How to Make Your Car Last LongerHow to Make Your Car Last Longer

Last updated on April 14th, 2022 at 04:01 am

Before diving into the topic “How to Make Your Car Last Longer”, I want to share an incredible experience with you.

I was at the top of my utter fantasy when I brought up my first car. Everyone does, correct?

But after a couple of months, something brought me back to earth. It was a lucky day when I parked my car in the parking lot of my office without concerning about security at all. When I got back, I found my car scratched and broke a couple of window glasses. No doubt that someone tried to get into the car and snatch it.

Thy only luck I had that day is, the snatcher flew away right before I arrived at the spot. But after that, that changed a lot in me. It’s nothing but my ignorance that led to such a loss of mine. I badly felt that I should have taken a few safety steps to protect my car from being unsafe.

Without further ado, let’s get in……..

How to Make Your Car Last Longer?

Top 10 Car Maintenance Tips :

1. Stick to Quality Product and Accessories

You don’t want to ruin your dream car just for the sake of cutting off a few dollars, do you?. So, being wise, always use fuels and lubes from reliable brands. To find the best one that suits your car, you can try changing the oil brand every 5000 miles. 

2. To Tolerance with Pressure Check

One of the most severe reasons behind massive car fails is incorrect tire pressure. Believe me; you would think this is up to the tire only. But the fact is it will lead to a ton of other problems. 

3. Just Keep It Cool

It’s important to know whether it’s getting overwhelmed with fuels and lubes. Check the car’s cooling system and coolant level regularly. Beware of regular overheating because it may melt your engine down!

4. Get Rid of Worn Tires and Rims

It’s no less than anything else. From top to bottom, you have to maintain top-notch of the car’s tires and rims condition. A new set of tires helps the car to grab the much-needed grip.

5. Keep Your Car Safe and Secured

None of the plans are going to work out if you leave your car unsafe to intruders. The good idea is to use the Best wheel lock that will keep the wheels unmovable and a Best Steering wheel lock for driving steering.

6. Inspect, Inspect and Inspect

You are the person who loves your car most. So you have to be the person who will look after it. Take a quick look at 5 minutes every now and walk around observing the car. It takes only a few minutes to check it out. 

7. Check Engine’s Fluid Level

Checking the fluid level of the engine is an excellent way to ensure everything inside is going fine. Low liquid levels or fast consumptions are symptoms of internal malfunction.

8. Belts, Brakes, and Battery

It’s mandatory to keep an eye on the Brakes, Belts, and other parts of the braking system. Otherwise, an accidental break fail can lead you to a tragedy.

9. Keep The Interior Healthy

Grime and chemicals that use to generated by thorough usage can harm the interior a lot. The leather and dashboard of the car seats are damage-prone, no matter how expensive your car is. So, cleaning the leathers and interior can be quickly done by Vinyl, Cleaners, and Vacuum cleaners.

10. Lights- Forward and Back

While you are on the go, you can’t check the car’s lights yourself. So ask a friend to walk around and check whether all of the lights are working fine. Because, although lights are replaceable, nothing can be on the same ground as the original ones to preserve your original front and rear glasses.

Final Verdict

After that day, I did a lot of research and applied those steps to make my car last longer with safety and security and I have come up with The best answers to your question, “How to Make Your Car Last Longer?” Hope this guide will help you to take better care of your car and reach your goals easier.


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