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What would happen to your car if you don’t do regular maintenance?

The answer would depend on the make and model and how it’s driven. But it is essential to get your car serviced after regular intervals of time to improve your cars performance and keep it in good condition.

In most cases following the manual that comes with the car is the best practice for your car maintenance.

A full car service is an important part of maintaining your car properly. It does not only prevent serious problems from occurring but also helps you save money.

A full service can help you avoid unexpected costs and improve the value of your vehicle. This service is recommended every 12 months or 10000 thousand miles. It includes 15 to 30 automotive checks, including a check on your cooling system and throttle operation.  It also inspects the condition of your car’s gearbox and engine mounts, wheel bearings, and starter motor.

The price of full service will vary according to the make and model of your car. In general, full-service costs between $100- $180, and can be as much as $224 or $323. The cost of labor for a full service is about $100-$180, while parts cost anywhere from $128 to $200. This is an average price for a 100,000-mile service. In some cases, it can be less, but if the parts are deteriorating or need replacement, they can be charged separately.

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How Much Does A Full-Service Cost?

As we mentioned earlier, a full car service is important for any vehicle, and it is recommended by many manufacturers to have one every 12 months or 10,000 miles. The cost of a full car service varies based on the age and model of the car.

Many workshops may suggest checking every part. Nevertheless, it may be more pricey than other car services. 

The cost of a full car service for a medium car is around $205, while the cost will increase to $395 for a large car.

Additionally, the cost may differ depending on the country you live in. You need to pay $60 per hour in an independent garage. Besides, dealerships will take $100 per hour for a full service.

Let’s check the cost of full Service at a glance-

Car Model

Full-Service Cost





















Final Words 

Full service can vary widely depending on the make of your vehicle and the number of components it needs to be repaired. If you have an older vehicle, it may be better to get a full service once every year or so, as it can add years to its life span.

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