How Long Do Jeep Wranglers LastHow Long Do Jeep Wranglers Last

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When purchasing a vehicle, you expect to use it for about 7-8 years before requiring significant upgrades. For which, buying a car is often considered a long-term investment. 

Jeep wranglers are designed to handle a wide range of rocky terrain. They are famous for their sturdy look, which helps them get through the harshest conditions. 

Not only that, they can be used to drive through snow, mountains, beaches, or the neighborhood. These cars have been around since World War 2.  They were designed to be used as military vehicles in the war. Since then, only the design has been altered. However, the quality and longevity did not budge.

How Long Do Jeep Wranglers Last ?

Jeep Wranglers continue to perform well up to 15 years and more. Depending on the user, both old and new models of the Wrangler can last somewhere between 100,000 to 400,000 miles. 

Older and decently cared for models can last up to 200,000 miles. In comparison, a Wrangler in perfect condition with regular maintenance can run up to 400,000 miles. 

As newer models come out, they can outdo what a typical car can handle. 

The most important thing the owner can do with any vehicle is maintained it. It is reasonably easy to purchase different parts of the Wrangler in the market.

Driving habits play a massive role in the Wrangler’s mileage expectations. 

Activities such as being too aggressive with the brake and gas pedals and overworking the engine strain the vehicle. 

The 2021 Jeep Wrangler was ranked #11 within the compact SUV category.

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Is It Good to Purchase a High Mileage Jeep Wrangler?

Unless you are not on a tight budget, purchasing a vehicle with high mileage is not recommended. But that is not the case for a Jeep Wrangler as they can serve up to 400,000 miles with proper care. 

If you plan to go for a used Wrangler, it is essential to note the mileage and maintenance. A Jeep Wrangler with about 200,000 to 300,000 mileage is still suitable for use.

Number of previous owners of the vehicle is also something to consider. More owners mean more pressure on the vehicle. 

Older models of the Jeep Wranglers are easier to repair. The repairs are relatively inexpensive and easier to work on. 

It is also known widely that older models are more likely to do better off-roading. 

Another plus point is, you can customize the older Jeep Wranglers to your liking. The number of upgrades that can be made is endless. 

In conclusion, Jeep Wranglers are an excellent investment even with high mileage. 

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Compared to Similar Car Models How Long do Jeep Wranglers Last?

In this section, the Jeep Wrangler is being compared with other models.

Jeep Wrangler vs. Toyota 4Runner

  • The Jeep Wrangler can accommodate five passengers and has a lot of cargo space. In contrast, the Toyota 4Runner has a standard of five-passenger seating.
  • The Jeep Wrangler has a horsepower of 285hp, and the Toyota 4Runner has 270hp.
  • 4Runner receives 16 MPG within the city and 19 MPG on the highway, while the Wrangler gets 22 MPG in the city and 24 MPG on the highway. So, the Wrangler has better mileage.
  • The 4Runner is slightly more expensive than the Wrangler.
  • The average maintenance cost of the 4Runner is about $1,448 per year and for the Wrangler, it is around $694 annually.
  • On Repairpal, the Wrangler has a reliability rating of 3.5 out of 5.0 and the 4Runner got 4.0 out of 5.0.
  • J.D. Power scores the Wrangler 81 out of 100 for quality and reliability, while the 4Runner scored 82 out of 100.

Both vehicles are fairly even when it comes to quality and reliability, but the maintenance cost for the 4Runner is much higher than Wrangler.

Jeep Wrangler vs. Land Rover Defender

  • The Defender accommodates up to 7 passengers while the Wrangler has space for up to 5 passengers at once.
  • Horsepower for the Wrangler is 285hp at 6400 rpm and for the Defender, it is 296hp at 5500 rpm.
  • Defender gets 19 MPG within the city and 21 MPG on the highway, while Wrangler receives 22 MPG in the city and 24 MPG on the highway. 
  • The Land Rover is a luxury brand, so automatically, the Defender is more expensive than the Wrangler.
  • On average, the maintenance cost of the Defender is about $1174 annually and $694 for the Wrangler.
  • Repairpal rates Land Rover Defender 2.5 out of 5, and Wrangler receives a rating of 3.5 out of 5.0 in terms of reliability.
  • As for J.D. Power, Defender scores 70 out of 100 while Wrangler secures 81 out of 100.

While the Defender might be comfier than the Wrangler, it is still not as reliable as the Wrangler. 

The Land Rover Defender is at least 80% as good as the Wrangler if used with care, but it has a high-budget maintenance cost.

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Jeep Wrangler vs. Grand Cherokee

  • Both the Wrangler and Cherokee have a passenger capacity of 5 people.
  • Horsepower for the Cherokee is 293hp at 6400 rpm and for the Wrangler, it is 285hp at 6400 rpm.
  • Cherokee gets 19 MPG and 22 MPG for the Wrangler within the city. As for the highway, the Cherokee gets 26 MPG and Wrangler gets 24 MPG.
  • The total annual cost for maintenance and repairs for the Cherokee is $666, which is slightly lower than that for a Wrangler, which costs an average of $694 for maintenance annually.
  • The Cherokee is somewhat more expensive than the Wrangler.
  • Ratings on Repairpal for both the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler is the same at 3.5 out of 5.0 
  • J.D. Power gives Cherokee a score of 84 out of 100, which is a bit more than the score of the Wrangler.

