Last updated on March 31st, 2022 at 04:43 pm

An interim car service is the best way to keep your car in good condition, especially if you are unsure of how often to get it serviced. It’s a great way to ensure that your car is working at its peak performance and isn’t wasting your money on repairs.

An interim service doesn’t replace a full service, but it will protect you from costly breakdowns and ensure your car is safe to drive for a short period. This type of service will check the brakes, steering, suspension, and oil filters. It will also change the engine oil, which is essential to keep working, but will not last as long as a full service. As such, it’s important to book your service in advance, considering your car’s mileage and the type of journeys it makes.

As an interim car service is less extensive than a full service, it’s recommended that you get it done every six months or 5,000 miles. It shouldn’t replace a full service, but if you cover more miles each year, you may want to have an interim car service done every six months.

An interim car service will ensure that your car is running as well as it possibly can and that all parts aren’t prematurely wearing out. It will usually take around an hour and a half, but the time may increase if there are multiple problems.

How Long Does An Interim Car Service Take?

An interim service includes the inspections of essential aspects such as the steering, brakes, clutch, tires, hoses, and pipes of your car. In this service, you need to complete fifty comprehensive examinations.

How long does an interim service take? Before deciding which service is the best for you, evaluate how many kilometers you drive each year. If you want to drive better than the usual number, you should perform your car interim service every six months. We advise you of this method if you drive a car a long-distance frequently.

Interim Services will assist in maintaining your car in good shape too. It will just take 1 to 1.5 hours to complete the service. This service time may rise if you discover any other defects.

Let’s look at a table on how long does an Interim Service take-

Car Model

Interim Service Time
Ford Fiesta

0.7 hour

Fiat    500

0.6 hour
Volkswagen   Golf

0.9 hour

Audi   A4

1.0 hour
Range Rover

1.2 hours

Volkswagen  Tiguan

0.9 hour
Audi   Q5

0.9 hour

There are several benefits to getting regular servicing. It will be better for your wallet in the long run.

Unlike an MOT, servicing isn’t mandatory. You can have it done at any time, and it will be much cheaper. Full or interim services are essential and will check your vehicle’s fluids and engine, tires, and lights. They will also stamp your service book, which you should keep, as it contains an invaluable history of your vehicle’s history.