how does a steering wheel lock workhow does a steering wheel lock work

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After my first luxury car theft, I felt upset. It was a significant loss for me—both mentally and financially.

I went to the police for about one month. Though police recovered my beast, few valuable parts were gone. Then the in-charge and my neighbors suggested I buy a club steering wheel lock for my car model. If you have suffered like me, I recommend purchasing the best steering wheel lock for your vehicle. Sometimes, a few dollar bills could save your million’s worth of assets.

Moreover, the best wheel locks will accomplish your vehicle’s safety, and the best steering wheel lock can lock up the steering wheel. Even it prevents your car from Auto theft. 

Let’s dive in….

What is steering lock?

Are you hearing the word for the first time? Then I’m pretty sure that you have just lost your new car and finding a solution to prevent that. A steering lock is a device that keeps the steering locked with an angular direction so that the professional thief can’t take it away. 

After removing the keys, the ignition system will close the engine. If anyone tries to move the car away, the steering wheel won’t turn on due to locking whenever the thief notices that he will move to another vehicle. It leaves the steering immobile with extra protection for your vehicles.

How does a steering wheel lock work?

● The steering wheel locks prevent moving the car if anyone wants to move the wheel. 

● In a locked car, any attempt of moving the steering will cause the system to shut down. 

● It’s because a spring-loaded lever fills up the slot and closes the mechanism. 

● Then, it is impossible to turn on the steering wheel for the master thieves. 

● The club looks like a long shaft with two hooks on each side. And these hooks engage the wheel to the body of the car. 

● The extended portion locks up the steering with a key.

● Clever thieves can fail this lock by cutting the steering wheel. So, you should pick up the best steering wheel locks from the market.

● By turning the steering wheel in little angular space, apply the club lock to the steering before the ignition is off. 

● Once the steering is stationary, it won’t move to start the engine.

● The car thieves will see it from outside and won’t break the window to get into it. 

How to unlock a steering wheel lock?

Sometimes you may find the steering wheel is not opening with old keys. Here are some tips to unlock steering mentioned here for those in trouble and who are only trying. 

● At first, you should insert the key into the ignition system.

● Then turn the wheel from left to right. It will unlock.

● Instead, you may find the wheel challenging to move. But do it forcefully.

● If the operation doesn’t work, try another key of the same pattern. When the old key is worn, it doesn’t match the lock. So try the others to unlock. Of course, you have more than one key with your vehicle.

● Further, you need to apply pressure on the wheel to move.

● It would help if you did not jerk the wheel open. 

● Finally, remove the keys shortly before the wheel turns.

● Follow these; you will make it happen indeed.

What is the most stolen car in the United States?

According to the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau), Forbes published the most targeted vehicle in the United States. The surveying year is 2015. The thieves stole the following cars massively:

●    Honda Accord:  NICB says it implies that about 52,000 Honda Accord theft by the 2015 record. The car thieves target this luxury car of model number 1994, most since 2010. 

●    Honda Civic: Well, it is the second modern car; thieves like to steal. Also, the number of theft is nearer to the Accord, and it is 49,000. 

●    Nissan Altima: This car theft happened more than 11000 times in that year. 

●    Toyota Camry: The grand thieves took this car away for the amount of 15,450.

●    Toyota Corolla: The amount is ten thousand and five hundred.

●    Ford Pickup: It is one of the most targeted vehicles, which is third in the ranking of theft with the digit 29,400.

●    Chevrolet Silverado: Its number is about 27,000.

●    Dodge Pickup: This high-tech pickup was stolen 10,200 times in 2015.

●    Dodge Grand Caravan: The thieves stole 9,798 pieces of this car. 

●    Hyundai Sonata: This is not as much as the vehicles mentioned above. The number is 632 only.

●    Chevrolet Impala: These vehicles stole nine thousand two hundred pieces.

Choosing the Best Steering Wheel Lock – A Secure Life

Most gangs of thieves target luxurious cars. Every expensive car has anti-theft technology and devices to deter the stealing operation. So, these car holders don’t need to place extra theft-preventing devices. If they remain conscious about locking, car theft will reduce. 

To protect from theft, you must use wheel locks and steering wheel locks for your vehicle regarding the model. There are many automobiles company that are providing good anti-theft steering wheel locks.

Don’t mistake picking the right and best steering wheel locks from them. Not to mention the Club steering wheel locks with various models are popular now. 

Besides, NRG and Farm Union are providing the best steering locks. Select one of the good products that will secure both your car and the money.

Final Verdict

Never bother to spend a little to buy the best product to ensure your vehicle’s security. A wise decision or selection will not only protect your car but also help you from the more significant loss. Steering wheel locks increase your car security a little more than nothing else.

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