How to Clean Car CarpetHow to Clean Car Carpet

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Several parts of a car should be cleaned on time; Carpets are one of them. But we rarely notice it. Car carpets have to deal with hundreds of footsteps daily. In most cases, carpets are in that place where your shoes step on. But the car carpet gets less importance in terms of cleaning. As a result, the dirt on your shoes gets on the carpet easily. You have no idea when the harmful bacteria in your shoes get on the carpet. So it is essential to clean the carpet regularly.

Most car owners do not know how to clean the car carpet. They take their car into a professional car washer and spend unnecessary money.  Here are a few steps to help your car carpet be professionally cleaned.

4 Simple Steps on how to clean car carpets 

  • Step 1 – Vacuum the Carpet
  • Step 2 – Get Rid of the Stains
  • Step 3 – Clear Up the Rest of the Surface Areas
  • Step 4 – Vacuum again simply

Let us discuss in detail what will you need –



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Step 1: Vacuum the Carpet

Take the floor mats, rubbish, or dirt from the car. Clean the carpet by vacuuming it.

Step 2: Get Rid of the Stains

Let’s remove all the stains from car carpets together.

Erase any visible stains with the carpet cleaner.  Afterward, brush the stain in circular motions with a soft bristle brush or cloth rag. If the carpet cleaner’s directions specify it, dry it down with a moist towel.

  • Remove Mud and Dirt

You can clear all the mud and dirt from the car carpets without using any product. First, pour a gallon bucket of hot water. Mix one cup of white vinegar and dish soap in that bucket. Vinegar has the power to dissolve grime and oil. Mix thoroughly. Next, soak the stain with a cloth or sponge dipped in that solution. Scrub with a firm brush in circular strokes. Finally, use a clean cloth or paper towels to blot the area dry.

  • Ink Removal

Nobody wants to see ink stains on their car carpet. But if you have kids, this may be a frequent thing. Begin by treating the stain with hairspray and sprinkling a table salt straight on it. Wipe the area with a towel; pat it with a wet towel gently.

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  • Removing Blood Stains

If you’ve been in an accident and a little blood has dripped on the car carpet, you can clean it up using laundry starch. Add an equal amount of starch and cold water to make a paste. Place the paste to the mark and wait 30 minutes to dry. Rinsing the area with a moist towel and mopping up the residue is the final step.

  • Removing Pet Odors

Borax is often used in the home for erasing stains. Furthermore, spread a layer of borax over the entire carpet to neutralize pet odors. Allow it for up to an hour to dissolve. After that, vacuum that area to remove the powder. Yet, you can wipe away the excess powder with a wet cloth.

If you don’t have borax, baking soda will suffice for your problem. Also, it is beneficial for soaking and eliminating odors.

  • Get Rid of Beverage Spills

Coffee and soda stains can be cleaned with cold water. Soak the mark in cold water for a while. After that, dry that spot with paper towels or a cloth. Give sufficient time for the area to dry.

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  • Removing Tough Stains

Hydrogen peroxide is a gentle cleanser that breaks down color molecules in stains. Combine hydrogen peroxide and water until a smooth paste. Finally, spread it over the spot and wait for five minutes. Moreover, scrape the paste into the spot with a rag or an old cloth.

  • Removing Vomit

We suggest using a club soda to remove vomit stains. Apply it to the stain and scrub with a moist towel in circular motions. The soda’s froth will assist lift this stain. When you have finished, dry the area with a towel or cloth.

Additionally, you can form a paste with water and baking soda if you’re concerned about the stink. Allow it to sit for up to 10 minutes after applying it to the affected region. Rinse it with a moist towel after lightly scrubbing it with a cloth or brush.

Step 3: Clear Up the Rest of the Surface Areas

Use the carpet cleaner on the remaining carpet, assuring you to cover it uniformly. Clean this carpet with a soft bristle brush or a cotton rag until all traces of the cleaner are gone. Next, wipe it down with a moist towel.

Step 4: Vacuum again

Vacuum the carpet repeatedly to remove any dirt from the surface. Replace the floor mats if necessary.

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How to Clean Car Carpet without a machine

If you want to clean your car carpet without a machine, let’s look at the guideline.



  • Remove the Car Carpets

This step starts by removing the car carpets. When stripping a car carpet, wrap it to avoid dust from dropping inside. Then, take it out cautiously. Besides, you need to rinse the non-removable carpet.

  • Dust the Carpet

Vacuum your car carpets after cleaning them. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, brush the debris from the car carpets with a broom and dustpan.

Expert Tips to Clean Car Carpet

You may do the task by taking the following techniques-

  • Scrubbing with circular motions is the most appropriate method. It will aid in the penetration of the cleaning chemical into the fibers.
  • If you’re utilizing chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, be sure to wear protective clothing. It can agitate and damage sensitive skin. As a result, put on gloves and work in a well-ventilated vehicle.

Final Wrap

Killing bacteria can save you from illness and odors. So regular cleaning of your car carpets can save you money by preventing various diseases.

Hopefully, we have made things easier for you. The process of cleaning your car’s carpet is now simplified. From now, you can clean the carpets easily by applying all DIY methods at home!

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