How To Change Oil Filter Without Changing Oil?

An oil filter keeps the oil in your car clean. Over time, the oil filter will get clogged with dirt and debris. The oil can’t flow through the filter and clean the engine when this happens. This can cause the engine to run less efficiently and eventually lead to engine damage.

You should change your oil filter every time you change your oil. This will ensure your engine gets the clean oil it needs to run properly.

Necessary equipment for changing oil filter 

  • Gloves 
  • An oil filter wrench/A socket wrench
  • Oil pan or bucket
  •  Rag

Process of Replacing the Oil Filter Without Draining The Oil

  • Step 1: Buy a new filter 
  • Step 2: Pick the correct wrench
  • Step 3: Locate the filter 
  • Step 4: Place oil draining pan
  • Step 5: Lose the filter
  • Step 6: Remove the filter 
  • Step 7: Clean the filter mounting surface
  • Step 8: Make your new filter ready
  • Step 9: Place the filter

If you know a few simple steps, you can change the oil filter of your car yourself without draining the oil from the pan. The steps are described below.

Buy a new filter 

If you intend to replace your car’s oil filter, you will need a new filter. You can go for the factory filters or the Purolator oil filter. The factory filters are hard to find and also pricey. But the Purolator oil filters are cost-effective and available in the market.

Pick the correct wrench

Oil filters are almost impossible to unscrew by hand as they are coated with grease and oil. So, when replacing the oil filter yourself, it’s essential to choose the correct oil filter wrench. Pick the one that matches the design of the oil filter you have. You can also go for a chain wrench sleeve-type wrench or strap wrench for this job. 

You will need a socket wrench if your car has a paper filter in plastic or metal cartridge-style housing. 

Locate the filter 

Cars from different manufacturers place the oil filter in other places. You have to check under the hood for the oil filter placement.  

Place oil draining pan

Once you get the filter location, you must place the oil draining pan beneath the car where the oil filter is set. You need not drain the oil, but there will be little oil dripping from the filter during the procedure.  

Lose the filter

Take the oil filter wrench you have chosen previously. Now place it on the filter cap and gently move it anti-clockwise to loosen the filter. Do not take it out because you will see oil dripping when you lose the filter. Before removing the filter, allow the oil to drain out.

Remove the filter 

After you see there is no oil dripping from the filter, now it’s time to remove the filter. For that, put on gloves on your hand and from its place. 

Clean the filter mounting surface

Here you will need a rag to clean the filter mounting surface. Remove the old oil and dust from there. Also, check if the old filter gasket is still there or not. If it’s on the mounting surface, then remove it. 

Make your new filter ready

Then take the new filter you have bought for your car. Take a small amount of new oil and coat the filter with it. This will help the filter place without any trouble. Also, lubricate the o ring or gasket. Fill the new filter with ½ quart of oil. It will keep the oil running when you start the engine.

Place the filter

And finally, it’s time to replace the filter in its place. Place the filter and screw it with your hand clockwise. If needed, you can use the oil filter wrench too. Remember not to over-tighten the filter. It can harm the filter’s rubber gasket and cause oil to leak. 

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