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A performance exhaust system can significantly increase the power and performance of your car engine. Unknown brands of exhausts mostly kill the engine. Changing the exhaust increases the fuel economy, so try to install reputed brand exhaust systems so as not to hurt your car’s performance.

Your problematic exhaust system contains micro-particulates, toxic organics, and nitrous oxides that damage your health. So you should upgrade your exhaust system as soon as possible. As described below, a few factors should be considered to buy a suitable exhaust for your vehicle.

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Things To Consider Before Buying An Exhaust System

  • Exhaust Manifold
  • Diameter of Pipe
  • Exhaust Configuration
  • Crossover Pipe
  • Quality Material
  • Sound
  • Proper fitment

Exhaust Manifold 

There are two types of manifolds available: crush bending and mandrel bending. Most of the stock exhaust pipe has crush bending. This type of piping is quick, but they produce robbing restrictions on the tube. In comparison, most aftermarket exhaust systems have mandrel banding. 

Mandrel bent piping is used to reduce exhaust restriction. This type of tubing helps to pass the gas freely from the engine. It reduces the power-robbing backpressure for increasing exhaust flow velocity and breathes better. Also, promote exhaust scavenging and ultimately free up more horsepower.

Diameter of Pipe 

The second thing you should consider when buying an aftermarket exhaust system is the diameter of the pipe. The diameter range available in the market varies depending on the application. Aftermarket exhaust comes with more extensive diameter options. The larger the diameters of the pipe, the better the air volume passes. Not only the large diameter but the proper diameter is essential to choose. You have to consider the engine size, rpm, and application.

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Exhaust Configuration

After buying an exhaust, the next thing to consider after the pipe diameter is its configuration. Several options for an aftermarket exhaust system are single, single to dual, true dual, and dual rear exit. It is also connected to the diameter of the pipe. If you choose a single tube, it should be larger in diameter, whereas, for dual-pipe exhaust, it will perform optimally with a smaller diameter pipe. 

Single exhaust systems consist of one head pipe, converter, muffler, and exhaust tips. These exhaust systems have larger diameter pipes, low restriction mandrel-bent tubing, and lower weight and price. The factory’s single exhaust pipe splits into two tubes after the manifolds in a single to a dual system. Dual exits are also single to the dual system, where the tube separates in the rear with two rear exits. 

On the other hand, True dual exhaust configurations consist of two catalytic converters and two mufflers with separate exhaust tips for each from the headers.

Crossover Pipe 

Crossover pipes function to balance the exhaust flow on a dual exhaust system. It reduces back pressure and improves performance. Also, have influenced the exhaust note. There are two types of cross pipe, H-pipes and X-pipes. The X-pipes tend to create a more high-sporty sound, while H-pipes offer deeper sound notes. You can choose either of them. 

Quality Material

Exhaust systems are made of aluminized steel or stainless steel materials. The Aluminized steel-made pipes are more cost-effective and low weight, but they get rusted and corroded earlier. On the other hand, Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and lasts a lifetime. Because of that, it is the preferable material in any weather condition. 


A muffler has baffles, chambers, perforated tubes, and sound-reducing material. Manufacturer configures them in different ways to produce different exhaust sounds. You can choose any of these according to your choice. 

Proper fitment 

Fitment of the after exhaust to your stock one is also essential. If you can choose the product that has a proper fitment for your vehicle, that would make installation easier and happen within a short time. But if the exhaust pipes do not fit properly, they may need to be cut off to the feet, and the process will be more time-consuming and laborious. 

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