These two vehicles are great for daily drive and some little adventure, but the Wrangler cannot be beaten for rugged performance.


Jeep Wrangler

Toyota 4Runner

Land Rover Defender

Grand Cherokee

Passenger Capacity






285 hp

270 hp

296 hp

293 hp

Fuel Efficiency

22MPG in city 24 MPG on highway

16 MPG in city 19 MPG on highway

19 MPG in city 21 MPG on highway

19 MPG in city 26 MPG on highway

Maintenance Cost (annual)





Price Range

Starts from $28,475

Starts from $36,340

Starts from $46,100

Starts from $37,785

Repairpal Ratings





J.D. Power Scores





Best and Worst Years of The Jeep Wrangler

Provided the Wrangler has been on the market since World War 2, there are bound to be some problematic years along with the best ones.

Best Model Year 

The 2018 Jeep Wrangler model has raised the bar for the Wrangler family. It provides smooth off-road handling and has up to 25 MPG fuel efficiency.

One of the qualities of the best models is that they are loaded with proper suspension and tires to handle equal off-road and on-road usage.

The 2015 Wrangler was voted the most reliable year to date in terms of safety.

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Worst Model Year

By far, the 2012 and 2014 models of Jeep Wrangler have been voted the worst years for Wrangler. The 2012 model turned a bit rocky after too many upgrades attempted altogether. 

2008 models gave out discomforting noises when the vehicles were in use and received the most complaints. 

Then comes the 2007 Wrangler, which was swamped with issues. The model has problems starting from its steering to the fuel system.

Model Year and Number of Complaints

Model Year

Number of Complaints

202 1




































Are Jeep Wranglers Expensive to Maintain?

According to a 2019 study done by, the Wrangler costs $651 per year to maintain. So, the Jeep Wrangler does not require a high budget maintenance cost.

How long do the Jeep Wrangler engines last?

Most Jeep Wranglers go past 250,000 miles and up to 400,000 or 15 years before it needs any major upgrades. This also depends on the vehicle’s usage and overall care. 

Getting regular tire checkups and cleaning the air filters will prolong the life of your Wrangler.

How long do the tires last? 

Jeep Wrangler new tires last up to 50,000 to 60,000 miles or around six years. The mileage will decrease if you are doing much off-roading on rough lands. 

If the vehicle is being driven through flood or rocky roads, this will significantly affect the tires. 

Rotating tires are essential as the front tires of the Jeep usually wear out faster than the rear ones. This leads to unequal tears, which are never good for the vehicle. 

A technician should be in charge of checking the wheel alignments of the car. 

How long do the Wrangler batteries last?

The batteries of a Jeep Wrangler last between 3-5 years. Still, the duration is not fixed as driving habits, weather conditions, type of battery affect the battery’s longevity. 

Usually, the Jeep Wrangler batteries are covered with a warranty. 

Keep your Wrangler stored away from extreme weather changes as it affects the battery. 

Vibrations of the car can loosen up connections around the battery which leads to short circuits. For this, it is vital to keep the battery tightly in place. 

Another thing you can do to preserve battery life is limit short rides. Quick car rides hinder the battery from being fully charged. 

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How long do the brakes last?

The Jeep Wrangler brake pads typically last between 30,000 to 70,000 miles or eight years, depending on the driving habits. 

If the vehicle has to face a lot of stop-and-go traffic, the brake pads are heavily affected. 

The brakes can cost up to $150 to $300 per axle, depending on the type of brake pads to replace. 

A slow and steady driving style will delay the deterioration of the brakes. 

Some Tips to Extend the Longevity of Your Jeep Wrangler

  •  Invest in good quality parts and fluids. 
  • Engine oil, brake pads and transmission fluid levels should be inspected regularly and refilled when necessary.
  •  Go through the owner’s manual to get used to different symbols and dashboard warning lights. Also, it is essential to know what your vehicle requires and in what quantity. 
  • Routine service is necessary for any car.
  • It is best not to strain your car, so adopt smooth driving habits. 
  • Wash your Wrangler regularly to get rid of any unwanted dirt and debris which can lead to rust. 

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Final Thoughts

It is safe to say that with appropriate maintenance, the Wrangler can offer impressive off-road performance that has been reliable for more than 20 years. 

You can find a 1996 model of Wrangler with over 250,000 miles and still runs smoothly. 

A Jeep Wrangler is not your everyday car, so investing in one is considered a lifestyle or image choice. As the Wrangler is has a low depreciation rate, the vehicle maintains its value over time. 

The more you take care of your Jeep, the longer you can use it. 

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