How to level a 5th wheel without a truckHow to level a 5th wheel without a truck

Last updated on October 12th, 2021 at 03:49 pm

So many people dream of owning an RV to enable them the freedom of traveling all over the world. That allows them to enjoy different environments and camp anywhere they feel like.

However, as you think of an RV for your travel, it is also essential to know how to operate it and take minor issues that you will face out there with your 5 wheels.

When you know how to solve minor issues, you will not have to spend sleepless nights because of what may happen with your moving home.

It is essential to make sure your 5 wheel is well balanced when you pack it; otherwise, it can affect some components like the refrigerator. That may end up giving you a stressful experience out there.

How to level a 5th wheel without a truck

This article will help you to learn how to level a 5 Wheel without a Truck to ensure you have a better experience out there. The idea of going camping or traveling is to have a wonderful experience, and that should be the case at all times.

Step 1:

You can begin by retracting the front jacks to allow the read scissor jacks to loosen. You can then make temporary support of cinder blocks and place them under the trailer hitch.

Step 2:

Next, allow the hitch to rest on the temporary support and retract the front jacks to clear the ground blocks, and allow you to rest on tires and the temporary support.

Step 3:

You can then jack up each axle and adjust the block t the level you desire using the floor jack under the bolt of each axle. It would be best to extend the front jacks to take the pressure off the cinder block that provides temporary support. But, first, you need to retract the front jacks to archive pass level on the WF.

Step 4:

After everything stated above, tighten the rear scissor jacks, extend the front to achieve the lengthwise level, and secure the rear scissor jacks.

Final Words

knowing how to level your RV will help you avoid some of the problems that would otherwise destabilize your camping experience.

Hope you find the solutions on how to level a 5th wheel without a truck and ways helpful.

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