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Changing the car seat covers can give the car interior a new and fresh look. However, it can cost you around 50 to 100 dollars if you go to a professional for this. Knowing how to install car seat covers will not only save your money but also help you to give your car a new look.

How to buy seat covers

Seat covers are available in two styles, universal and custom-fit. The universal seat covers are available in any auto shop. While the custom fit needs to be ordered to fit the exact year, make, model, and seat style of the car.

Required Materials –

Before changing the car seat covers, have these items near your hand. This will save you from last-minute shopping trips.

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How to install car seat covers

Installing seat covers is not as hard as most vehicle users think. Keep in mind that you do not need to remove the seats from the car to install new seat covers. Also, as most of the seats are made in the same way, these instructions will be applicable for the majority of makes and models. Here is the guide to installing new seat covers in your car.

Part 1: Front Seats

Step 1: Starting with the front seat

We need to start with the front seat covers. We will start with the front seats since the front seats are single and easier to change the covers.

Step 2: Detaching the seat cushion cover

The bottom seat cushion cover is usually attached to the seat with straps, buckles, and an S-hook. You need to thread the bottom cushion straps through the gap in between the seat back and the bottom cushion.

Step 3: Removing the bib

In new models, the gap is sometimes covered with a bib panel. In such a case, disconnect the bib. Go under the seat and remove the straps.

Step 4: Installing the front seat cover

Now, for the seat covers onto the bottom cushion and then thread the rear straps through the gap. For the upper portion of the car, you need to remove the headrests first.

Then, slide the seat covers over the seat back cushion then, simply push the bottom straps through the gap and then onto the buckles exactly like the bottom cushion.

Step 5: Reconnecting the bib

After this, reconnect the bib panel and pull down on the rear portion for removing the wrinkles. Lastly, stretch the headrest and reinstall them on the seats.

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Part 2: Backsets

Step 1: Changing seat covers of backseats

We will then move to the backseats. The backseats can either be bench style or bucket style.

Step 2: Removing the cushion covers

In case you have that 60/40 bench seat then remove the bottom cushion first. However, in the case of bucket seats, install the seat covers just like the front seats.

Step 3:Installing the cushion covers

Now, let’s get back to bench seats. Remove the seat bottom cushion by running your hand through the front edge to locate the latch points. Then, jerk the seat straight up, and the cushion will be released. Install the bottom seat covers and reattach the straps and S-hooks.

Step 4: Attaching the hooks

After this, remove the rear headrests of the car and then slide the rear seat covers. Secure the seats with attached hook and loop fasteners.

Step 5: Reattaching the headrests

Don’t forget to add the headrest covers. Replace the headrest and you’re done.

Installing the car seat covers might seem daunting at times. But, following this step-by-step guide on how to install car seat covers will help you to do it quickly without going to the auto shop.

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