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Car dents reduce the resale value when selling the car. If the dents are not repaired, the damages can be increased over time.

well-trained auto technician can easily save you money. Without damaging your car’s paint, he can remove the mark.

There are also many DIY secret tricks that can apply to repair your car dents yourself which may be less expensive. 

How To Fix Car Dents (5 Secret Tips)

There are plenty of ways to fix dents in your car all by yourself, rather than going to a repair shop and wiping out your wallet. Follow these steps down below, and you’ll have a dent-free brand new car in no time!

1. Plunger

plunger proves to be one of the best ways to get a small to medium-sized dent out of a car. All you have to do is:

  • Splatter some water onto the dent and the plunger. 
  • Start pulling and pushing until the dent straightens out. 

This technique works well for dents that have not ruined the car’s paint and dents that have formed a depression on the car’s body.

2. Hairdryer and ice water

As strange as it sounds, once you watch it happen, it’s nothing short of mind-blowing (pun intended). Now, we know that metals expand when heated. And the force of expansion is metal-bending, quite literally, and here’s how we make it happen –

  • Take your hairdryer and turn it up to the highest heat setting. 
  • Blow the hot air over the dent for 10-15 minutes. 
  • Splash some of the ice-cold water on it abruptly. 
  • Repeat this process a few more times. 
  • The sudden temperature change will slowly make the dent pop out.

This method works best for small depressions or areas that can’t be reached with other tools.

Do not overheat the area to the point of damaging the paint and your hairdryer as well.

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3. Boiling water

If the dent is on your car’s bumper or a part that’s made of plastic, this technique will work wonders. Here we use the metal expansion characteristic to our advantage once again –

  • Boil some water and pour it onto the dented area. 
  • Reach out from the opposite side and push out the dent. 
  • Pour a bowl of ice water into the area.

4. Vacuum cleaner and bucket

This is a very simple, non-messy technique to follow.

  • Cut out a small hole at the base of a bucket.
  • Place the upper opening of the bucket over the dent.
  • Keep the vacuum cleaner tube in the bottom hole of the bucket.
  • Switch on the vacuum cleaner and hold your strange contraption in place till the dent pops out. 

5. DIY dent removal

Lastly, if you want a device made specifically for this task, you can spend a little money and get yourself a DIY dent removal kit. You can order them online or buy them at your local car mechanic shop.

Even though these appliances are made for fixing dents, they are not free of drawbacks. They can cause equal damage as any other DIY option. Do not use the kit on parts that have paint damage and very deep dents.

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