Recently updated on August 3rd, 2022

RCC cars can pull an immense weight, making them the perfect choice for towing heavy loads. Experts say the vehicle can pull up to six times more weight than their weight. They can pull lots of weight as they are usually made for this work. It mostly depends on how powerful the motor of the car is. The pulling weight is directly proportional to the strength of the engine. This makes them the ideal choice for moving large items or vehicles.

Whether you need to tow a boat or trailer or move a heavy piece of furniture, an RC car is more than capable of handling the job. You will not be disappointed if you need a reliable vehicle that can handle big tasks, consider investing in an RC car.

The weight of an RC car’s pulling capacity varies with different model brands and sizes of vehicles. To use them for towing heavier weights, you should customize the car with a more powerful battery and motor. So it’s impossible to give an exact number, but we will help determine the number an RC car can pull. You can use a mathematical calculation or a practical trial session to determine how much weight your RC car can haul.

How To Calculate The Weight Of An RC Can Pull

To know actually how much your RC car can pull weight, you can simply try to calculate it. To figure it out, you must see the battery’s voltage and the amp rating of the motor used in this car. These determine the power of the motor and the speed. Divide the vehicle’s power by the maximum speed the car can go, and you will get your answer.

Mathematically calculating the capacity

The mathematical calculation is a way to know the pulling capacity of an RC car. You can simply try to calculate it by knowing the car’s weight. Also, to figure the pulling weight out, you must see the battery’s voltage and the amp rating of the motor used in this car. These determine the power of the motor and the speed. Divide the vehicle’s power by the maximum speed the car can go, and you will get your answer.

Find out the ability of an RC pulling capacity to perform trial

If you do not like math or want to figure out another way to determine the maximum capacity of an RC car, here is another way too. When buying an RC, there is a weight-pulling capacity written on it. You should follow the recommended weight to pull something.

The other way is to try to trial the capacity weight yourself. Depending on the car size and weight, the capacity varies. For testing the highest ability, you should start with the recommended ability. If you want to load more weight, gradually increase a small number of weights over time. You can increase the weight and pull it until the motor overheats and loses its power.

While doing this experiment, you should remember that a car’s weight can vary depending on the terrain. The capacity weight written on the car body is for a semi-flat surface.

After adding weight, you should be more precise about the stable condition of the car. If it is overloaded and the motor gets heated, it can cause damage to the motor. To know better about the maximum weight a vehicle can handle, you should consult and get ideas from professionals.

Several facts can affect the weight of an RC car. You should consider these factors to know how much your RC car can draw. The capacity center of gravity is essential among the factors affecting weight pulling. A vehicle with a lower center of gravity can handle greater weight.

Others Factors that affect the pulling capacity of an RC car


In what type of terrain you are using your RC car for pulling weight is a fact about how much that will be able to draw. The idle landscape for an RC car pulls much more weight on a semi-smooth surface. On the other hand, wet terrain or grass, dirt, and pebbles on terrain can lower the capacity of the car.

The center of gravity 

The weight of the car is also a significant fact that influences the weight that the vehicle can tow. A lower center of gravity will allow an RC to handle greater weight. It balances the weight on all the tires and gives better traction with the terrain.

The motor Power

Also, the pulling weight depends on the power of the motor you have installed in your RC – the greater the motor power, the better the car’s capacity.

The gear 

It’s essential to run a car on a lower gear to pull heavier weight. On lower gear, it will increase the lower end torque; the vehicle will not go very fast but will be able to pull a higher weight.

Tire traction 

How much traction the car tire and terrain will have depends on the vehicle’s tire type. Increasing the tire size can increase the traction of the tire. Adding more weight can increase the grip of the tire. The traction also depends on the materials the tires are made of. Tires made of soft rubber material have a more fantastic grip.


Installing a lower power than the motor power will decrease the capacity of pulling an RC car. So the power of the battery should match the motor capacity. To know which battery will suit the motor, you should ask the seller. 

For increasing the capacity, upgrading the tire, battery and motor will work well.