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Keyless car theft simply takes only 20-30 seconds. So you are not safe from car theft when you own a car. We shouldn’t make it easy for car thieves. 

How does the keyless system work? It’s really pretty simple, after receiving a transmitting signal from a keyless entry system, your car recognizes the signal to unlock it by opening the door. If it doesn’t recognize the signal the car won’t open.

When your car has a block from the car key, no one can open it without you. You can minimize the incident of car theft by following a few tricks and tips. 

Here is the process to know how to block car key signals. You will need to follow the procedure accordingly. Hopefully, your vehicle will be safe from now.

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How Do Keyless Car Thefts Work?

Car thieves are increasingly stealing mobile applications to control access to cars. Many manufacturers include usage smartphone apps to open or close their cars wirelessly.

In a keyless car theft system, key fobs, wireless remotes, or smartphone apps broadcast a short-range frequency to unlock the car doors. While you may believe that this wireless system would be difficult to break, auto thieves steal keyless cars in a variety of strategies:

  • Signal jamming

When you drive up in a parking lot, a car thief will have a signal-jamming gadget in their pocket and go to close your car. The jammer will stop you from securing your vehicle, allowing the thief immediate access whenever you exit.

  • Signal relaying

A car thief utilizes a wireless transmitter and picks it up at your house using the signal relaying method. It takes the signal from the car key in your house and sends it to a transmitter near your car. Once inside, the thieves will set up a monitoring system.

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How To Block Car Key Signals: Step by Step Guidelines

You can secure your car by employing the strategies below-

  • Switch off the wireless signal.
  • Keep your keys in a secure location to eliminate relay theft.
  • Put your keys in aluminum tin foil when you’re at home to keep the car key signal safe. It will reduce rather than effectively stop the signal.
  • Also, you can place your key fob in a wallet or pouch. It will inhibit the signal given out by your key fob, making it impossible for criminals to seize it.  
  • Inspect to see if your car doors are still open when the fob is within the pouch. Thieves want easy prey.

Where can I get a Car Key Signal Blocker? 

You can have car key signal-blocking pouches, bags, and boxes at a cheap rate. The rates begin at less than $5 to $100 due to the quality. Verify the specifications before buying the key signal blocker.

For example- if you want an affordable as a well-reviewed blocker, go with a Halford’s bag, whereas the Faraday box is a decent option for home. 

Faraday can deter signal transmission theft when you’re out of the home. 


Blocking your car key signal can be a better way to save your car. It is not a difficult job; when you know how to do it properly. After this, you can leave the automobile anywhere. We will not fear anymore of losing your vehicle. Once you know the procedure, you can also suggest others do the same.

Car key signal blocking can save you from unfortunate theft occurrences. 

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