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Driving in the dark can be a problem if your car’s headlights are dirty. After a certain amount of time, pollutants in the air may make the headlights hazy and get an intense white or yellowish mist around. It happens when the headlamp covers interact with the oxygen. And it makes the headlights fogy. This is why car headlights are one of the most important parts of your car.

Cleaning your car’s headlights is a pretty easy job. We will discuss some super cleaning processes that will help you clean the car headlight like a pro. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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7 Super Tips For Cleaning Your Car Headlights

  • Step 1 – Clean the Surface
  • Step 2 – Block the Headlights
  • Step 3 – Apply Cleanser
  • Step 4 – Buff away Excess Cleanser
  • Step 5 – Sand Away
  • Step 6 – Apply UV Sealant
  • Step 7 – Polish and Wax

Let us discuss in detail what will you need –

Equipment’s –

  • Old rags
  • A soft-bristled brush
  • Soft towels or cloth
  • Latex gloves
  • Painter’s tape

Materials –

  • Baking soda or toothpaste
  • Cleansing kit
  • Water Mild cleanser

Step 1: Clean the Surface

Clean dirt, and dead bugs away from the headlight lenses thoroughly with a mild cleanser in the first stage. Later, swab the surface with a dry cloth, rag, or towel until it becomes dry.

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Step 2: Block the Headlights

If you are going to polish the lenses, do not scrape the adjacent paintwork. Meanwhile, enclose the headlight with tape. This step will secure the body of your car.

Step 3: Apply Cleanser

Add a cleanser to your headlight lenses. Baking soda gives outstanding results on these lenses. Before implementing, assemble a viscous paste of baking soda and water. Leave it for some time after applying your cleanser.

Step 4: Buff away Excess Cleanser

Gently brush the headlamp in circular motions. Be careful to use abrasive sandpaper as it may scratch the plastic.

Additionally, wipe out any remaining cleanser from your lens using a towel until dry.

After cleaning your cloudy headlights, you should notice an immediate improvement in your headlights.

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Step 5: Sand Away

Begin grinding with abrasive sandpaper. Soak it and place straight, horizontal strokes to sand the lens. Remember that you need to do this work, in the same way, the entire cleaning time.

If you skip the dampening process, your lens may get scratched due to grit particle development.

Step 6: Apply UV Sealant

This stage entails dampening a paper towel and sweeping broad strokes with the UV sealant. After applying, leave your car in a dry area to settle.

Step 7: Polish and Wax

Scrub your headlights before putting on some shining chemicals. Next, apply the polish in circular motions for a few minutes. Afterward, you can put wax on it. It will preserve the lens for a long time.

Expert Tips to Clean your Headlights

• After sanding headlights, finish your job by sanding in horizontal lines. Then rinse it with clean water.
• Wipe the headlamp spotlessly and dry before applying a protective wax.

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