Sometimes Vehicles are just big toys for many people. They like to play with them the way they want. Some people choose the louder exhaust system for their toys. Sometimes the sounds like noise to them sound like music to others. The benefit of choosing a loud exhaust system not only boosts their vehicle performance but also warns pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles, and other cars that they are on their way. It also saves many lives.

5 Simple Methods To Make Exhaust System Louder

  • Method 1: Replace the stock exhaust
  • Method 2: Replace the muffler
  • Method 3: Remove Baffles
  • Method 4: Customize the Muffler
  • Method 5: Replace the ignition 

Method 1: Replace the stock exhaust

The easiest way to make your exhaust system louder is to replace the exhaust. Different types of exhaust are available in the market with different noises. You can choose one of them to make the sound louder. Make sure that the aftermarket matches your pipeline model. 

The aftermarket exhaust sounds louder and allows the engine to breathe better. It leads the engine to run better and enhances power.

Method 2: Replace the muffler

Without replacing the whole exhaust system of your vehicle, you can replace only the stock muffler. Replacing the stock muffler with a slip-on muffler can also help you improve your vehicle’s audio.

Method 3: Remove Baffles

Without replacing the existing exhaust system, there are still other ways you can make your exhaust deeper. Simply removing the baffles will make the audio louder. A baffle is a part of the muffler that muffles out the sound produced by the exhaust. This process doesn’t need you to be skilled. 

Tools required

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench

Step by step Process of removing the baffle

Step 1: Remove the Nut and Bolts

There is a 10-inch nut and bolt at the end of the exhaust pipe. This allows the muffler to attach to the exhaust. The baffle is placed inside the muffler. To remove the baffler, you have to remove the nut and bolts. Use a wrench to unbolt this nut.

Step 2: Remove the Baffle

Now it’s time to remove the baffle. Make a little push with the help of a screwdriver. You will be able to detach the baffle from the exhaust.

Step 3: Install the Muffler

After removing the baffle now, you should reinstall the muffler. The nut and bolt you removed previously re-bolt that in its place.

Now you can enjoy the full blast of the noise from your motorcycle. You also need to be aware of the law in your state about the baffle. In some states, it’s illegal to remove the baffle.

Method 4: Customize the Muffler

You removed the baffle from your muffler but still did not get your desired sound. Then you can modify your muffler without deleting the baffle.  

Tools needed 

  • Hacksaw
  • Wrench 
  • Pliers

Step-by-step Process of modification 

Step 1: Unmounts the muffler 

First, unscrew the muffler from the exhaust pipe but unbolt the nut bolt. If it is welded, you must cut off the muffler to unmount it.

Step 2: Cut through the Muffler

For this, you will need a hacksaw. It can cut through the metal muffler. Cut around the part that attaches the muffler to the exhaust pipe. Resizing the opening will modify the sound of the vehicle.

Step 3: Twist the cut piece 

Then with the help of pliers, twist the cut piece of metal at the edge of the muffler. It increases the volume of your exhaust muffler and improves the sound.

Method 5: Replace the ignition 

The sound of the exhaust can be increased by replacing the ignition. Choosing a good aftermarket will reduce the strain and kick back, transforming the motorcycle’s audio.