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The major car service is at the top of the requirements when it comes to servicing. Because your mechanic will check everything contained in full service and more, they should only be done every two or three years.

The major vehicle service checks everything included in full service and more. The length of major car services is mostly determined by the parts that need to be replaced.

If you want a specific answer of when and how long does a major service take, keep an eye on the article.

How Long Does A Major Service Take?

The length of a major service depends on the number of parts that need to be replaced, but it will most likely take at least 3-4 hours.

You will have to take a regular in every 12 months or 12,000 miles. It wholly depends on your vehicle. However, a major service should be performed every 24 months.

You have to spend a handsome amount of money whenever you want to take your car for the service. The cost depends on the condition and size of the car.

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So, Approximately how long does a major service take? Go through the table-

Car  Model

Major Service Time

Ford Fiesta

1.1 hours

Fiat 500

1.0 hour

Volkswagen Golf

1.5 hours


1.7 hours

Land Rover

2.0 hours


1.5 hours


1.5 hours

The average cost of a car service is between $250 and $400. It varies according to the type of service.

The location of the service determines the cost of the service. And mechanics charge their rates frequently.

Kilometers will also affect the price of the service and the technologies involved.

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