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Like taking care of your skin, your car also needs proper maintenance. Then people will definitely appreciate your car care just as much as they praise your skin.

You will not have to polish your car daily basis, but yearly maintenance is essential. Professionally polishing your automobile can be costly. But following some simple DIY tricks, you can polish your car yourself at home.

We are going to discuss a reasonably quick and cheap way that can make your car look like a new one after polishing it. You will also find some helpful ideas to keep the polish as new as the first time.

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How to Polish Your Car: Step by Step Guideline

You need to polish your car every year to avoid irreversible harm. Learn how to polish your car by following these steps. You will find all the necessary information about the process of polishing your automobile.

Step 1: Get Ready to Polish Your Car

Excessive sunshine may harden the car paint, and your car paint will become dull. So, first, place your car in a shady spot. 

Step 2: Clean your wheels and tires

Now, clean your wheels and tires by using a brush. You may take abrasive wheel detergents on the car paint. It will enable you to clear the detergents off the paint. While cleansing the wheels, dust or gravel may explode onto the paint, which you may then wipe away.

Step 3: Use a Sprayer or hose

Afterward, wash your car with a sprayer to dissolve any mud which has adhered to the vehicle.

Step 4: Polish Your Car

Damp the pad with clean water. Keep this pad moist during the polishing procedure to protect your car’s paint. The finish will be burned if you use a dry pad.

Apply a reasonable cleaning solution with a moist pad on the polishing wheel. Apply polish on the wheel with steady pressure. 

Scratches will start to fade when the polish warms up. You will see the brighter gloss once the solution has been tossed away by the pad. You can also polish it with the polisher.

Step 5: Wash the car

After you’ve polished the car, properly clean the polishing pad. Wash your car with a hose.

Step 6: Let it Dry

Before waxing your car, let the polish dry. If you want to speed up the procedure, use microfiber towels to wipe the excess solution to prevent stains from appearing. Be cautious when working with complex accent parts.

Step 7: Utilize wax on the car

Use the best car wax to keep a shining surface in circular motion. After the wax, take microfiber cloths to rub it off the surface. By pressing the wax with your clean hand, you can detect if it has cured adequately.

Bottom Line

Polishing is a paint repair technique that involves an abrasive compound to erase flaws and distortions. Therefore, determining the hardness of your paint is a difficult job. So, try to apply the least abrasive solution possible to avoid damaging the paint.

Hope this guide will help you get an idea of how to polish your car and make jealous your friends!

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