According to the load and road conditions, a clutch is a device that connects and disconnects engine power from the driving wheels. It is situated between the gearbox and the engine. The numerous clutch types used in automobiles depend on the kind and purpose of the vehicle.

The Clutch smoothly transfers engine power to the wheels while the car is running. It enables the car to stop without the engine being turned off. It makes it possible to shift gears while the vehicle is moving. Choosing a suitable clutch kit is about getting the correct specs as choosing a compatible product. 

How To Buy A Clutch Kit

  • Narrow your choice
  • Shop around
  • Choose the long-lasting material
  • Pick the Number of the Clutch disc
  • Pick a proper clutch size
  • Match Horsepower
  • Look for OE specification
  • Look for other components

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Narrow your choice

To get a proper fit and compatible clutch, knowing some information about your car is essential. The information included the make, model, engine, and year of your vehicle. Clutches are made specifically for a specific vehicle. So it will help you narrow your choice and get which is compatible with your vehicle. And also help you avoid buying the wrong parts.  

Shop around 

You should shop for a reputable and affordable auto parts dealer to choose quality auto parts. The dealer will help you to get the knowledge you need to select your best interests. You can also go shopping in your local auto parts store. That may help you get some discount offer buy you may not get what you are looking for. 

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Choose the long-lasting material

Must confirm highly qualified and long-lasting clutch material that is also resistant to high temperature. Usually, clutches are cast iron as they are strong and highly heat resistant. But the cast ion material is costly in price. You can go with grey cast iron or high carbon steel without compromising the quality at an affordable price.

Pick the Number of the Clutch disc

Not only the material but the Number of the disc also affects the effectiveness and capacity of the clutch. One disc, two discs, or more are available in the clutch. The single-disc clutches have a lower holding capacity than a twin-disc clutch kit, and the single-disc has a smaller space than the twin disc. Twin disc clutch kits are associated with a heavier clutch pedal feel. These kits are noisier compared to a single disc.

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Pick a proper clutch size

After deciding between single and dual discs, it’s time to choose the clutch size, diameter, and mass. Knowing the size and weight of the present clutch will help you select the fitment of a clutch easily to replace. The larger the diameter of a clutch, the better it will hold power. Large-diameter discs have a larger surface that can dissipate heat better. Also, the increased mass allows less slippage to take off from a stop. 

Match Horsepower

Choosing a clutch also depends on the HP of the engine. The clutches you choose need to have the same hp and torques as your vehicle engine has. Otherwise, it can cause any unwanted situation.

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Look for OE specification

For a quality, long-lasting clutch, you should choose the OE-specific clutch rather than an aftermarket clutch. The clutches with OE parts make a good fitting with your engine and ensure maximum performance. Also, the OE parts were tested million times before putting out. So, you don’t have to think about the clutch’s lifespan. 

Look for other components 

You should make sure if the clutch kit includes all the components available or not. Consult with the auto parts expert to know which element is usually contained in a kit. 

Usually clutch kit includes a release bearing. These are small but essential components of a clutch. The second component that gear has is a pressure plate. This part of the clutch makes an outer cover and friction surface. This part is constantly spinning at engine speed. The other part is a Clutch disc. It comes in a wide range of materials, sizes, and weights. And finally, the alignment tool is needed for the installation process.

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