has a rugged, ergonomic interior, alluring outwards and abundant in many good features. 

Key Features – 

  • Having an intensive power source of the 5.3-liter V8 Engine
  • Manufacturing with a crew-cab four-wheel-drive version
  • It comes with 10-speed automated features
  • Steady ride with a wide-spacious cabin
  • Get 3000,000-400,000 miles on every trip

8. Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla is our eighth pick, although it still exists on the top list of best-selling vehicles of all time almost every year. Corolla is built-in with high-profile design and architecture. This vehicle can always win the heart of its customer by traveling countless miles. 

The annual consumer reports of this brand showed positive feedback and reviews from the users. One of the remarkable incidents is likely to happen in 2007, which is still unchanged for customer satisfaction and time suite improvements. Check the below list, which is based on Toyota Corolla mileage per liter. 

Corolla Altis Mileage

Version wise Mileage

Corolla Altis G petrol

16.7 kmpl
Corolla Altis G petrol

21.3 kmpl

Corolla Altis G Cvt petrol

16.7 kmpl

Corolla Altis GL petrol

16.7 kmpl

Key Features – 

  • The anti-lock braking system 
  • Well-constructed power windows front
  • Protective wheel covers

9. Toyota Land Cruiser 

We chose the gigantic SUV model named Toyota Land Cruiser as our next target. The car had been renowned and recommended as a family car or rugged off-roader. According to the study of iSeeCars.com, the model had managed to exceed remarkably the epic by about 300,000 miles with a high-end percentage of 1.5%. Again, 300,000 miles is the average speed of this vehicle; some claimed that it could travel up to 484,000 miles in one hit. 

Key Features –

  • 7-seat capacity 
  • Automatic transmission types
  • Diesel type fuel 
  • 621 liters of all Windows boot space
  • 0.92 Km/ liter mileage 

10. Ford F-150 

There is a rumor about this car that it was less popular than other brands. But most consumers are unconscious that this model has held its position at the top with dignity every year. Based on the information of the best-selling list in the U.S., the Ford F15 is always included for its great off-road performances. It also has a large, spacious cabin and heavy-duty capacitor. 

But the problem is that the Ford F-150, is one of the best security fails cars in the U.S.A. According to the most stolen vehicles in the U.S.A., the Ford f-150 is the highest. 

Key Features – 

  • Unmatched towing
  • Hauling abilities 
  • A lineup of powerful engines
  • A well-built interior 
  • Easy to use technology 

11. Mercedes-Benz 300SDL

Mercedes-Benz is our top priority on the highest mileage list. Who doesn’t want such a big car with a luxurious cabin and an appealing exterior? We all expect this, then why shouldn’t it grab the Mercedes. Mercedes-Benz offers horse-like engine performance with predicted reliability.

The car was interrupted with an exclusive mileage of about 9.6-12.6 km pl. But it sometimes depends on their petrol and diesel variants, including 12.6-11.9 km pl. Most importantly, the car owned 3.5 ratings out of 5. Furthermore, Mercedes ranked 13th out of 31 suitable for any mid-size vehicle. You don’t need to worry about the maintenance car that only costs up to $739.

Key Features –

  • 285-liter boot space
  • 0 fuel tank capacity
  • Convertible body types
  • 130 mm ground clearance unladen
  • 1 km pl mileage

12. Lexus RX350

Toyota would never fail to devour its customer thrust every year. Each year they experiment with something new that reflects on their work. One of the best examples of this is the Lexus RX350. The model had high-end engines, an eye-catching interior design, an impressive body, and convenient power-folding compatibility.

Again, the manufacturer belongs to one of the best brands of Japanese Toyota. That is the main reason this car drew the attention of others. With their new invention, Lexus RX350 is now the illustration of luxurious styles and vicious ones. The Lexus signature spindle-shaped front grille and the V6 engine ensure your level best relaxation and alleviation.

Key Features –

  • 295 HP powered engine
  • Class-leading Lexus safety system
  • Indulge in an Apple Car Play integration

13. Toyota Sequoia

Toyota’s Sequoia is another copy that gives you higher mileage. Again, people who love to go for a long drive should have chosen this as the second one after any 5-door SUV. The Toyota Sequoia is in direct competition with the Ford Expedition, Nissan Armada, Chevrolet Tahoe, and many more competitive cars available in the market.

The compact design of this vehicle can trace between the mid-size Toyota 4-runner and the premium Toyota cruiser. You may know Sequoia is now the most reliable and solemn brand under the foreshadowing of Toyota.

Key Features –

  • Toyota safety sense
  • LED low and high beam highlights
  • Smart key system
  • Automatic three-zone front
  • 7-In touch screen display

14. Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy is the furious and most respected brand after the name of WRX. This car’s prominent features and functions allow you to get the highest reliability. Subaru is a high-priority brand for consumers good for having good fuel economy, dependability, and scanning their legacy.

You may wonder what the purpose of legacy here is. The gift stands here based on the outback and the high-profile sedan. Another good news is this car has been in production for almost 2-3 years, which indicates that purchasing this brand is 100% safe.

Key Features

  • Symmetrical all-wheel drive
  • Standard eyesight
  • LED steering headlights
  • 17-Inch alloy wheels
  • SiriusXM

15. Ford Escape Hybrid

The escape has received its glory and popularity since 2005, even though its availability came along in 2001. Day by day, while the demands of high mileage cars arise, Ford Escape’s approachability bridges through the market to balance it.

Its features and functionality are tested through the New York City Taxi fleets. However, this escape hybrid gives you 44-mpg in the town and 37-mpg on the highways. But the worst thing is Ford Escape only lasts about 130,000 miles which is one of the lowest issue rates rather than others.

Key Features –

  • Blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alerts
  • Forward collision warning
  • Automatic emergency braking

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