How many miles can a BMW 5 series lastHow many miles can a BMW 5 series last

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Last year, one of my cousins shared with me his plan of buying a new BMW. He was confused about the longevity and finally asked me the same question, “how many miles can a BMW 5 series last?” He was wondered whether his new purchase would perform well or not.

I felt the necessity to share my BMW knowledge to clear his confusion. If you are passionate about hitting the highest mileage with your BMW 5 series, keep reading the article.

Brief History of BMW 5 series

Since 1972, the 5 series brought by BMW never has disappointed users with its superb performance. The engine comes in four cylinders, six cylinders, V8 and V10, and the power is either naturally aspirated or turbocharged. 

Manufacturers started including diesel engines in this series in 1982.

Let’s take a look at the generations and models of the 5 series.

E12 seriesFirst generation1972-1981
E28 seriesSecond generation1981-1988
E34 seriesThird generation1988-1996
E39 seriesFourth generation1995-2003
E60/E61 seriesFifth generation2003-2010
F10/F11/F07/F18 seriesSixth generation2010-2017
G30/G31/G38 seriesSeventh generation2016-present

BMW’s attractive model

The German automaker, the BMW brand founder, is well-known as a mastermind of luxury vehicles and motorcycles.

BMW has a huge collection of catalogs ranging from sedans, wagons, hatchbacks, sports cars to SUVs and hybrid electric vehicles.

One of the recently added models is the X model (X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7). Here are especially sports utility vehicles or crossover-type vehicles. The Z4 model is no less in this variety, has gained quite a fame for speed.

However, when the whole world is peeking for a solution to curtail global warming, BMW has joined the position with i3, i8 models. The cars in this model are made eco-friendly and environmentally conscious.

Yes, it is possible. Because I’m not letting you out about a wheelbarrow. I’m describing the latest fashion, which is everyone’s favorite BMW 5 series.

Do you know about mileage and Cc?

Mileage is the measure of distance your car’s engine can travel using one liter of oil.

The full form of cc is cubic centimeters (1000 Cc = 1L). It expresses the holding capacity of the engine cylinder.

BMW 5 series mileage life

BMWs will let you run up to 60k to 80k miles in the first stage. You can make it to 100k to 250k miles with time and maintenance. Specifically, the high mileage of a BMW 5 series is 500k to 1000k miles. 

Moreover, in line with 2017-2021, you will get 15.01 kmpl – 15.56 kmpl mileage in Petrol 5 Series and up to 17.42 kmpl – 22.48 kmpl in the case of Diesel.

  • Petrol (1998 cc)- Automatic (Torque Converter) transmission along with 15.01 kmpl
  • Diesel (2993 cc)- Automatic (Torque Converter) transmission including 17.42 kmpl
  • Diesel (1995 cc)- Automatic (Torque Converter) transmission and 20.37 kmpl
  • Diesel (2993 cc)- Automatic Transmission as well as 18.59 kmpl

Do you know what the advantage of ATM transmission with a Torque Converter is?

The advantage of the torque converter and ATM (automatic) transmission can lower your car’s stall speed and transmission fluid temperature. It will not only expand your towing speed but also stimulate the power that you need.

If you ask me, can a BMW 3 series and a BMW 6 series compare in terms of mileage, a BMW 5 series will be different?

Hence, I would say if and only if you compare it in terms of mileage alone, the average mileage will be from 100k to 250k miles. 

The mileage of its Sport Line category cars is much better. Take a look at the M5, for example, not only for its eye-catching forms but also for its high performance.

  • 5 Series Sport Line (1995 cc) Diesel Powered Automatic transmission and 22.48 kmpl
  • 5 Series 530i Sport Line(1998 cc) Petrol, Automatic transmission with 15.56 kmpl mileage 
  • 5 Series 530i Sport(1998 cc)Petrol- Automatic (Torque Converter) transmission plus 1501 kmpl

Now, undoubtedly you can think of buying a BMW with 200k miles, and the BMW 5 series can be the perfect one for you.

BMW 5 Series Features with benefits 

BMW is not only impressed with the impressive model and mileage on the surface. If you know about the features of it, you will also become a fan of this masterpiece.

