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Are your windshield wipers not clearing water like they used to? You might need to give your car a new set of windshields. Among the most consumables on your car, your windshield wipers are one of them. If you are out in the rain with very bad wipers, it will drastically increase the risk of an accident on the road. Therefore, we are with the most accurate instructions and tips to replace the wipers safely.

Knowing how to change windshield wipers will not only save your money but time as well. Since changing windshield wipers at home can seem daunting, in reality, it is very easy. We tried to give you a step-by-step guide so you can easily change the wipers at home with minimal tools.

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Steps for changing your cars windshield Wipers

Step 1: Choosing the right blades
Step 2: Materials required for changing the windshield
Step 3: Slide out the old wiper blade
Step 4: Slide in the windshield wiper blade replacement

Choosing the right blades

Finding the right pair of wiper blades is not easy. There are hundreds of different wiper blades available in the market. Primarily, it is important to ensure you have the right blades for the make and model of your car. When buying a pair of windshields, it is important to see which variant works the best for your vehicle.

If you drive a reputable or common manufacturer’s car, then you will probably find the windshield easily at your nearest auto or departmental store. If you go for a less common brand, you must find the right pair of wipers online.

Materials required for changing the windshield

For DIY replacement of windshield wipers, you need to have the necessary tools lined up before starting the project. In this way, you will save both time and frustration.

You can avoid last-minute shopping trips by having this equipment near hand. It will take only an hour or less if you have all the proper tools around you. This is a beginner-level job and will only take less than 20 dollars to complete this job.

Slide out the old wiper blade

To slide out the old wiper blade, pull the wiper arm back from the car’s windshield. Then, fold a bath towel and put it on the wiper shield. Sometimes the arm gets away and snaps back against the glass. Once you have pulled the arm back, pivot the blade, so the bottom of the blade flips up towards the top.

Next, locate the shiny small retaining clips near the refill’s end. Pinch on the retaining clips with the help of the needle nose pliers and then start to slide out the refill. Once the clips slide under the blade clamp set with the pliers, take out the old refill with one hand while holding the blade with your other hand.

Slide in the windshield wiper blade replacement

The next step is very easy. In this step, you need to carefully slide the new blades in the place of the old ones. Here, you will slide the new one in the place of the same end you pulled the old one from. Ensure the new wiper blade replacement is held between the clamps to avoid scratching the windshield.

Wait until the new windshield wiper clicks into the same position in the last clamp. Now, very carefully pivot the arm back to the original position. Do not release it suddenly. This can snap back and break your windshield even.

You are done with changing the windshield.

However, there are a few things that you need to know after changing the windshield.

Tips to change windshield wipers

Now, you know changing windshield wipers at home. Following this guide, you can change the windshield wipers easily. These tips will help you to do it better.

  • Handle the new windshield blades with care. Trust me, no matter what is written on the box, your new windshield can bend and become unusable if not handled with care.
  • Ensure your windshield wipers do not snap back when replacing them. It can cause a major crack in the car.
  • Windshield blades are an essential part of the car. It is better to make sure the wipers are in good health. It can impair the vision of the driver during calamities.
  • Before the cold winter months hit, make sure you have a good pair of blades. Investing in a good pair of windshields ensures the structural integrity and safety of both passengers and drivers.

Benefits of replacing the windshield blades

Are you wondering why it is important to change your car’s windshield? Here are the benefits of changing the windshield blades.

Low Cost

The small cracks and scratches on the auto glass are repairable. But when you have faulty wiper glass, it can affect the integrity of the glass over time. Sometimes when you do not change the windshield at the right time, it can even result in a costly repair. So, you should not wait for that long when you know how to change windshield wipers at home.


Wipers are the biggest element of your car safety. Like we said before, faulty wipers cannot clean water or snow from the sight of the driver. Hence, it becomes a huge issue. This is why it is recommended to use good-quality wiper blades.

Protecting the vehicle

Wiper blades that have been neglected for years can damage the vehicle. With time, the blades with crack and split will scrape the car’s windshield. Again, during the cold weather, the damage will become more severe and it can lead to a shattered windshield.

As of now, you pretty much got the idea of why it is essential to know how to change windshield wipers at home. Any vehicle owner never wants faulty wiper blades. Do not be late in changing the windshield wipers because it can result in more severe issues. Take care of your car, and the car will take care of you.

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