How to Flush AC System with AlcoholHow to Flush AC System with Alcohol

Last updated on April 14th, 2022 at 05:34 am

Flushing the AC system with alcohol is one of the ways of removing impurities from the air-conditioning circuits.

This idea is viable in preventing further damages and expensive repairs.

It is possible to restore the car’s cooling power through AC system cleaning unless there are other underlying issues.

So, How to Flush AC System with Alcohol?

Without further ado, Let’s get in …

You will require a cleansing fluid that evaporates at room temperature without leaving any residues behind for this procedure.

Denatured alcohol is the most recommended fluid for this procedure. Other liquids as mineral spirits can be used.

Collect the required materials

You need proper protective gear like rubber gloves and eye protectors.

Gather other appropriate tools such as lubricants, an air compressor, a recovery device, and any other thing you may require.

How to Flush AC System with Alcohol

Step 1 : Empty the refrigerant

You have to start by emptying the refrigerant of the AC system. You have to do this with care, following the required guidelines.

Step 2 : Disconnect stuff         

The second thing should be disconnecting all the pipes, including the orifice tubes, condenser, and evaporator. The orifice tube is located at the evaporator, in case you are not aware.

Step 3 : Flush the condenser    

After disconnecting the pipes, flush the condenser. Pour alcohol into the inner condenser and apply compressed air. Use a clean cloth to clean any spillages. You can also connect a hosepipe at the other end of the condenser to collect the alcohol. Apply the compressed air into the condenser until all the contaminants in the solvent are expelled.

Step 4 : Flush the evaporator  

The next thing you should flush is the evaporator. Use the same procedure applied in cleansing the condenser.

Step 5 : Reassemble the evaporator 

Consider backflushing to remove any dislodge all the filths within the evaporator. Reassemble all the pipes and components removed during the cleaning, including the refrigerant. Test the AC to confirm if it is working correctly.


Flushing the AC with alcohol is essential, and there are a few tips that can be useful while doing this.

Ensure to use the correct amount of lubricant, allow the alcohol to evaporate entirely and check for any leakages and do repairs.

By taking proper care of your vehicle, there’s a good chance that it will safe and last longer.

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