Inner of the car will have enough space to sit comfortably. Dual-zone automatic climate control, a moonroof, and a push-button start feature further enhances the car’s standard.

The use of a 10.25-inch touch screen, Apple CarPlay, two USB ports, Bluetooth capabilities, a 12-speaker stereo, HD radio, and navigation system will make your communication system easier.

Standard driver-assist features will help you with the address and information of any unknown place.

There are cruise control, rearview cameras, front and back parking sensors, pedestrian detection, auto braking, and blind-spot monitoring that will strengthen your security and ensure a comfort zone for you.

You are not dreaming; yes, BMW has included all these items.

Extra care to maintain car mileage for a long time 

The mileage limit depends mainly on the cost and care. If you own a BMW 5 series model, learn to love it. Laziness can kill the satisfactory performance of your vehicle. 

It’s not just me; a former Senior mechanic, J. Tuinstra, shared his experience on Many people, including him, have mentioned the sustenance of the BMW 5 series seriously.

  • Excessive pressure on the car’s engine can lower your car’s mileage. 
  • Too bad weather or road rings can be the reason for the destruction of your BMW.
  • Another thing that should be considered is your driving condition.
  • Bad circumstances can break your car. 
  • Regular oil change, replacement of coolant system, batteries, and other electrical parts are what your BMW needs the most.

You need to spend enough time and money on car maintenance to sustain mileage. Mileage is one component of a vehicle’s health. Even though the car is not your wife, you have to take care of her like your wife hit the highest mileage.

BMW Parts and Accessories

Low-quality product for the car! Never choose a cheap product to protect an expensive one!

Even your vehicle can declare rebellion against this racism. So pick high-quality parts and accessories for your adorable BMW.

MAXTRON® PCMO is a type of high-quality synthetic oil that will help keep your car’s equipment in good condition. Mainly, it will reduce the friction of your car’s equipment, prevent corrosion, and increase your car’s life.

The following important product for your car is CENEX TOP TIER® DETERGENT GASOLINE. Its function is to create a sufficient grip; controlling the vehicle’s movement will reduce the risk of accidents.

BMW 5 series Maintenance Cost

In general, a BMW repairing cost can go up to 10,000 to 15,000 USD. Since repairing cost is high, many budget-conscious drivers/owners keep this brand out of their choice.  

Repairing costs for a car is a lot like buying makeup tools for an actor.

Model and engine play significant roles in determining longevity. Some models have four-cylinder engines, which users find unsatisfactory. Even newer models perform a bit poorer than older ones. 

Additionally, it would help if you dared to spend a big chunk of money on repairs.

How many miles can a BMW 5 series last?

Despite having issues, BMW 5 series is competitive and excellent to hit up the Road. In the 2020 5 series Sedan succeeded in earning praise for extraordinary features. 

So, which one of the seven generations is reliable?

Good Question. I want to suggest sixth-generation cars fit this condition.

In places like the U.S.A alone, half a million 5 series have been sold for nearly 30 years.

Are you still confused? 

So let’s share the experience of two users with you.

My neighbor bought an F11 in 2012. He is happy with it and says that he never faced any problem finding the parts. Also, it is running well even after ten years. 

The next one is Mike Percival, the director, and freelance electronics engineer who also shared a story about the BMW 5 series. In 1992 Mike bought a 5 series touring 520i. The car gave terrific service. And the exciting fact is the car is still moving on Road.

As per some honorable websites like,, and, the average mileage of the BMW 5 Series range from 15.01 kmpl to 22.48 kmpl.

Does the reliability of the car depend on the mileage?

Mileage is considered a measure of reliability, which is a myth. The fact is that mileage is a very rare issue when it comes to reliability.

Once the mileage of a good quality car was 100k miles, which has now improved to 200k and even 300k miles mileage. Then that today’s cars are more reliable than before. But that is not the case at all.

Instead, a high-mileage car that is comfortable to drive and well maintained is much more reliable.


Ultimately, You may find other brands with less price and issues compared to BMW, but you will find your riding joyless. Your car is an asset bought with your hard-earned money. So you have to be a little aware before buying.

BMWs are the perfect car to feel the Road. The only thing to do is to keep it in sound health. One wrong decision can cost you many years.

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