Well, after much research, We have come to the conclusion that there are different types of adhesives for different materials to fix the car mirror that popped out. If you are searching for anything online on fixing your car mirror then you are in the right place, keep a close eye on this article.

The Best ways to fix the car mirror that popped out

Choose a safe place to work

This can be a hazardous situation if you are on the road and the mirror pops out. The first thing you should do is park your car off the road in a safe place. Whether you are not on the road, then choose a location for work out of the road.

Check for damage

Now you should check if the mirror breaks down or the frame has any damage. If the car mirror breaks, then you would need to clear the broken piece of glass around the frame.

Take precaution

In working with glasses, any accident can happen. So before you start your work, you must take the necessary precautions. Put on thin rubber gloves and wear safety glasses to protect your eyes.

Clean the broken pieces of glass if it’s broken

When you are ready to start your work, you should start with cleaning the broken piece of glass. Then the First cleans the mess of broken glass around the frame. You will need cloth or cardboard to clean the broken glass from the frame. 

If the mirror is broken, you will not need this step.

Remove the mirror entirely from the frame

You can use a flathead screwdriver to remove the mirror from the housing. Place the screwdriver head under the mirror and push gently. Do the same thing for the four sides of the mirror. The mirror is attached to the frame with a few clips. Separate the housing from the mirror.

Remove the old glue

After removing the glass from its place, you have to clean the old glue from the frame. You can use a plier or a flathead screwdriver to remove the glue. Take time and do this with patients. You can also use sandpaper to remove the glue from the frame perfectly. 

Clean the housing with alcohol

You can wash the house or clean it with alcohol to complete the cleaning. Take some alcohol on a cloth and rinse the plastic backing of the mirror. Ensure all the old glue is completely removed and the surface is clean. Otherwise, dirt or old adhesive can cause the mirror to pop out again. 

You also should clean the mirror on both sides with alcohol to make it adequately clean for applying adhesive. 

Apply car mirror glue

There are different adhesives available. You can choose from them. Make sure you choose a quality one. Check if the mirror was broken. If it is damaged, you can replace it with a new one. Otherwise, you can use the older one. Now you have to apply the glue to the mirror’s backside. Remember not to apply glue to the edge of the mirror. Apply it at least half-inch away from the edge. 

Place the mirror in the frame

Now time to place the mirror in its place. You should be careful when placing the mirror in its place. You can secure the glace in the frame with the help of some tape. It will help the glass to attach to the frame until the glue gets dried. 

Do not drive just after placing the mirror. Let dry the glue overnight. 

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