How many miles does a Mitsubishi Eclipse lastHow many miles does a Mitsubishi Eclipse last

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Last month, my colleague’s adorable civic died, and he needed a new car badly. He wanted to buy a new eclipse. However, he didn’t know much about the Eclipse and sought help for it. He knows that I am passionate about cars and motorsports and he asked me the same question.”How many miles does a Mitsubishi Eclipse last?”

The consensus among eclipse reviewers is that it will depend on the owner obviously and how they treat it. One reviewer says, “I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse. It has 309758 miles on it, and it still runs as good as the day I bought it.” 

Another reviewer commented, “I just bought a 2008 Eclipse. Can the real mileage be only 51,422!?” Another reviewer writes, “I bought my Eclipse 2008 brand new. Now he have185000 miles on it. He Never gives a mechanic issue.”

Read throughout the article where I discussed how many miles does a Mitsubishi Eclipse last and many more. 

So, Let’s dive in without any fuss..

About Mitsubishi 

Mitsubishi is a Tokyo Japanese multinational company in a variety of industries. Iwasaki Yataro founded it in 1870. From world war two, Mitsubishi had been holding pride all over the world.  Mitsubishi ranks 21st in the Brands’ Global Ranking.

The bitter experience and overseas shipping led the firm to enter into a trading business. The Mitsubishi rating is 4.0 out of 5. Mitsubishi ranks 6 out of 32 of all the car brands; indeed, it’s reliable.

How Many Miles Does A Mitsubishi Eclipse Last? 

There’s no rule of thumb mileage-wise for Mitsubishi. Where there are many car providers, don’t assure you about those matters. Keep in mind that turbo and non-turbo make a big difference. But how you’ll treat it, and it was maintained, really matters. 

Again, the chances are that any eclipse will, over time, cost more than a civic. 

Then what’s the big deal? 

Mitsubishi usually has more expensive gas, which is premium only; it has higher stress with more horsepower. 

As an example, a 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse high mileage had a GS for ten years and commuted with it for over 125,000 miles at a time. Again, if you look over the older model of 2004. 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse life expectancy 35,000 miles at last. 

The Mitsubishi usually lasts for 2,00,000 miles. 
Isn’t it enough for such car adventures? 
In brief, Mitsubishi is more effective than other brands. 

List Of Mitsubishi Eclipse 2004-2014 Lasting Average Ratio

Mitsubishi Eclipse Year Mitsubishi Average Mileage Ratio
2004350,000 Miles
200590,000-1,25,000 Miles 
2006400,000 Miles
2007125,000 Miles
200820,000 Miles
200980,000 Miles
201060,000 Miles
201180,000 Miles
201235,000 Miles
201310,000 Miles
201420,000 Miles

The Main Competitors Of Mitsubishi 

The Mitsubishi Eclipse cross won the driver’s heart for the engine and the interior.

Mitsubishi continues to clear cut on the organized fuel-efficient, real vehicles. Physical and continuously variable involuntary imparting options are accessible for all models.

Let’s have a look at the main competitors of Mitsubishi.

Main competitors of Mitsubishi Eclipse
Honda CR-V
Suzuki vitara
Nissan qashqai
Mitsubishi ASX
Toyota Corolla 

Mitsubishi produced four generations from 1996 to till. They give us so much incredible creativity.

Head-To-Head Comparison Between Mitsubishi Vs Other Car Model

Mitsubishi is one of the most renowned cars for its high mileage 4g eclipse. The comparing details will help you to analyze the matter more broadly. 

So let us have a look…

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2019 vs Toyota Corolla 2019

Toyota Corolla 

This is what it’s all about, right? Well, sort of. Hybrids of this kind do not achieve fuel economy as good as. The fuel capacity is 7.7L /100 km, which hybrid should be 4.2L /100 km. In the urban road, the central city, it takes 91 Ron the way.

Mitsubishi Eclipse 2020 vs Honda HR- v

Honda HR-V

Fuel economy for the models within the range relies on which variant you select. For example, the VTI model has claimed 6.6L / 100 km(so, the fuel consumption km/L figure is 15.1).

The RS model claims 6.7 km /100 km(14.9 km/L). So you’ll be able to expect fuel mileage to vary slightly between models. But all versions have an econ mode if you wish to stay the consumption down.

Nissan Qashqai 2020 vs Mitsubishi Eclipse 2020

With its four-cylinder petrol engine and CVT auto, Nissan says that the Qashqai will use 6.9L/100 km over a mix of open and concrete roads. The car is pretty good and better than the ST with its manual gearbox, which officially does the simplest of seven.7L/100 km.


1. Are Mitsubishi Eclipse cross reliable cars? 

The Mitsubishi Eclipse reliability rating is 67.03. Comparatively the average overall rating is 57 than other car brands. – Source:

2. What is the top speed of a Mitsubishi Eclipse

Mitsubishi Eclipse is known for its best speed. The car gained a total weight of 3560lbs. And probably jump through the extreme speed of 0-100mph on average.

The car speed is vigorous and higher than any of the models. It has gained a minimum torque of 353 Nm. Let us have a look at its overall speed data in a chart.

0-100kph7.0 s
0-100mph 14.4 s
Est ⅛ mile10.4 s @ 83.3 mph
1/4 mile15.0 s @ 95.7 mph
Top speed 214 kph (133 mph)

3. Is Mitsubishi good or bad?

A common problem of Mitsubishi seems to be the clutch and automatic transmission permanently failing and issues with the clear coat peeling. That said, if you are set on this brand, the most reliable models seem to be the colt or lancer, Which you can only seem to get secondhand.

As for family, the safety features in the EC win hands down. So, I don’t see any further comparison required. Although, “Nothing is made with perfection.

Final Wrap 

However, how many miles does a Mitsubishi Eclipse last, relying on the model and your care. Moreover, the annual average rate cost for a Mitsubishi is $535. That is to mean the car has above average ownership costs.

Of course, it’s the best warrior if you’re looking for something with excellent gas mileage on the highway or the road. In addition, the car has third-gen forgettable, which is more reliable and easy to work with

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So what model of Eclipse do you want to buy?

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