When it comes to natural disasters, hailstorms are rarely discussed. However, you’d be surprised to know that a large number of countries are affected by hailstorms every year!

According to the 2022 hail damage statistics, Texas proved to be one of the most vulnerable states to experience hailstorms and the highest yearly hail damage. 

Hailstorms can damage crops, homes, and even cars, especially if you don’t have your own garage. US insurance companies spent more than $5 billion on automobile insurance claims between 2008-2014.

So be prepared ahead of time rather than falling into a predicament by spending tons of money fixing your vehicle. Whether you own a garage or not, these tips will surely keep your car safe from external damage. 

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Important facts on how to protect your car from hail

1. Find temporary shelter to ride out the storm

If you are on the road and a storm is brewing, you get caught in a severe hailstorm, then find cover in your immediate vicinity, whether it’s a garage, under a bridge, or a fly-over. If there are none, it’s best to pull over and protect yourself first rather than riding out the storm.

Sometimes the best you can do is pull over at the side of a building. Hail often falls at an angle. So you’d have to park at the opposite wall of the building from where the wind is hitting.

If you have your own garage, ensure that the roof is strong enough to withstand storms.

2. Get auto insurance

Comprehensive insurance covers payment for fixing damage caused by weather or natural disasters. 

Make sure to get rental coverage as well, so if your car is being fixed and is not usable at the moment, you wouldn’t need to pay to get a rental car.

3. Weather forecast

Keep an eye on the weekly weather forecast; that way, you’ll be prepared for what’s coming rather than suddenly falling into a disaster and be able to do nothing but watch the chaos unfold. 

There are tons of weather apps available on your Smartphone which will give you real-time weather updates, alerts, and warnings for any upcoming storms.

4. Hail car covers

These options will come in real handy and keep you prepared in advance if you don’t have a shelter option:

Cardboard boxes

This is a very cheap DIY option, take out your old cardboard boxes or buy them at your local market, flatten them out over your car to cover it. Thicker or doubled-up cardboard provides stronger protection. Make sure to tape it down firmly as the strong winds can blow them away.


Blankets make excellent car covers as they absorb moisture as well as withstand damage from being hit by hail. And again, you must make sure to tape down the blankets properly.

Car covers

Various companies sell car covers suited explicitly for situations like these. If you want to invest in something that would last you way longer than the other options mentioned above, check out some of the options available.

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