After smoking, you may clean the cabin of the car perfectly, but still, you get some smell of weeds when you turn on the AC. Sometimes the smell of weed might get caught in the air filter and spread bad smelly air when you turn on the AC. Now I will tell you a few ways to get the weed smell out of the car. If you follow these tricks, you will get a fresh, odor-free car cabin. 

Step By Step Guide To Getting Weed Smell Out Of Car AC

  • Step 1 – Blow the air
  • Step 2 – Take a small drive
  • Step 3 – Spray some odor neutralizer spray
  • Step 4 – Replace the air filter
  • Step 5 – Locate the air filter
  • Step 6 – Look for the filter
  • Step 7 – Take the filter out
  • Step 8 – Place the new filter

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Blow the air 

You need to clean the air vent’s air to eliminate this odor. You can do it yourself. Usually, the air from the AC gets circulated in the car cabin. To remove the smelly air, you must blow it instead of distributing it. Roll the glasses of the car windows down and turn the AC on. It will help blow out the car’s smelly air and suck fresh air.

Take a small drive

The best way to make your AC suck the fresh air you can go for a drive. Start your car and take a small drive. During driving, keep your windows and sunroof open and the AC on at maximum power. Turn the air circulation system of the AC off. This will prevent the AC from sucking the same air again and again. Drive this way for a minimum of 30 minutes or until you stop smelling the weed odor. 

Spray some odor neutralizer spray

Regular air fresheners are not effective in removing weed smell. For weeds smell, there are different odor neutralizers available on the market. You can use these to eliminate this weed smell from the air conditioner. The neutralizer’s chemical acts on the vent’s smell and purifies the air. 

To apply the spray, you must turn on the car and set your fans at high speed with closed doors and windows. Spray the odor neutralizer and let it circulate all over the car AC for a few minutes. After that, open the windows and sunroof to blow the air out. 

Note: Remember that odor neutralizers are made of toxic chemicals that can irritate your skin and eyes. So do not go for a drive until the chemical is entirely out of the car. 

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Replace the air filter 

If you tried all the tricks above, but it did not work, and the air from the AC stinks, you may have to replace the car’s air filter. To replace the air filter, you do not need professional help; you might do it yourself if you have some DIY knowledge. 

Locate the air filter

To locate the air filter, look in your vehicle owner’s manual. Usually, the air filters of the cars are located behind the glove compartment or under the car’s hood. 

Look for the filter

After locating the filter, you have to unhook the glove compartment, open the hood and look for the filter. Then you have unhooked the chamber. 

Take the filter out

Then you have to pull out the air filter from the cabin. Look for the model of the filter and buy a new one. 

Place the new filter

Now clean the air vent with vent cleaning spray. After properly cleaning the ducts, place the new filter in the place of the old filter and put the glove compartment in its place.

To properly clean the vent, you must turn your AC on high blow and allow the air to blow out. 

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