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4wd short for four-wheel-drive is a system used in trucks that helps distribute the power generated by the engine evenly to all four wheels. If you are a gear head like me you would surely know!

Just like every other indication your four-wheeler provides, it also shows when your vehicle needs to be checked or fixed upon the suggestion service 4wd light’.

The process can be the same for almost all cars upon receiving the message such as the service 4 wheel drive light on 2008 Silverado or any gm service 4wd message.

So, Without Further Ado, let’s dive into the topic, “How To Clear Service 4wd Light.?”

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How To Clear Service 4wd Light – Step by step guide

Step 1: Inspect your service forward light

Initially, you have to check whether the 4wd light on the dashboard is visible or not. Now how to read service 4wd code? Just look at your dashboard, it will show you a light that blinks to say ‘Service 4wd’.

Step 2: Remove the dash bezel and knee bolster

Upon seeing this light, you have to take off your dash bezel and knee bolster for closer inspection. You can do this easily as the bezel will just snap out, and for the bolster, you have to undo two screws at the bottom for it to snap out at the top. 

Step 3: Pull-on switch assembly

Afterward, pull strongly onto the assembly of switches. Make sure you are pulling on all sides evenly so that it does not break.

Step 4: Unplugging transfer case control module

Then behind this assembly of switches, you will find the small transfer case control module. Next, you have to unplug the two wires that go into this small grey box.

Step 5: Undo the negative cable on the battery

Finally, start up your vehicle and check whether the service 4wd light is still there. If it is, undo the negative cable on your battery and take a nap or have something to eat while it rests for an hour or so and that should do the trick.

Sounds pretty simple right? 

Continue reading in order to get answers to some frequently asked questions you might have.

How much does it cost to service 4 wheel drive? 

This mainly depends on your vehicle. The model and type of your four-wheeler will determine the cost of the process. Alongside the process, a certain amount of cost will be for the labor provided to carry out the repairing. 

The red light on the 4wd switch

This signifies your car is in a neutral position meaning that your car is on good plain ground and is ready to drive on all four wheels. 


To answer the question as to how to clear service 4wd light? You must follow the given steps above, if it is too complicated for you then I suggest you go to a garage and ask a mechanic to check your car and if needed repair it. 

Howevergoing to a mechanic might be expensive if money is an issue to you, in that case, you can just follow the instructions provided to clear the service 4wd light by yourself.

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