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Exhaust tips allow you to give your vehicle a more glamorous look and keep your engine and exhaust cool by letting the hot air go out. You should also be careful while buying exhaust tips. In this post, we will guide you about the things you should consider before buying exhaust tips for your vehicle.

Secret tips on buying exhaust tips


The first thing to consider when buying an aftermarket exhaust tip is Fitting. Exhaust tips are built depending on your vehicle model year. It is essential to know the vehicle model to find a compatible one. The inlet diameter of the pipe should match the tailpipe diameter. So while ordering, remember the vehicle model year and inlet size. 


Among several factors, exhaust tips building material is one of the essential facts. This is the key to knowing whether the tip will last for long or how it will look. Usually, exhaust tips are made of chromed steel and aerospace-grade stainless steel. If you want quality exhaust tips, you should go for either.

Most people choose chrome-plated steel material-made exhaust tips. The reason behind selecting chrome-plated steel is its cost. Chrome-plated steel lasts longer as it can stand in-stream conditions and high temperatures and comes at an affordable price. With rust resistant chrome finish also gives it an elegant shiny look. On the other hand, T-304 stainless steel is the most sturdy material. Its corrosion, rust, and high-temperature resistance give the tips a longer life than any other material. Quality comes at a higher price, so stainless steel is slightly more expensive than chrome-plated steel. 

Length and Outlet diameter 

The inlet diameter, outlet diameter, and length are also essential. Nowadays, people go for larger outer diameter exhaust tips. But when choosing tips with a larger outlet diameter, remember that they should not be too large to damage the body panels. Moreover, the tip length should stay under the vehicle but not too short.

Way of installation 

You can install the exhaust tips with the tailpipe in two ways. The tip types are clamp-on and weld-on, depending on the installation process.  

If you have little DIY knowledge, you can choose clamp-on tips. For this, you need clamps and a wrench. Simply place the exhaust end on the tailpipe and tighten the nut. In this, welding is unnecessary; you can easily remove the tips when they need a replacement.  

On the other hand, weld-on Tips must be welded with the tailpipe. This tip needs a professional installation. But this tip is well-secured from thieves and won’t get loose anyway.

Tips style 

There are single-headed and dual-headed exhaust tips available you can choose either of them. Dual tips give your vehicle a sporty look.

On the other hand, different shapes are available for the tips, round and square; you can choose either. Oval and round shape exhaust head shapes are standard. But the square-shaped exhaust tips add a distinctive geometric look to your vehicle.


When choosing exhaust tips, the budget also matters before going shopping. Research different brand products and compare their price to make your budget. This will help you to buy the best one for your budget. 

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