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Getting your car serviced after regular intervals is essential. Regular yearly servicing will keep your car in good condition.

It depends on several factors how often you should service your car –

  • The age of your car
  • The type of your car,
  • How you drive,
  • Most important is in what environment you drive in.

Your car’s handbook/manual has all the details about the service schedule. Following the manual that comes with the car is the best practice in most cases. It will advise for service intervals.

If you don’t have or lost the owner’s manual, a dealership can help you with suggested process schedules. You could look it up on the internet for your make and model.

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How Often Should You Service Your Car

Regular car servicing can help you to protect your investment.  If you treat your car with love, care, you can maintain it in a good condition for a long time. You will have fewer issues and have a trouble-free car for many years to come.

We should take our car to the service center at least once a year for a routine checkup. It is essential to get your car serviced every six months, even if you don’t drive 10,000km.

If you are an occasional driver and don’t drive too many miles, you need to change at least the engine oil and filters every 6 months, or 5,000–6,000 miles.

Regular servicing helps to prolong the life of your car engine. If the engine oil is not changed for a long time, it becomes thinner and loses its lubrication capability. It can reduce your car engine life.

Most people have opinions about your car servicing. Your mechanic will try to tell you to change your oil every 3000 miles when your manual likely says 5000 to 10000 miles.

Most manufacturers recommend having a car serviced every 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Car manufacturers make the service schedule based on the recommendations of the engineers who designed the car and on their testing and analysis. You should read your owner’s manual, follow the maintenance schedule, and do the suggested maintenance according to the manual.

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Importance of Car Services

  • Strengthens your investment

Experts conduct a thorough inspection to check structural problems that occur during driving. They will inspect brakes, filters, and tires and ensure safety.

Regular car servicing helps to identify your car problems before they turn into significant issues. It is also beneficial if you decide to sell the car in the future.

  • Enhance Car Value

If you want to sell your car, traders will inspect how frequently you care for it. You’ll obtain more money instead of junk components. A well-kept car will help you to make a big profit.

Several insurances need a set of car services to maintain the car’s authenticity that you can demonstrate with your service history. 

  • Reduces your operational expenses

Car service reduces expenses by avoiding car issues. Fuel shortage or driving without coolant may exceed the cost you need to spend on your car.

  • Engine Performance

It will extend the performance of the car engine and lower engine degradation. So, you can operate it for long trips without hesitation.

  • Saves Environment from Pollution

Your car may emit harmful pollutants into the air due to blocked exhaust pipes. Irregular serviced cars also expel toxic fumes that damage the environment and sometimes lead to acid rain. 

You can lower car co2 emissions by getting your automobile serviced. And it will stop global warming. 

  • Fuel Efficiency

Your car will consume more fuel when you drive it over time. Besides, car service can raise its fuel mileage.

Consequently, get your car serviced regularly. Thus, it expands the life of the engine as well.

  • Increase Car Performance

Car is composed of a variety of components. One component leaves an impact on the overall performance of the car. Furthermore, Each component must be in perfect working order to operate it effectively. 

  • Lessens Corrosion

Well-serviced cars experience less resistance while operating, resulting in low corrosion.

  • Protect from dysfunctional parts

You can stay away from useless expenses if you regularly service your car. However, Experts can detect faults early and repair them, protecting you from emergencies.

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Car Service Checklist

1. Immediate Car Service

  • Tire pressure

Low air pressure may lead to awkward driving situations. Therefore, pump your tires immediately.

  • Assess Engine light

When you notice yellow light on the control system, immediately go to service your car. 

  • Check lights

Change your car headlight if you get blown fuses.

2. Monthly Car Service

  • Engine Oil

Service your car Engines every three months if it utilizes motor oil. Besides, you can go up to 10,000 miles without servicing if your car takes synthetic oil.

  • Cables

Inspect your car cables to detect rust and fluid breaches.

  • Wax your Car

To better shield, your car’s paint against corrosion, add a wax layer two times each year.

  • Battery

Evaluate the battery‘s efficiency two times per year.

3. Yearly Car Service

  • Air Filters

Cabin air filters should be serviced once a year to keep the car healthy.

  • Antifreeze

You should update it per year or after 60,000 miles.

  • Brakes

Repair the brakes to make that vital parts fit perfectly.

Bottom line

The necessary car service is the ultimate need for your car. The lack of service can harm your car permanently. For this, you have to take it to the service. Our article will help you figure out which car service will be best!

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