How To Install Car Alarm SystemHow To Install Car Alarm System

Last updated on September 7th, 2023 at 08:45 am

Installing a car lock alert system is a holy grail for you when there is less risk of theft from any open spaces. Nowadays, cautious car owners use these safety functions in their vehicles.

There are several practical benefits of installing a car lock alert system. Car alarms are usually connected to the car battery. An expert thief knows all the secrets that he has to do.  It takes a few seconds to cut the cable to the battery and bypasses the highly sophisticated alarm system for him.

So what to do?

Using second battery options is the best way to prevent thieves from shutting the security system down.

So please continue to read the entire article where we discuss how to install car alarm systems and their pros, and cons. 

Choose The Best Compatible Car Locking Alert Systems 

Before beginning the step-by-step guide to installing car locking systems, you need to know some important things. In terms of car locking systems, it’s easier nowadays to find a compatible model. That’s because many automobile manufacturers have universally supplied those items. Among them, you should choose the car alarm that costs around Php 47,000. Exod PHP 899 and Gordon GT PHP 1399 are the most infamous car locking systems. 

On the other hand, special kits are usually available for the central locking system. These range up to Php 372-2,000 up. The more cash you will invest, the more advantages you’ll have. So decide the best malfunctioning car locking system for your vehicle first. Then go further to install them.

How to Install Car Alarm System?

  • Step 1 – Read Out The Car Manual
  • Step 2 – Disclose The Car Hood & Separate The Battery
  • Step 3 – Prepare All The Equipment & Choose The Place To Mount, The Alarm Speaker
  • Step 4 – Fix The Vehicle Alarming Siren Inside Its Deck
  • Step 5- Wire The Alarm Into The Car Locking System
  • Step 6- Mount The Car Alarm Inside The Dashboard
  • Step 7- Connect The Battery & Active The Alarming System
  • Step 8- Remove The Car Door Panels & Install The Actuator
  • Step 9- Install The Central Locking System Module & Test It

If you’re a beginner or looking for a way to install them by yourself, then switch on these steps. Not to mention, installing this stuff yourself will save up some cash indeed.  

What will You need?

So prepare those materials and jump into the job of installing the locking alert systems inside your vehicle. 


  • Zip ties       
  • Cutter or wire strippers                 
  • Handheld drill               
  • Electrical tape             
  • Car Alert System Itself               

Step 1 – Read Out The Car Manual

First, read the car manual that comes with the locking alarm systems. By this, you will get to know what things to avoid and what to do.

Step 2 – Disclose The Car Hood & Separate The Battery

Open the hood of your vehicle and the powered battery. Make sure you have turned off the ignition and removed the negative terminal from the battery. 

Step 3 – Prepare All The Equipment & Choose The Place To Mount, The Alarm Speaker

This is the bottom of all the steps. Gather all the necessary equipment such as zip wires, cutter, handheld drill, electric tape, and car alert system. 

Now, determine the place where you should mount the alarm speaker. For this, you can detect a metal surface with ample room. Besides, make sure that the areas are at least 18″ inches from the hot engine, unlike the exhaust miscellaneous. Then pull down the face siren downward to the prevention of water leakage. Thankfully, almost every car siren has waterproof features that pay to keep it safe. 

Step 4 – Fix The Vehicle Alarming Siren Inside Its Deck

Next, fix the vehicle wire inside its deck in a circular motion. For this, you will need to find out the preexisting passage throughout the firewall. If it’s not available inside the vehicle, try to drill a hole into one of the softer parts of it. 

But whenever you’re going to drill the stuff, be aware not to damage other components on the other sites. Nevertheless, a hole might cause corrosion inside the firewall. Then go for the next task.

Step 5- Wire The Alarm Into The Car Locking System 

Now you can wire the alarm into the car locking system. For doing this fruitfully, take help from its manual, as almost all of them come with a short diagram. Anyway, some car alarms had their computing units. The cheaper one didn’t have anything like this. You have to wire it into the car’s engine control system in these cases. 

Step 6- Mount The Car Alarm Inside The Dashboard 

This time, the car alarm has to be set up inside the dashboard. But you need to inquire if the alarm is active or not. Most importantly, if you choose the LED light alarms, it’s obvious to check the activation of this alarm. Then mounting it anywhere around the dashboard.

Step 7- Connect The Battery & Active The Alarming System 

Let’s start the alarm system to boom; connect the battery and switch to the activate button. It is almost beside every alarming tool. If you don’t find them, try to open the car’s locked door. Wire it with the help of zip ties if you’re sure about the working capabilities.

Step 8- Remove The Car Door Panels & Install The Actuator 

Now we’re going to learn the central locking systems. For this, remove the car door panels and install the actuator. You will find optimal positions of the actuator in the central locking systems manual. At that time, double-check that the system isn’t blocked and the moving parts, unlike shut down a door. 

 Last but not least, make sure that all moving parts are parallel to the door’s lock bolt. Otherwise, it will be too difficult to move. To install the actuator, drill a 3/16-inch hole and attach the joint connector or slave rod between the lever and the lock bolt. Reinstall the wiring after completing this installation. 

For this, you can take help from its manual. Wire the actuator with the same color wire. And another wire that may be red-colored connects it to the 12-volt power source. Finally, be aware that any door mechanism (including the actuator) will not tweak the wires.

Step 9- Install The Central Locking System Module & Test It 

In this final stage, install the central locking system’s control module. With the help of a manual, find out the respective pairs for the unlock output and lock output. Then connect them manually.  

Lastly, test the locking system by standing outside the car. Stand outside the car and repeatedly push the lock and unlock buttons with its remote. Ultimately, you’ve now completed the task. Your vehicle is now safe and absolute from any danger. 

Pros & Cons Of Car Lock Alert System 


  • Have the potential to keep your vehicle safe
  • When someone tries to break it, a loud alarm or siren will go off
  • Give protection from theft
  • The alarm is getting scared off if someone is trying to get into it


  • Sometimes the siren becomes too noisy
  • Most often, you may make mistakes getting in your neighbor’s car for the same alarming sound 

Final words 

Don’t forget that the central locking system comes in different variants. Each of them has various door lock relays and circuits. All in all, different cars also have different circuits. So it’s tough to install the car locking alert system. Go ahead and do it yourself if you know how to open the hood of a car or how to disassemble a mechanism’s circuit board.

Otherwise, it’s better to approach any professionals instead of hammering into your head how to install your car lock alert systems asap.

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