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An interim service is a basic car maintenance procedure that usually costs between $50 and $180. A mechanic will replace your car’s oil and filter, and will also inspect your car’s main parts. The service will also check brake pads, discs and tyres. Generally, the interim service will be less expensive than a full or major service.

Interim services are not a substitute for a full car service, and they do not include comprehensive checks.

However, interim services are important because they can help identify problems before they become major. For example, a typical interim service will include an oil change, oil filter replacement, and fluid top-ups but does not include the mass of checks that a full or major service will carry out. So while they’re less thorough, they’re still essential to keep your car in tip-top shape and safe.

An interim service will cover a variety of components and fluids that are crucial for optimal car performance. These include brake pads, fuel lines, timing belts, and batteries.  So it’s a worthwhile investment if you regularly travel long distances. If you’re unsure about the cost, consult your owner’s manual or call a car mechanic.

How Much Does An Interim Service Cost?

Car parts will deteriorate faster if you want to drive faster than the people who merely drive their cars. In that case, you need to do interim service of the oil filter, antifreeze, fluid levels, and power steering frequently. So, make a list of all the surveys, tests, and part replacements before starting the service. A precise checklist helps to lower the risk of part defects.

Go through the table to see how much does interim service costs-



Car ModelCost
Interim serviceAudi Q3 1.4ltr Petrol


Interim service

BMW 3 Series 2ltr Diesel£154
Interim serviceFiat Panda 1.2ltr Petrol


Interim service

Ford Fiesta 1ltr Petrol£129
Interim serviceHyundai I10 1.2ltr Petrol


Factors affecting the Interim Service Cost:

  • High-performance cars need more frequent oil replacements than conventional cars. The estimated price of an oil filter change is £62. However, the type of engine oil influences the cost of oil filters.
  • You may have to spend some extra maintenance because of the engine too. Cars with engines smaller than 2.0 liters typically have lower maintenance costs. It may necessitate more costly servicing if you install specialized parts.
  • Additionally, the sorts of filters will affect costs.

An interim service is a great way to prevent costly breakdowns and keep your car on the road. While it’s not a full service, interim services can be beneficial for drivers with high mileage or who are unable to pay for a full service. An interim service  covers 15 to 30 automotive components. These include brake pads and other wear parts, the engine, transmission, and the fuel lines.

While an interim service won’t be as thorough as a full service, it’s still a good idea to have your car serviced on a regular basis. This will increase the chances of passing an MOT, as it will assess the wear and tear on the car’s parts.

A good place to find an interim service is WhoCanFixMyCar, a free website that lets drivers compare quotes for servicing their cars. Then they can read reviews and choose the best one.

An interim service is similar to a full service, although a full service is more comprehensive. You should also be aware of the costs of servicing a new car. A new car has a different servicing schedule from a leased vehicle. Regardless of the amount of money you want to spend, you’ll be glad you did.