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To prevent costly repairs of your vehicle, you will need to take it to regular maintenance. Regular servicing saves you money and keeps all parts working together correctly.

Knowing how to keep car battery from dying and what exactly needs to be done – is not so challenging.

With proper maintenance and following some simple steps, you can make your car last longer and easily keep the car battery from dying. Keep reading the article and take the necessary steps.

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Important Facts on how to keep car battery from dying

  • Let Your Car Busy

Run your car for 10 kilometers per week to keep your battery from dying. The inverter will constantly replenish the battery and turn the engine.

If you merely use it to go on an extreme journey, the life of your battery will be decreased. Driving the car consumes 100 amps, whereas resting it consumes 3 to 4 amps.

  • Protect Your Battery from Weather

Inspect your battery to ensure it can keep a load. You can install a battery blanket on your battery to get warm all night long. 

Also, you can keep your car battery in a shaded place to avoid exposure to the weather. Try to use flares. Keeping jumper cables all year is a smart option as well.

  • Look for deterioration 

Rusting of the connector may impact badly on the battery. Consequently, your battery will not be able to transmit its power to the car engine.

Check the connections on a constant routine, and bring your car to a reputable service center.

  • Routine Car Service

Inspect retaining your battery from dying. When you take your car to an auto repair shop, a professional will test your car. And, he will inform you about how long your battery may last.

Moreover, the CCA number determines the weather efficiency of the battery.

  • Keep Your Battery from Dying in Storage Time

Long-term storage can drain the battery to an extreme stage even though lead-acid batteries contain a modest self-discharge rate of roughly 5% each month.

Do you want to save your battery? If so, charge it periodically. You can also utilize a float charger to automatically charge the battery when the voltage dips below a particular threshold. However, it will keep your battery from dying.

  • Turn off the Lights

Lights are the most likely cause of your battery getting death. Headlights and cabin lights consume more battery throughout the night. Therefore, Disable socket chargers will not take power when you start your car.

  • Unplug the negative battery connection 

Clocks, dashboard and alarm systems may use energy from your car in resting time. It may lead to the battery dying after several weeks.

Remove the battery from the car by detaching the negative battery wire. If you accidentally disconnect the positive battery wire, it will damage the battery condition.

  • Insert a battery charger 

If you don’t want to drive your car for long excursions, a battery charger can help you out. Connect it to the electrical outlet and keep your battery from dying. 

Trickle chargers offer a modest charge regularly. Thus, they help your battery from overcharging.

Tender chargers give a faster charge. They switch off after your car battery is fully charged. Hence, they eliminate overcharging.


Car maintenance is very important. Your vehicle needs the most care as it is one of the essential things of your life. And by taking care of the automobile, you can add more times in the car’s lifetime. The automobile’s battery will not die. 

Now you know how to keep your battery from dying. We hope our information helps you to some extent. If you still have any confusion, you can write us anytime. You can not let the car’s battery. 

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