How to Clean Car SeatsHow to Clean Car Seats

Last updated on October 16th, 2023 at 03:56 am

Every car owner should clean their car seats at least once a month. Due to dust and dirt accumulating here over the years, your car may cause harmful bacteria. So to stop causing bacteria to grow and prevent stains on car seats, you must keep them clean regularly.

The cleaning process varies as car seats are made of cloth or leather. As a whole, there are a few steps a car owner needs to follow for cleaning the vehicle. You need some necessary tools if you are looking for the simple and easiest DIY methods of washing your car seats. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know much about the car like professionals. You can clean your car seats like a pro by following our instructions.

Super Cleaning Tips On How To Clean Car Seats 

  • Steps 1: Vacuum first
  • Steps 2: Removing the stains
  • Steps 3: Do not clean frequently
  • Steps 4: The seats should not be wet
  • Steps 5: Use a seat protector must

Let us discuss in detail what will you need –



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Steps 1: Vacuum first

Before starting any process, you have to vacuum all the dust from the car seat. It will make your further work easy. The vacuum will also gather the debris, hair, or other elements. The vacuum can also go to the spots where your hand can not reach. So, in this regard, a vacuum is the essential step to cleaning your car seats.

Steps 2: Removing the stains

We usually think that the strains in the car seats are permanent. They will not go off. But this is not true. After the vacuum, they are visible. You will need to use some stain remover or other practical solution to remove it.

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Steps 3: Do not clean frequently

Some might think that more cleaning will give the car seats more shine. It is a wrong concept. You are using a vacuum and different chemicals for cleaning. The heat the vacuum delivers can lose the cloth texture of cloth seats. Also, the cleanser (both readymade and homemade) can destroy the seats’ temper. So, do not wash the car more than once a month. You can clean the exterior daily but do not clean the interior in a continuous timeline.

Steps 4: The seats should not be wet

There is a tendency when people to leave the seats wet after cleaning them. It can damage the car seats badly. The longer the car seats stay wet, the longer they stay damp. As a result, the car seats start to damage.

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Steps 5: Use a seat protector must

Whatever seat types you have in your car, if you do not use seat protectors, there is a high chance of damaging your car seats. Car seats are washable. However you sit on them after being drained in the rain or sweated in the sun, the seat protector can save your car seats.

Tips For leather seats

First, spray the bleach solution or the homemade mixture on the seats. Before that, dust off the car seats with a cloth.

After spraying, use a microfiber cloth to dry off the seats. You will have to clean the narrow spaces of the car seats. If the dirt stain is older, you can leave the solution for more than thirty minutes.

For a vinegar mixture, you will need to use hot water. Then take the vinegar mixture into a bucket and use a sponge to soak the solution and rub the seats. You will need to do it again until you properly clean the car seats.

Any toothpaste with non-gel formula works great in cleaning a leather seat. Also, you can use nail polish remover. It might seem weird, but it does work! Thus, cleaning car seats is fun while you have many options for ingredients from your home.

Tips For Cloth Seats

You will need to use a vacuum to clean the cloth car seats. Generally, the vacuum machines with a hose make the process correct. And you can easily clean the car seats. A single stroke can take out lots of dirt.

Usually, the upholstery cleaner is used for cloth seat cleaning. It is the most effective way of cleaning.

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